Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tugie and Roger, On Line Shopping, Storms

These pics were taken last weekend.  I thought Tugie looked sweet sleeping.  She woke up though when I went to snap the pic.  It is getting interesting with her not hearing me.  She barks when she loses me and I have to come to her so she can follow me to where I am.  If Roger is in the room she seems to be ok and she just keeps on eye on Roger.  Roger can hear so if one of us says it's time to "go" or "go out" she watches him and if he jumps up, she does too.   

However, I do think she can feel the vibration of the garage door b/c she was barking when I got home.  Unless of course she was just barking b/c she was lonely without Roger or anyone being here. George had taken Roger to go see Granny.  I had gone to the store.  I don't know why he didn't just go ahead and take Tugie.  It IS a lot of trouble to take both though.  But I was still at the store as we had a big store run since we didn't go last weekend and I was scouring the store, trying to find something "different" to eat and/or cook with.  George, who never calls, called to see when I was getting home.  lol  "I'm in the dairy section, almost til the end. It'll be a few".  So he went on.  Which I've told him before, "don't be waiting on me b/c I don't want to have to rush".   The dogs have been by themselves all day, we leave them for a concert or out to eat sometimes when we get home.  His visits to Granny are short, so I'm not sure why he wants me home so fast.    

But here is little Roger. 

I did actually enjoy the grocery run.  Of course I didn't leave work til after 5 and the traffic was horrendous so I didn't even get to Publix til way after 6 and then that took an hour or more.

I will say that our basket of shopping looks a whole lot different than it did a few years ago.  A lot of fruit, veggies, salads.  Putting it on the checkout stand I was thinking just how different it was.

Yesterday's storms were not too bad in my area.  But Katy called and was stuck on the interstate and said that the clouds behind her were coming on fast and the interstate was crawling.  She asked if something was coming.  I was looking at the radar.  I asked her if she could pull off and go in a store or something.  At 6:45 in the morning - there's not a lot open.  I told her - ok there IS a tornado warning for Williamson, Davidson and asked where she was.  She said she was at the harding place which was in Davidson at that point.  I was looking at the radar and told her that the worst of the line is south of her and north of her and that most of it was east and already going past.  Thank goodness the tornado, which touched down about a mile from her house, was behind her and moving east and not north.  She got to school ok.  But was worried about the house and Findlay.  She was in touch with the manager of the farm and he rode by and checked on the house and all was ok.

I waited til 7:30 to leave after the line passed.  I was hoping much of the traffic would have been over with, but of course that was wishful thinking only.  I inched through Hermitage and finally could go for a few minutes, but then inched again through Nashville.

So I arrived at work about 8:20 or so.  I worked through lunch for the most part, other than checking personal email/messages so I got a full work day in.

But I sure am glad today is Thursday and the week is moving on.

My order from Walmart and Amazon, both arrived a day later than they were supposed to.  Walmart still has not been able to get their 2 day shipping thing perfected.  But it is much improved since the $35 free shipping instead of $50 and free shipping.  Normally an order would take a week to two weeks, averaging about 10 days per order and usually part of the shipment arriving in a week and the rest a few days later.

And Amazon has changed something b/c their normal 2 day has become 3 day - at least with my last two orders.  So I'm not sure what is happening there.  One day I got a Walmart order that had Amazon tape on it sealing it, so is there some kind of collaboration? I have no idea.  

But I am happy to have received my very nice canvas purse for $7.99 - maybe I'll get a pic this weekend.  And I have soft seat belt covers so that the seatbelt will be soft against my neck instead of rubbing it, since I'm in the car for two hours a day.  Yes, about TEN hours of my week spent in the car!  And the third item....hmmm what was that.  There was a third item.  Oh yes!  I bought some Yellow Box flip flops, white.  I'd like to have some blue ones too.  But I have to spread my desires out.  lol  I really would like to find some sandals that are not flip flops b/c they look better for work.  Even though my flip flops are the nice kind and not the cheapies.  But I do see the work force has accepted them quite well and most of the time women do wear the fancier ones for work.  I feel better not having anything b/w the toes for work, but I've had to wear them b/c the others are hard to find and when you do find them that are nice they are way more than I want to pay.  It takes a LOT of shopping/searching to find them.  Usually have to give up and search on the internet and then there is no guarrantee that they will fit.  My success rate for shoes fitting or being what they appeared to be is about 40% effective.  Most of the time I wear them and realize they are just too uncomfortable and don't return them b/c I think I will wear them "sometime" and then I don't.  And then sometimes they just are not the quality that they appeared.  Sometimes I do have to return them.  But Yellow Box, I know my size and so those are easy.    They did come with sticky glue on them where a sticker had been and I need to get some alcohol wipes and try to get that off.  That was a grr moment, but I'm at least glad to have them.

Happy that March is here!  It puts a bit of glee to my step.

Fixing spaghetti tonight!  And I'm thinking of fixing shepherd's pie on March 17 so that we have some Irish type of food that night.  You know it's a Friday night this year.  So I may suggest we have some folks over.  Not really sure.  But I am totally ok with a Shepherd's pie night and watch a movie at home.

Well, I suppose I should go.  Need to pack lunch and do make up and get on the road.  I don't really like the audio book I'm doing.  Have to go to the library to get one this weekend.  I really miss the characters in that last Nicholas Sparks book, "The Longest Ride".  That was really good.  I enjoyed being in the car for that.  I wish he'd spawn off a book 2 for those characters. lol

Well, better go.  It's hard to get both blogs done, so I'll just be doing this one today, I think. No time left.  Story of my life. Always time to go do something on someone elses agenda.  lol

Ya'll have a good day.


  1. Your online shopping sounds like the way to go. I wouldn't mind doing more of that myself, but I do like doing grocery shopping myself. There are people now that place an order and then just have to pick it up. We had a stormy day here too. Looks like a colder but milder day with no storms here and we have a dusting of snow on the ground. That was a surprise! Take care and have a great day ! Happy Thursday!

  2. Those storms were terrible. Watching the news then the weather alarm going off got on my last nerve. We got terrible rain and winds that shook the entire house but no Tornado. Thank God. Your Tugie is beautiful. Reminds me of a princess. I love love the pink bows. I think she was lonesome the reason she barked. She wanted to go with Roger and George. How nice your husband takes to visit his mom. He sounds like a good man. My mom always told me if a man is good to his Mother he will be a good husband. I hope those storms don't come back though. They scare me. I feel so helpless. Even in a good sturdy built house when the windows rattle and the house shakes there is not much one can do. But pray. Have a good day. Be safe.

  3. I am so glad those storms left you and Katy alone. Scary weather though. We had a tornado watch here, but not a warning. I think shopping online is hit or miss. Sometimes the descriptions are accurate and sometimes they are not. Tugie is a sweetheart. A shame age has caught up to her. You all take care.

  4. Same problem with Amazon, takes 3-5 days for the 2 day Prime shipping. What gives?


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