Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunday Funday Excursions & Some HOT Chicken

What a wonderful weekend.  We were able to sleep in some, enjoy coffee, have a relaxed slow morning.  Finished up some laundry/ironing and listened to a little bit of "Life at Sea Level" while folding and ironing, through Alexa.  I also went through Alexa's skills and added some new things.   (It frustrates George that she is not like Google and will not answer random informational questions, unless you download a certain skill, for example "dog facts". She says that we can download the "Bing" skill through her but I've not found that yet.)  But I think that Alexa is awesome.  She does for me what I need.  I want an Echo dot now for the back of the house.  lol 

Anyway, we headed out around lunch time and went to Gallatin and ate this new hot chicken place called T's Hot Chicken.  The chicken and the bread was really good.  I did not favor what they did to my sides though.  The green beans had tomatoes in it, and was most likely those Italian canned green beans.  Better w/o the tomatoes, I think.  And the potato salad had some barbecue sauce on top of it, which ruined it.  So if we go back I'll probably get the slaw and fries or tell them to give me the potato salad without the bbq sauce on top.  Also the potato salad was soggy (more sauce than potatoes).  Hey, I'm a food critic.  It's what I do to compare as to what places are my favorites and if they are not, this is why.  Would I go back - heck yeah!  The chicken was great, the service was excellent, it was clean and if you sit by the table at the window you have the lake view above!  

The decor and the sign is just really cute.  Absolutely love it.  They have BBQ too although the sign does not indicate it.  I was hoping for a plate with both but didn't see it, unless I missed it.  I would think they should do a combo platter, add a bit of price to it, and call it The Big Oink & Cluck or something, lol.  Keep a straight face while you order it for extra fries.  lol 

When I think of these places, I like to imagine if I owned it myself what would I change.  I would add some type of special corn fritter - as a specialty with each platter - b/c when it comes to competition, it's things like that, that make a difference.  Then you could also have regular cinnamon fritters for dessert - with ice cream and caramel topping.  Your own twist and name it a cute name.   I can hire out for a consultant for a small fee for ideas.  (lol) 

Then we went to Granny Jan's house and did a few things and then went to Steinmart.  I bought the cutest little tan sweater, thin, and looked like mosquito netting, lol.  Never seen anything like it, but it will go with about 3 different sleeveless tops that I have, giving me 3 more outfits.  And I bought some black capris.  That pretty much used up my $50 gift card and then some.  I do need to get some more capris, I think.  I guess I should get my summer clothes out and see, but I think I'd like a new pair of blue jean capris for vacation.  I tried some on yesterday but they had patchwork on them and scruffied up knees and while they were cute - it looked too youngish for me. They fit perfect though, but I let them go.  I'll probably do a bit of shopping here in another month or so for some pants.  

Then we went on to see Granny and head home.  We were both pretty tired at that point.  I never did go to the store.  I didn't need a lot really.  What I really need I can get on Thursday night.  So I'll go to the store later in the week.  

I took a pic of the birds at the assisted living where Granny is.  You can see George walking this way through the glass, lol.  Granny was at dinner, so we just stayed a few minutes and headed on. 

These little guys were keeping one eye on me!  lol

Last night, we only had oatmeal for dinner.  We've eaten a lot in the last two days.

I finally earned the $70,000 for the sea lion in Farmville.  And now I need to buy some avocado tree for 80,000. lol lol

Well, it's Monday again and the day after the time change but I went on to bed pretty quick last night so I feel ok this morning.

Hope you all have a great week.  I'm dressed in Black and Grey and will be headed to the funeral home this evening with George to see our friends, whose family member passed.


  1. After such a wonderful weekend you should be feeling pretty rested and renewed to start off the week. Hope your have a great Monday !

  2. The chicken place does look like fun even though you had some trouble with the side dishes. Sorry to hear about your friends loss.


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