Thursday, March 30, 2017

Possible Super Cell Storm Activity Today

Supposed to storm today.  The news is scaring us to death.  I guess that is a good thing though so that we steer clear of these super cells that could develop this afternoon. I will have to keep my eyes on the radar today.  It's supposed to last from about 5 to 11.  I don't want to get stuck at work.  It's supposed to all start around 4 or so.  I may leave just ahead of it to get away from it.  The good news is that area schools have cancelled for today so that should help get from point A and B.  
This stuff makes me nervous.  

I have a dental appointment this morning.  I have a RX renewal doc appointment tomorrow and then an eye appointment after since last week the eye appointment was cancelled when I got there (they had my old cell phone #.)  

It's getting really busy, but I guess that makes life fun - to a point.

Saturday, Katy and I are doing the Southern Women's Show.  

Sunday I'll be packing and getting ready for next week's trip.  

Once the trip is over... a whirlwind trip across the US, to Phoenix and Oklahoma city,  George and me and Katy (maybe Cody) - we have plans to do a Lobster Truck that is going to be in our area that is getting quite the rave from food critics.  We will be shopping at the Basement (new wonderful "booth" type of store with local crafts and such).  

Then next Saturday we are going to Mom's for a visit and I get to see my sister and her family.  A big day.  Mom wants to cook and although I've tried to talk her out of it, she really wants to so I'm happy she feels so much better.  And looking forward to this.  

Then next Sunday I have to work - a driver's meeting smack in the middle of the day.  So that will give ownership to that day.  But that is ok. 

Roger hurt my feelings last night.  George put him next to me in bed and he got up and went as far as he could on the bed and slept on George's side.  He wouldn't snuggle.  :-(  He is such a Daddy's dog that it's almost annoying, lol.  It must have been a woman that was mean to him in his former life.  He often becomes a Momma dog after we have bonded all day in an off day.   However, by morning  - guess where he was?  Snuggling with me, lol.  It was really hot as it was hot outside and so I turned on the a/c.  

The air was really heavy and still when I got up in the middle of the night and turned the a/c on.  The sun room windows were still open (screens) and the air was coming in and just stiff and heavy.  So I closed the windows as I turned the a/c on.

As the cool air filtered through, I could feel it and was lulled back into sleep.  Did not want to get up this morning either.  

Well, I guess I better get off and get ready and get to my dental appointment.  

I think this pollen is starting to get to me.  I'm struggling with a stuffy nose - overnight and continuing even with hot coffee this morning.  I have nasal saline solution.  The docs recommend a rinse several times a day to help combat some of the allergies.  I end up using it a lot in the fall when the heat is turned back on, and again in spring.  

I've got to find time to do a Walmart order!  :-O  Need more coffee, laundry detergent, hair color, cat food, etc.  lol 

Well, hopefully we will all be safe after these storms roll through.  I have prayed that God will weaken the system.  And I'm so glad we do not have plans for tonight.  

If you are reading and are in the area, be safe! 


  1. Thinking about you. Storm warnings and watches here too. Prayers you stay safe.

  2. It has been stormy here tonight. I've been snug in bed though reading. That is funny about Roger wanting George. Sounds like he wants George all to himself. He's jealous, wonder what he would do if you pushed him out of the way and snuggled George. Our dog was like that. She wanted to be close to my hubby and would ignore me. I hope the storms miss you guys. Stay safe.

  3. We had a really rainy start to the day then it cleared until after 9 at night and we got a noisy thunderstorm, but no damage. It's raining again this morning. Puddles are standing everywhere. Hope your Friday is a good one !


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