Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Making the Day with Little Sleep & Why I Like to Play Games

A friend shared this and I just had to save it in my humor file.  It's hilarious.  I remember one day when George, who still has flip phone, texted me about going to an Elton John Concert (not the real man, but just his music at the symphony hall).  And he texted if I was interesting in going to the flam jam concept or something of that nature.  I had absolutely NO clue as to what he was talking about.  

Later he emailed to say he was trying to say "Elton John Concert".  We had a whole dinner conversation one evening about all the things that George has "tried" to text on his flip phone.  Several of us and we all looked back on our phones and laughter erupted.  So this is funny stuff. 

Mmmm, the Starbuck's French Roast sure is good.  George even noticed it was good this week. 

Well yesterday, I didn't blog b/c the wind woke me up at 1:30.  It has been a very long time since it has been that windy.  It was hard to describe, but it was a constant rushing - kindof like a continual machine noise running or a really strong air conditioner on high.  The continual-ness of it concerned me.  My first thoughts were "The Lord must be coming and it is the 4 winds from the four corners of the earth" (From the Bible).  And now realizing this, perhaps this phrase is why ancient folk thought the world was flat and one might fall off?  I peered out the windows and didn't see any bright lights or angels flying around, so I figured the Lord was not coming yet.  And I checked the radar and HOLY COW it was all lit up to our west with tornado watch boxes.  

I remembered our weather lady had said "no severe storms like the last system", however that had been days ago when she said it.  I began to be concerned.  I finally found something that said the storms would not arrive until about 7.  Great, I'll be on the road to work.  In which I immediately said to myself, nuh uh.  Not me.  I don't DO storms.  So I decided I'd go in early at the butt crack of Dawn! 

And I couldn't go back to sleep so I played "the game" for about an hour until sleep stirred and my eyes grew heavy.  Back to bed.  I laid down.  Eyes wide open.  Roll over.  Sleep doesn't come.  Roll over on the other side.  Nothing.  Change pillows.  Nada.  I cat nap for only few moments here and there and as I'm nestling comfortable finally into a beautiful relaxing sleepfilled moment, the alarm starts its piano (I have the prettiest alarm on my iphone).  And I tried to snooze a bit but, finally get up and take a shower and turn on the news.  No weather.  Why they not talking about the weather.  Go put on make up and come back.  No weather.  Don't these guys know there are storms to our west?  I gather my things and get more coffee, hoping for the Weather lady only to find the news caster "find out when the storms will hit your area, when we come back".  I had to go on line and find the time line where it showed they would hit about 7 - but it was from last night.  No recent updates.  
I did hear a newscaster say "take our advice and leave early before the storms roll through".  I guess at the times I listened they had already DONE the weather.  So I went on to work and got there at 6:15.  

I managed to make it through the day without feeling HORRIBLY sleepy and without having a HORRIBLE disposition.  Sleep does me no favors in the personality department.  I know this so it's best if I have some quiet time and talk as little as possible.  I started out being a chatter box in the morning - which was the coffee talking.  But I was able to focus and I did have a lot going on that kept me busy. I DID have to go to my car so I had a guaranteed 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time as I had way too many interruptions (3 all involved phone calls) while trying to eat lunch (spaghetti).    Had to have coffee in the afternoon to get me through.  

Since I was there so early, I was ready to go by 4:15.  I actually could have kept going but I was not sure when my deflation point would hit and I did not want to be driving while too sleepy.  And I was CRAVING, of all things, a McDonald's Happy Meal!  

So off I set, happy that I would not be among the roughest of traffic.  And I zoomed in near Opryland area and went through the McDonald's drive through and ordered a Cheeseburgah Happy Meal.  Much to my surprise they came back and said "would you like an apple with that?" I was taken aback.  I pondered and said "what are my choices?"  She gave me a list of healthy choices and also listed "fries" as another choice.  So I said "Fries".  lol  Then she asked if this was for a boy or a girl.  I said "girl" and saw "Barbie" pull up on the screen.   I smiled.  Because I'm 54 and I'm about to get a toy.  lol lol lol 

I'm driving down the road and I'm thinking Ugh, George is not going to be happy with me b/c I'm not going to want dinner.   But I thought to myself that he would just have to understand.  I needed this happy meal. I needed this happy meal to get home.  It was perfect.  The cheeseburger was everything I remembered, the fries were a perfect after thought as I headed down the interstate home.  And the coke just enough to keep me alert and happy.   I made a mental note that perhaps the Happy Meal is the better choice for me.  It filled me up.   It truly made me happy, yes it did. 

Upon getting home I realize, Wow, I'm the first one home.  That never happens.  Usually I'm the first one to leave and the last one home.  The commute stinks!  So George is always left to tend to the dogs and get the mail and all that stuff.  I actually miss coming home to the dogs and getting them first.  So it made me happy to get home first and take the dogs out for the business walk.  We head out into the slightly cool air, and head toward the back, toward the woods and the cemetary in the woods.  I love this spot among the pine trees.  It's peaceful and the breeze hit my face.  The dogs seem to have the same sense of peace as they turned their faces up to meet the wind.  (Or perhaps they smell something in the air, I don't, lol.)  The cat, Little Bit, rubs against my legs, and tells me how hungry he is.  

Business walks are done and we head back to the house and I throw some cat food out for Little Bit so he won't terrorize the dogs as they come in the house.  He terrorizes the dogs at this point till he gets fed.  He's a mess.  

I feel as I'm coming in the door, like I have the night before me.  Wow, more than two or three hours, really?  Wow.  So I reboot laundry, feed the doggies, open a bottle of red wine, put on my flannels and reach for the ipad for "just one game", just to put a little bit of fun in my day and shed some responsibility.   George came home and said he'd eaten a big lunch of Joey's pizza, so he wasn't all that hungry either.   And as I sat there playing the game, and with each swallow of the glass of red, my eyes became heavy.  I told George I probably should go take a nap.  I tried to stay awake as late as I could but I was becoming more miserable by the minute.  

So finally I went to bed, played a final resetting of a few things in the game, and laid my head on the pillow.  Uncomfortable.  Switch to the left side, arm going to sleep, on to my back - ugh, not comfortable - switch pillows - "yeah that's just right".  

At what feels like morning, I hear noise, see lights in the hallway.  What is going on? I have dismay at the fact that it's time to get up already but what is George doing up?  Have I overslept?  Look at the clock. 10:00 p.m.  It's just 10:00 p.m.  Holy hallelujah!  I've have the entire night left to sleep! 

At 4:10 when the alarm went off this morning, I could have continued on.  I hit snooze twice.  
But once up, I can tell - I'm good.  When I wake up and I want to organize things and fix things and think about things and plan things - I know I'm good!  I'm not dragging!  I've had enough sleep.  Of course one can never make up for the lost sleep.  I'll still be tired today about 3 p.m. But when I do get 8 hours of sleep - it's really good. I mean really good.  Most nights I get 6 to 7.  And by Friday it's taking it's toll. 

So that was my day in detail fashion.  

Tonight we are going to some friends house that has a studio so the guys can do their music.  Not sure what their plans are.  I've never been to their house but George has.  We've socialized with these friends through another couple some.  And the three guys wrote and produced a song for another friend of theirs that moved away.  It was a big hit with him!  lol  But the guys are going to play some and the girls are getting together too.  The lady whose house we are going to plays Tropical Farmville - she is my one friend on there that we swap "sunshines" through the game.  lol  So naturally we'll have something to talk about lol.  She is further ahead than I am in the game.  I introduced her to it at our friends Christmas party and she LOVED it.  Now she has passed me.  I'm impressed to know that someone else can get addicted to a game like that.  This one just seems to fit my persona and be what my brain needs.  

I spend a lot of time thinking about why things are certain ways.  And I seem to want to analyze why I like this game Farmville Tropic Escape (or name the game I've played through the years) and why I keep going back to it.  Normally I don't like things if they are not productive, so why? 

1.  It has to have something to decorate or organize that makes it "my own".  (I can decorate the island.)

2.  It has to have levels of accomplishment. 

3.  It has to have some element of mystery

4.  It has to have some anticipation to it.  

5.  The goals have to be clear and set.

6.  The goals have to be reasonably attainable. 

7.  It has to have a lot of variations within it to keep the boredom at bay

8.  Needs to have pleasant surroundings, sounds

9.  Good animation to make it more real

I think this is all true in life.  So in times of play, it keeps the brain active to emulate in real life.  And I just enjoy relaxing and seeing myself advance in this island thing, and hear the waves and pretend I'm there running the island business.  

So, I guess I need to go buy me a real island somewhere and start emulating life.  How cool would that be, til a hurricane came or you needed plumbing and electricity?  lol Details Details.  

Ya'll have a great Wednesday.  It over the hump day! 


  1. I ask myself why do I play games. I never played in my younger years, but now at times, I feel like I have an addiction. Sometimes I play to avoid doing what I need to do, like a warm-up
    of sorts. I know games can keep the brain active, which is good to fight off memory loss etc. What ever the reason, I completely understand your need to play. Plus you enjoy it which is the perfect reason. You work hard. Play hard. And rock on!
    Have a nice day,

  2. I need to check out that game. I love games. Good way to escape from reality sometimes. I hate nights like what you had with the wind blowing and carrying on. Of course my husband was
    sound asleep. When I don't get enough sleep I am miserable the next day. I don't drive in storms either. Once at the beach I was driving and the wind started blowing the trees almost over to the ground. It rained so hard water started rising up to the sides of the tires. We had to pull off into a parking lot until storm stopped. That did it for me. The only good thing about the wind is it is good kite flying weather.

  3. I love the autocorrect graphic. It is always an issue for us too and we have newer phones that seem to make it worse.


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