Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Storms, Schedule, Sopranos, and Sleep

Monday...  Stormy day starting around 3 or so.  Since I got in early, I was able to come home early enough to get home and take dogs out before round 2 came through.

Leaving at 4 really works for us b/c then George could go straight to see his Mom w/o having to come home and take care of dogs first.  Sadly it is hard to get off at 4 since I don't get in earlier every day.  The schedule, the work load, traffic, needing more sleep, and blogging, taking care of Tugie in the early morning, and packing of lunch...all those things take time keep me from getting there earlier and/or make me work later.  But on rare days when the stars are aligned just right and I can get out of there at 4 it makes a world of difference.  And you have more of the night and can do some chores and actually have a moment to yourself.

I enjoyed walking the dogs in the breeze, and they enjoyed it too.

I really don't have much time to blog this morning.  I kept hitting snooze.  lol

George and I watched the Sopranos last night.  I fell asleep during the last half.  Someone recommended that we watch this show if we liked Breaking Bad.  So show ONE was ok, but I was just so sleepy.  It's starting to get annoying that I fall asleep every time I sit down to watch a show, or read, or play the game.  I just get relaxed and nod off.  I guess I don't get enough sleep at night.  But I slept so much on Sunday you'd have thought I'd be somewhat caught up.

I still didn't get my tickets bought for Southern Womens Show.  I guess I will try to do that today on a break or lunch.  I have the link on my phone.  Katy and I are going to meet somewhere and we are trying to figure out where is a safe place to leave my car.  Still thinking on that one.  We have to meet so she can drive us in.  So far Green Hills seems easy for her and not too awfully bad for me.  But today's purpose needs to be buying my ticket.  I told Katy we could each buy our own ticket but I'd buy her breakfast and lunch that day!  I don't even know how much the tickets are but that sounded like a good deal.  I know I'll drop some bucks while there on handbags, flip flops, and jewelry - ha.

Anyway, I better get going.  LOTS going on and much to accomplish.  Trip is next week to OKC and PHX so I'll be behind after missing 3 days.  Hoping to get ahead but I think that would be asking too much, lol .

Anyway ya'll have a great Tuesday!


  1. I used to work 7-4 and liked the earlier ending time. When I had to stay over till 5 the day seemed like it went on forever. I started watching that show once, but didn't pursue it. Sometimes I like having a series to watch. Maybe I should try again. I need something new to view. Your day with your daughter sounds like lots of fun. I know I always enjoy time out with mine. Hope your Tuesday is terrific !

  2. sounds like getting in earlier really does make you happy. i wish the stars could be aligned for you every day. get those southern ladies tickets before they sell out. i bet you and katy will have a blast there.


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