Monday, March 27, 2017

Notes on a Quiet Monday Morning!

Yesterday was a relaxing, much needed day.  Laundry somewhat done - at least we have clothes to wear this week, lol.  Vacuumed and changed the sheets.  Oh those sheets felt good and smelled good crawling into them last night.

I read quite a bit - trying to pick up where I've left off in my books.  Seems I end up falling asleep though when I finally get still.  But several chapters were finished.

The Life at Sea Level book, is turning out to be a history book on some of the islands.  Some of it is interesting, some of it not.  I was hoping for more of a "here is what life is like" kinda book.  It started out that way.  But maybe this is just a long chapter on history or something.  I'm ready to fast forward.  lol

I suppose the next month or so is going to go by really fast.  I will have to focus on a few things to get anything done here at the house.  Traveling, a trip to Mom's, Southern Womens Show, planting flowers, a fundraiser event - a lot of shopping to do (gotta find a 2nd  bathing suit), and need to get out the spring/summer clothes.  It'll be June before we know it. And then it'll be time to plan another trip ;-), she says slyly.   Time to hit some farmer's markets too!

I need to get off and get ready as I see some storms to our west.  I'd really rather NOT be a part of that.  :-O

So here we go on a Monday.  Lord, please let this week be a good one!  I didn't really focus too much on the planning for this week (mostly made lists for vacation b/c I wanted to think about THAT).  So this week is "up in the air".  I'll take it as it goes.  But I do need to get the tickets for the Southern Womens show bought as they are cheaper on line - if it's not too late.  I've not taken time to look yet.  That is my plan for Saturday so long as Katy can still go.  I DO NOT drive downtown.  But if she will drive me, I'll go.  ;-)  Ya'll have a good one!


  1. With the nicer weather it does seem to get busier. There is always a lot to do and see and family gatherings when we can travel without the winter weather. This winter we've really had it easy as compared to some, but still roads can get slippery. Rainy day here too. It's almost April and we usually do get lots of showers this time of year. I'm looking forward to some sunshine, but there's lots to do inside yet at least for me. As I'm unpacking I'm trying to put those Spring and summer clothes in my closet here. Hope you do have a good week ahead. Happy Monday!

  2. The Southern women's show is so neat. And lots of free samples.

  3. Hope the storms stay away from you this week. Bad weather can ruin everything. Sounds like you have your month planned. Take things one day at a time.


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