Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pasta Salad, Wedding Decor, Cedars of Lebanon

Good morning!  I had to go all nautical today with the vibe!  And probably will be til we get back from vacation!  Had a very nice day off yesterday.  I love being in charge of my day more than just about anything else in the world.  It's so free-ing!

And the day went fast also.  I knew it would.  So I pretty much stuck with making the pasta salad for the rehearsal dinner we were attending and did that first in the day.  I was a little unsure of how much pasta 32 people could eat.  I figured if we were having 8 people over for dinner, I'd be making a box of bowtie pasta. So I fixed 4 boxes for 32.  I knew it would be too much but I sure did not want it to be too little.  I think what really doubles it in size is when you add all the veggies in.  And I added A LOT.

Making the dressing:  red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, oregano, minced garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper

And the flow went really well.  It was a lot of chopping.  But I enjoyed having some rare time in the kitchen.  It's so peaceful and enjoyable to be one with your kitchen.  ;-)  Just you, Alexa playing Marty Roe & Diamond Rio, woods in the backdrop out the window, dogs sleeping in the next room over, watching to see if you drop anything.

I spent some time playing the game, just so I could actually "feel" that I was off and having free time.  I did one load of laundry.  Just a reboot.

I fixed a really good smoothie for brunch about 11:00.  I didn't even eat breakfast.  But the smoothie consisted of:  a frozen GoGert, half a banana, some strawberries, and a little carton of 2% milk.  Not bad.

I began to worry about 3 that since I had been a meal short overall, I would be too hungry to wait for dinner so I fixed two little fish filet thingies and an egg roll - and baked that in the oven.  And ate that.  I'm glad too as it would have been a while.

 I got ready in layers so that I would not be all rushed in the last hour.  I was pretty rushed anyway.  Had to eat, get car loaded with pasta salad in coolers and take the dogs out and finish getting make up and hair done, feed the dogs and so on.  Numerous trips up and down the stairs. Then of course traffic was horrendous even at 4 p.m.  George and I really probably could have ridden together, had I waited a few minutes.

We got out there to Cedars of Lebanon State Park and there was some confusion as to where we needed to be as we were the first ones there, but we finally figured it out.  George had arrived a little before me.  Since we were the first ones there, we didn't recognize cars.  But soon after others began pouring in.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park - Cedar Lodge

I loved the decor for the rehearsal dinner.  It was all just beautiful.  
The weather was pretty - a little gusty at times, but warm and in the 70's.  

I loved those little thin lights.  I am going to have to find some of those for dinner parties!  Maybe even the bathroom.  Heck, maybe even my office, buahahaha!  (No I won't put them in my office, don't worry. ) They are so thin, cute, and festive.

Fireplace Mantle

These candles were lit, and as the breeze blew, I was afraid the ribbon would catch on fire.  We fiddled with it several times to try and keep the ribbon away.  Luckily no fires.  I have been to three parties in my life where candles caught something on fire.  All three were caught in time.

We had seating arrangements which worked out really well as it made it very easy.  You simply found your spot.  Dillon and Amber were in the middle.  How cute to put the names on the napkin.  Love the little bags of snack mix.  I just LOVE weddings and all the decor and cute little things.  It's all so different now than it used to be.  And it's more casual too.  I love that.  Festive and casual.  And rustic with ribbons and lace.  Shabby chic decor is what all the girls like now.

Brides Maid's Gift Boxes

The mother of the bride made the cookies.  I ate the ones with the blue icing on them.  I actually had 3 or 4 b/c they were so incredibly good!  These cookies were so beautiful too and colorful and so pretty against the backdrop of that arrangement.

Was this building not beautiful?  Look at the beams, the ceiling, and the light fixture. 

                                                             More decor on the mantle.

What a cute idea!  A boot for decoration! Love the sunflowers!
And lookie what we have here.....

Pasta salad served up in Nanny's punch bowl.  She would be so proud to know how much use I'm getting out of it.  It was George's idea to use the punch bowl and it worked really well.  We had extra pasta salad in coolers for fill in if needed.  We only used two of the bowls that I brought - only there was leftoevers of it.  We gave one to Don and Lisa and took the rest home.

Guess what's for breakfast?  lol 

A scrumptious meal provided by Houston's Catering of Mount Juliet.  They also did my daughter's wedding.  They are really good.  

We did the iced tea.  And set all that up with sweet and unsweet.  

We are taking the pans back to the Houston's Market (catering/butcher shop) later today on our way out.  Also need to stop at the library and pick another audio book and turn mine in.  (I highly recommend Dorothea Benton Frank.  I loved "All Summer Long".)

I loved this plant and it's container!  And I loved the scattered leaves across the burlap!  We thought Lisa gathered these from the yard, but they were bought, lol.  All so pretty. 

We ate, and then we had champagne and did the toasting and then we did cookies.  Several got up to comment.  And above is when Lisa stood behind her son Dillon, and made her lovely comments for the couple.  It was all very lovely.  A few happy tears.  We were so honored to have been there among them.  Even though we are not family, we are.  

Afterwards, we all pitched in and cleaned up and helped Lisa pack.  

We drove back home and I tried to play the game (Tropical Farmville) but was too sleepy to concentrate.   So I went to bed and snoozed.  

Tugie woke me up at 5:30 and was acting like a squirrel that had lost it's nut.  lol lol lol She was rolling around, kicking me with her feet trying to get me awake.  I lay there still, acting like I wasn't paying attention just to see what all she would do.  I was amused.  It was too early to laugh and I was a little annoyed she wasn't letting me sleep.  But I was rested enough so I got up and took her out and began working in the kitchen a little bit. 

Then began blogging.  

The wedding today is at 2:00.  I have about 4 hours this morning to do things in the house.  

This morning I was thinking how fast the weekend was going.  I was really bummed that tomorrow was Monday again, then I began to put my Vit D, my blood pressure pill, my sugar pill and my Vit B in my pill box for the week.  I said to myself hmmm...did I forget to take my Saturday pills yesterday?  But no, I remember stopping to take my meds yesterday when my alarm went off.  And that is when I remembered that today was ONLY SATURDAY!  lol lol lol 

And that really brightened up my cherios this morning!  (No really I had eggs and pasta salad, lol). 

Oh Assisted Living just called and Granny only at crackers and a sprite yesterday, refusing to go out of the room to eat.  :-(  She does not like to leave the room.  She detests leaving the room.  She wants them to bring plates to her but they will not do it unless she is legitimately sick.   George did not go yesterday and wasn't planning on going today b/c of the wedding weekend.  Usually the absent days are when you get a call.  I remember my parents going through that.  Any time they went out of town for the weekend, they would get a call.  

Ya'll have a great day.  Tomorrow I'll give a wedding report.  Right now I'm going to play the game because I can.  Then I'll take a shower and slowly get ready and clean house too all at the same time.  I'll do makeup hair and clothes in the last hour!  

Again, Have a great day! (Supposed to storm today - :-O  )


  1. I like your nautical theme. The decorating for the rehearsal dinner was really pretty. Enjoy the wedding and the day.

  2. I love the wreath hanging on the wood door. That is beautiful. The room looks romantic and special.
    Your pasta salad looks delish and dinner was good stuff. Very nice dinner.

  3. Everything looked very pretty for the rehearsal dinner. I loved the cookies and decorations. Have fun at the wedding. I love seeing two people in Love get married surrounded by those who love and care for them. One of the best days.

  4. Very lovely! Great looking venue. Enjoy today! :)


  5. Your salad looks wonderful ! I agree better to have too much than not enough. The place for the diner looks fantastic and everything beautiful. What a nice surprise for you to know it was only Saturday! A 3 day weekend really makes a big difference!

  6. What a lovely meal and gorgeous setting for the bride to be and groom. The pasta salad fit right in perfectly. YUM.


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