Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pizza and Storms

We DID have pizza.  We had two b/c we had a great coupon and we eat off of it for two days.  I ordered it at Marco's and George picked it up - even though they deliver.  (I have no idea why he wanted to go pick up when they deliver but you can't belabor every single issue, sometimes you just shake your head and go on. Maybe he thought it was faster? And it probably was.) 

Hawaiian (ham and pineapple and chicken) and Pepperoni and Green Pepper.  Oh my it was good.  Not in the same class though as eating at our two favorite places in Nashville:  DeSano Pizza and Five Points Pizza- where it is more like a pie with cheese that won't quit, sauce everywhere and a crust that is wood stove crusted.  There were more dry with less sauce and more toppings but it was still really good.  Five Points is my favorite of all!  The best pizza I have ever put in my mouth.

George's weigh in - he was up only a portion of a lb.  But I told him Sunday hurt him with the guys brew outing with hot wings. And then coming back and grazing the left over shower food.  By Tues morning weigh in - he didn't have time to recover.  So no prizes for him this time.

The week is flying by.  It seems to slow down by Thursday though lol.  I'm always shocked when Wednesday gets here but then Friday seems like it's galaxies away.  

Never did get to the store this past weekend.  Did not get to go Monday and was not in the mood last night (plus it was pizza night).  I'm still not much in the mood.  But I guess when I am ready to eat the things I miss, I'll go.  Just trying to make do til then.  Have such little time off to plan meals and try to do everything I need and want to do that sometimes it's just best to give up fighting the schedule and just let life roll.  lol  We are running out of fresh stuff though so I need to make a trek at least for that, otherwise we'll end up not feeling well and all that goes with not eating the best of things. 

We have storms rolling through this morning with a tornado watch.   I was going to shower and get ready and get to work before they hit but after seeing the news, I don't think I'll have enough time to get there before they hit, so I certainly don't want to be out in it.  So I've decided to wait til they leave my area.  That probably means that I will be late to work, but it's ok.  It'll work out in the wash.  I think they will be rolling through here close to 7 so that means it'll be after 7 when I leave.  I just don't want to leave and then be out in them if there is possibility for tornadoes and or straight line wind damage.  I've been caught out in storms before and have had telephone poles and electric lines  dangling around me about to topple, being held only by the electrical lines.  I will just not put myself in that position again.  Hopefully everyone will be understanding of this, if not, sorry.  I don't do storms!  Neither the tornado kind, nor the ice/snow.  Just the way it is. Not gonna change.  If I left now, I'd run right into them and so here I sit and wait.  It has been a long time and a rare thing for weather to effect my work.  But about once every two years it does.  And today is the day I guess.  Usually storms roll through in the afternoon.  

So I guess I'll go get more coffee!  

I dreamed my Grandog, Findlay, met a skunk and the skunk did not spray b/c he thought he was one of his own.  lol  Findlay is all black (Yorki Poo). 

I don't really have much else to tell.  Just awaiting these storms to roll through so I can get on the road.  The news is actually asking people to wait before getting out that these storms are serious.  They don't have to worry about me!  ;-)

I need to go get make up on though so I'll be ready to dart out once these Big Uglies (storms) pass over.  Then life can continue!  

I am in one of those moods though - just needing some home time.  I guess at this age, that is going to be more and more pressing.  I just have a lot of things I want to do and can never get to and it's aggravating when you feel like all your time is spent toward work. Or trying to get there and trying to get home.  But it is what it is.  

Why can't I be a famous writer and operate beach side from home?  That is really the only desire I have left in life -I think -as far as personal goals.   And it's quite the undertaking.  And quite the time consuming project, of which I already complain of not having time to sneeze.  

Oh well, I never stop dreaming though.  And I really do need some down time where I have several days in a row to catch up on things at home.  But I don't see that happening for a while. lol

Well, I'll quit dreaming mumbling and get ready for work.  I guess I need to say, I really like the work that I do (otherwise I'd not be there) but I don't like the area nor the drive and it's nothing compared to writing a best selling fiction novel beachside with a cup of coffee and a nice view.  ;-)  Ha!  Maybe one day. 

Have a lovely day! 


  1. We had a storm here early on this morning but it rolled through quickly with no damage. Folks to the east of us did have a lot of power outages though. Nothing here. Hope your wait isn't a long one and then you can get in safely! Happy Hump Day!

  2. Since I was a little girl raised close to the ocean I've dreamed of that view and going back as a novelist when I got older. One day for me too. Hope you made it through the storms. Bad weather can be scary, indeed. Glad you got a pizza.

  3. We dodged most of the bad weather here but it's raging south of us right now. I pinged my friends and told them to kee all eyes to the skies.


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