Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spaghetti, Findlay, and Elvis

Morning!  Uploaded some pics from the last two days.  Above is the spaghetti sauce I fixed Thursday night.  Such comfort food.  Yet a quick fix.  In olive oil, just stir fry chopped green bell pepper and chopped onions  (which I had a baggie of them in the freezer already chopped), add in the hamburger meat, add in a can of chopped tomatoes (I used Italian style that had basil and other herbs added).  Add a jar of spaghetti sauce.  I tossed in my liquids - splash of red wine (little left in the bottle from the day before), and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  I added my 4 layers of flavor:  Heat (red pepper flakes), Sweet (sugar), the Sour was the vinegar above, and the Salt was not added b/c the canned/jarred stuff had enough in it already but if you like more salt you should add it here.  And then the herbs were added to your liking.  I used basil and oregano.  And this was a heavenly spaghetti.  I thought at first it was going to be too much liquid but it cooked off by the time the noodles were done.  This tasted BETTER than if it had cooked all day.  

George also fixed us a Blueberry Mule.  I sipped this while cooking.  I think I like the regular mules better.  This was too sweet for me.  I can't do sweet.

I took a pic of my computer screen at work as the background was so pretty.  I love calm soothing pics.  

Katy sent a pic of her Reading project for Reading week at school.  It's "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".

 And this would be the weekend face.  

And this would be the very late dinner I threw together after we went to the Mount Juliet Beer Store for free tastes of Ballast, and going to see Granny (George's Mom).  We had salad so I opened a can of kidney beans and threw that and some feta cheese in the salad.  We a few "little" potatoes that were left over and I threw those in the steamer in the microwave.  And we had leftover spaghetti noodles and I heated some butter in the microwave and poured on the noodles and then poured on some freshly graded parmesan.  Mmmmmmm.  Kindof a carby starchy dinner, but ---it was fast and quick.

We ate while watching a movie about Elvis visiting Nixon at the white house. 

 Here is the Elvis/Nixon Story in a Nutshell by the Smithsonian.  Can you believe they gave Elvis a badge for the Drug and Narcotics division?  He really only wanted it so he could get in/out of airports and past authorities with his drugs, according to Priscilla.  This was not indicated in the film.  The film portrayed him just seeking to save the kids of the world so he could flash the badge and scare them.  But this article says he wanted it for the drugs.  Ironically, he died with an overdose.  So sad that he was such a lonely person and had lost himself b/c of the icon he became.  The end of the movie said he died at age 42, or perhaps he did go undercover as an agent.  lol  

Katy sent us a pic of the Grand Dog, Findlay, in her lap.

My coworker (assistant) at work gave me a book that she bought b/c it sounded like me.  I will be interested to read it.  It's a book on dreams.  Always intrigued by dreams.  

And that is about enough I suppose.  I'm thrilled that today is Saturday.  I'll bless the house and hopefully catch up on a few things.  Need to go to the library.

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. That poncho is ugly. Period. I don't know who would wear that. It's hard to believe that American Eagle would sell that. SMH
    Your sketti sauce looks good. My husband would have pasta everday if I let him. I like pasta too. Yummm:)
    I love the doggie with the weekend face but Findlay is simply gorgeous. Such a pretty girl.
    This is your blog and you should feel comfortable expressing your feelings. No one should come here and disagree. They need to just move on>>>
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. Your daughter is so cute with her bubble umbrella with meatballs. I know the kids loved that. We are going to Olive Garden as a family tonight. We loved Italian food. I may get the Shrimp Carbonara tonight. I have worn a clear poncho at games when Rain came out of no where. I would rather wear a ll beam rain coat. They are so warm and really keep you dry. I have two one i have had for years and it still looks new. i have had gay coworkers, neighbors and they are just like you and me. Just love someone the same sex as themself. Which don't bother me one bit. What they do in their bedroom is their business. They never push that on me as I am straight. But they are hardworking, kind and thoughtful people. I have lost touch with then over the years but still have good memories of working with them. It is a beautiful day and I am off to enjoy some sunshine. Have a great weekend.

  3. It's great that we. Are at the weekend will give you time to recharge your batteries...I like the look and sound of your spag.sauce...I will write that one down and try it sometime. Like you I don't like that flowery poncho mind you I wouldn't like it on a woman far less a man !!...I much prefer muted coloured things..well it's just gone 10 so I am about to go to bed. I was really tired an hour or so ago but not so bad now, so hope I get to sleep...night night. God bless xx

  4. All the food looks delish. That sauce sounds heavenly, indeed. The DREAM BOOK sounds interesting for sure. Now you'll be able to decipher yours.


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