Friday, March 31, 2017

"So Hungry, I'm Gonna Eat My Left Arm"

Gorgeous house by the sea.  Look, our Little Bit is on the front porch.  I think I'll be taking that stone step side walk back to the beach and I'll see ya'll later. ;-)

Yesterday went to my dental appointment.  Teeth all clean.  I do think it was a newer one so it was a gentle cleaning (probably means not as thorough, but my teeth feel good anyway) and so it went really quick.  

All the talk yesterday was about the storms that were supposed to be bad.  Schools were out most everywhere.  So traffic had been light.  We didn't get our snow storms this year so my guess is that schools took a Thunderstorm Day.  lol  

I prayed that God would weaken the system.  I prayed it aloud as I drove to the dentist.  I prayed for Him to calm my nerves.  I didn't want to have to worry about this all day.  He calmed my nerves and He calmed the storms.  We did not have the morning storms and it seemed that the cloud cover He gave us, kept the heating of the day from firing all the super cells that could have happened.  We barely had anything but a rain event when all was said and done.   Some folks south of us had more of a storm come through but for us not much of anything to worry about.  Thank you, Lord for that. 

I went through Chic Fil A on the way to work before hitting the interstate just to get something in my belly for a few hours.  Crazy busy day trying to get ready for next weeks meetings, get everything done and pulled together.  Before I could even hardly look at my schedule for the day to set alarms for any meetings I had, I realized I had a conf call and was already missing it.  So did that.  I had soup in a can in my cabinet at work.  But I was not in a soup mood.  I didn't really have any certain craving, but I ordered from a website called "Order Up" and ordered something to be brought in.  There are several restaurants that participate.  

I ordered a burgah (lol).  It was pretty good.  You have to spend at least $10 though when you order and it's $2 delivery.  So it's going to be b/w $15 and $18 usually by the time it's said and done.  It saves a few bucks if you order "with" someone.   I didn't want to leave yesterday though so I could get work done.  But I probably should have just gone through a drive through b/c since I didn't get time to order it til 12:30, it was during their busy time - so it didn't get to me until 2:42.  I posted on Facebook, "I'm so hungry I'm about to eat my left arm".  (I needed the right one.)

That phrase came from my sister, Kerrie.  Back last year.  We were waiting for them to take Mom back for one of her tests.  Mom could not eat that morning.  So we didn't eat either.  We were going to go grab lunch when they took her back for the test though.  

So as we waited in the room with Momma, we were each thinking about food but neither wanted to say anything in front of Momma.  My sister texted me "I'm so hungry that I could eat my left arm."  If you know my sister, you would know exactly how she would sound and look as she would say such a thing.  The visual image of this, and seeing this text made me snort with giggles.  Which in turn made my sister do the same.  Our mother raised her head from the bed looking back and forth at each of us, all hooked up to tubes, and said, "What????"  She thought we were laughing at her so naturally we had to fess up that we were texting about food and that Kerrie, had said she was about to eat her left arm.  Mom wanted us to wait and eat with her.  We told her we would all go to lunch together but we HAD to go get food.  Mom wanted us to be there when the doc came in and didn't want us to go.  But we went.  And we missed the doc.  It's probably the only time a procedure happened early and quick.  But it all worked out.  He came back and popped his head in to tell us what was going on.  Mom was foggy at that point due to the meds. But I'll never forget that day when our hunger took over and we went to the hospital's dairy queen to get lunch so that my sister wouldn't eat her left arm. 

George and I have been watching the Soprano's.  During the work week - a TV show is about the length of attention span I can give without falling asleep - and sometimes even that is hard.  So we are on Disc 2 of Season 1.  I don't like the dark stuff of the Mafia - but you do get into all the characters.  It's similar to Breaking Bad in a way.  My favorite part I think is when Tony Soprano is in his psychiatric sessions.  lol 

We have a movie (mail in option from Netflix as we cancelled the streaming since it didn't work half the time - at least with our set up).  The movie is Deep Water Horizon.  I ordered it.  We almost went to see it in the theaters.  I think the darkness of it is what kept us from going.  But it looks like it would be interesting.  

I want to go see The Boss Baby.  It's finally out.  We would go see it Tuesday but I'll be in Oklahoma City.  So perhaps the week after that.  

Well, today I have my doc appointment for my RX refills and then I have my eye appointment after that.  I'm anxious to see how my eyes have changed.  I will probably have to get new glasses.  I find myself blinking a lot trying to focus both in distance and up close.  Then I'll have to set an appointment to be fitted.  I will probably use Walmart again.  You can't just walk in and be helped and be fitted unless you luck out.  The trained help is only there certain hours.  That bugs the schnarpie out of me.  If you are open for business in an Optical Center, you need to be truly open for business.  But they are having trouble finding help too apparently.  

No one wants to work.  And especially for peanuts. When peanuts is already provided.  

Nuff said.  I'm getting on with my day.  I guess my day will go fast being that there is so much going on. You all have a good one. 

Oh I finally earned $80,000 on Tropical Farmville so I could buy the Avacado Tree.   Now I need $100,000 to buy the Glassworks Center.  This island is moving right along.  lol  This game really helps me relax.  All the worries of the day, just rolls right off!


  1. Glad the storms were not bad at all. A lot of ours pass over to the east of us here. Makes me glad I don't live there ! Thankfully it's finally Friday !

  2. It stormed here bad this morning. Now you have me wanting a chick filet sandwich. Some one told me Sams has really good deals on glasses. I got a pair at LensCrafters. They were very expensive even with a coupon. Someone told me they got a pair of Oakleys at Zenni Optical. Online. For the price I may order a second pair. Just to have something different. Have a good weekend.

  3. It is a funny expression about your arm. Glad to hear the storms passed and all was well.


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