Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wedding Day, Beautiful Despite Late Caterer!

Good morning!  Wow.  Went to be about 10:30 or 11:00 (not sure) and then Roger woke me up at 1:30 wanting to drink water. He's always a big water drinker.  So I followed him to see whether he needed to go out or go to the water bowl.  Water it was.  However, he drank a lot so I thought I better take him out before going back to bed.  I'm not fond of going out at that time of the night.  But I usually just stand on the porch ready to go back in if I see or hear anything unwanted.  lol

So stumbling back to bed we go.  Then at 5:30 Tugie began pushing her feet into my legs - persistently so.  So I ended up having to get up again as she would not let me sleep.  She needed to go out.  I was so tired and sleepy, but up we got.  And out the door again for potty time.  Where was George all this time?  Sawing off some big logs.

This time, an animal was moaning and crying - I think it was a cat.  You know how they can just make all kinds of noises when another animal is around.  We came back in and I opened the screened window in the sun room.  The gentle rain sounded so pretty, but I wanted to hear the noises again outside.  I thought I heard footsteps but determined it was the rain falling off of trees.  I did hear movement rustling around in the woods by the direction of the cemetery - and at that I closed the screen window shut and went back into the den.  lol  I wanted none of that, trying to figure out what was coming!  My imagination would go wild.  So back to the sofa to play my game.  Tugie went wild barking at a reflection (or could she see a ghost I couldn't? lol).  And so turned some lights on so she would not bark and that helped.  After a while of playing the game (Tropical Farmville) I once again felt sleep come up on me and we headed back for bed.

Much to my surprise, I awoke at 9:30, both dogs asleep by my side.  We'd had a rough nite.  lol
 I can't believe I slept in that long.  But so glad I did.

And so this morning, I've been transferring pictures, eating leftover BBQ and pasta salad from the wedding.  And I will share some of our day yesterday with you.

The wedding started at 2:00 and so we headed out around 12 ish to go to the library and I returned my Dorothea Benton Frank "All Summer Long" book which was wonderful!  So good in fact, that I got another one called "Porch Lights".  So I'm ready to go for another two weeks.  (I'll have to renew this one also as I'm traveling week after next and won't finish in time I don't think. )

Then we got out to the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, TN a bit early.  So we rode around the park.  The park was not really very pretty this time of year - trees have not come out, and it looked so dry.  The day was cloudy.  We drove back in and took a peek at the cabin area.  Nice little cabins with big front porches.

Then as 1:20 approached we headed back to the venue site.  And slowly everyone poured in and then we had a wonderful wedding happening right before our eyes.  One of the things  I like to do is take pics of decor.  It's my thing.  I don't do it massively at every wedding, as that would be quite annoying to others.  But for people I am close to I try to get as much of the decor as possible just to give a feel for the setting for the couple to remember later - even though they have hired a photographer.  Often the concentrate on the people and I concentrate on the views and the details.
So I did that yesterday.

Loved the splashes of color on each of the tables.

A cake made of towels.

We had to laugh....I noticed the fridge was left open.  The cake was in the fridge.  And the door wouldn't close.

Marriage Advice for the couple.
Dillon and Amber, the Couple.

Parents of the Groom, our friends, Don and Lisa

Introducing the Mr. and Mrs.

Mother and Son - Precious
Through the bubbles, away they gooooo....

A beautiful day and a beautiful wedding, despite the rain.

The food, by Martin's Barbeque was an hour late (a real big no no for a caterer to be late for any event, especially a wedding), and when they got there not all the staff was there and things sat undone.  Even the BBQ had to be "pulled" still.  Aghast, us gals (and a few guys) got things done.  We started taking over (lol).  We sat up, unwrapped the bbq, got the ice in the containers, set things out.  A girl leaned in to me and said "honey we have people on the way to do all this".  I said "we have a hungry crew that needed to be fed an hour ago, the crew may be coming but they aren't here yet, so we'll keep cranking this up and moving til they arrive".  (lol)  

As George and me and another gentleman in a nice white shirt - tried to get the saran wrap off of the big slap of barbecue - I said "I feel like we just went out and killed the hog" (it was a messy greasy thang).   The guy in the white shirt squealed like a pig (and sounded JUST like a pig).  Made me laugh so hard.  We may have been in a hurry to feed all the hungries, but I will admit it was pretty fun.  lol

Finally their crew arrived and it began to be obvious they knew more of what needed to be done with their equipment.  They pretty much rearranged everything we already did.  lol  But about another 45 min it was all ready to go.  I could see the ones that were late getting there.  And I was thinking "yeah that's about right".  That is all I will say.  There are just some folks in life that DO NOT PLAN to be on time and therefore do not.  They had already warned the clients that they were worried that they wouldn't have enough staffing.  If you knew this ahead of time, would you not try to solve the issue by hiring more help?  And not inform the client/customer that there was even a problem? No one giving a wedding wants to hear those words in advance "we are worried about having enough to staff the event".  There is already enough to worry about.  I felt bad that they even had to worry about this.  And for them to be an hour late and for the customer to have to call?  unh uh.    

Anyway people were fed, life was good again and it was only a minor inconvenience after all, although I think the customers need to get a discount for the failures of the caterer to deliver as promised.  And seriously think the caterer needs to rethink their catering business as a whole. If they can't be successful, let's not ruin the good name.  The food is excellent.  (However, they also forgot the sauce for the slaw and that got there after everyone was through eating.  So the slaw was plain, but we needed to save those calories anyway right? lol) But aside my honest reviews of food and service.  I think everyone got to visit and Katy and I had a good talk.  So even though we had the wait, we visited and were certainly appreciative of the food we so take for granted once it finally arrived, lol.

After it was over, and the cake cut and all - we stayed and help tear down and pack up.  And oh by the way the cake was heavenly.

Off to leave to go to Don and Lisa's cabin, Don's truck, pulling the Uhaul trailer of "stuff", wouldn't start.  His battery was dead.  Katy had jumper cables.  We tried to use our car to jump off but they couldn't figure out where the negative was - the Chevy was all weird as to how things were configured under the hood.  So I had texted Lisa and she came back and they were able to use her car.  We got them back to the cabin. And stayed and visited a while. And I asked Katy to leave her jumper cables with Don and Lisa in case they had problems the next day.  But we sure did enjoy our visit with them at the cabin.

(I need to text and see if they got off this morning).

And so we left to come home in moderate rainfall.  Katy was behind us but had to go all the way to Franklin.

We got home and the bottom fell out with some pretty hefty rain.  I was a little nervous for Katy but texted an hour or so later and found she had made it home fine.

Played the game and sleep was good - til the doggies had to get up!

And now it's almost Noon.  Much of my day is gone to sleeping, blogging, transferring pics - but now the work needs to happen.  Just a little.  I'll do the laundry, the ironing, some planning, drink some ice tea (after I make it), order up some tickets for the Southern Women's show in Nashville as a lot of us girls are going.  Might need to scare up some cooking for things to eat this week at work.

George is gone right now to his Mom's.  He was going to get there early to try to rustle her up from bed in time to go to lunch.  He was not looking forward to the wrangle.  She is very independent and very much like him.  She doesn't like to be told what to do.  And she does not care to go to the dining room to be with the others.  She wants to stay in her room, work puzzles, and snack for meals.  The problem with that is that the assisted living folks require they come to the two meals a day and she has not been going any, so they called yesterday.

I hope he had some luck.  He didn't take Roger today so maybe he was going somewhere else also.  He didn't say.

Anyway, I'm anxious to hear how it went but I bet I know how it went.  She may not be able to stay there long if this continues.  I have no idea really how all that works - only George and his sister know as they talked with the folks when they set her up.

Well, anyway, I need to get on with my day.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.  Our clouds are breaking and the sunshine is coming through.  Love it!


  1. Great post!
    I hope the rest of your day has some relaxing built in for you to slow & catch your breath.
    Enjoy, Monica

  2. That place should give a discount. It is hard to find good help these days. But it sounded like everyone got fed. That is so sad about your mother in law. Do you think she might eat if you bring her to your house on weekends. She needs a good hot meal. My grandpa got to where he would not eat when he got old. They had a time out of him. They gave him ensure to help keep up his strength. Speaking of food I better fix some for my gang.

  3. it looks like a lovely wedding. it's nice you were there to help with food and then car. i hope your hubbys mother starts to feel more comfortable eating with the group if thats required.

  4. It looks like every one had a great time even with the late caterer . The decorations are beautiful. Sunflowers are a favorite of mine. It's going to be more and more of a struggle with your MIL. Sadly it's a downhill spiral. Prayers for her and the family as I know it's not easy at all.


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