Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter into Spring, Rodizio, Trips, and Appointments

Sharing a few pics from our wintry weather yesterday.  The days preceding, we've had 65 to 75 degree temps.  It's been crazy in middle TN.  Our weather is interesting always.   I believe these photos will be called "Winter into Spring".  

The woods behind our house.  

The snow on the fallen log in the woods behind our house.  

The cemetery in the woods behind our house.

Side angle of the back of our house. 

Spring blooms with snow!

Tree line in the back. 

An illusion....looks like a lot of snow on the chair.  And there is some, but much of it is that it needs repainting.  

As the sun came out and the snow melted, it was apparent how green it made the grass.   And it truly looked more like spring.

Irises coming on strong!  Usually not doing this til about April. 

And the grass is growing!

Pansies hanging on!  I suppose I need to repaint this pot also.

Off the front porch.  

So the morning was beautiful.  We got up yesterday and George opened the window and saw the snow coming down pretty heavily.  We drank coffee and then started on the house to pick up and clean up as we had company coming at 4:30 for a cocktail before setting out for dinner reservations. I still spent a bit of time on laundry.  George actually vacuumed and shampooed the den and hall carpet areas and worked on the kitchen.  I changed sheets, made the bed, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, worked on our Walmart order.  Put up the Walmart delivery that came in yesterday, and picked up a lot of areas.   

 George went to get his hair cut, see his Mom and to get my BP Meds which I forgot to go pick up this week and realized I was out.  

At 4:30 our friends Paul and Judy, and Joe and Cheryl arrived.  We all had a good time at the house.  And headed out.  We rode with Joe and Cheryl on the way in and with Paul and Judy on the way back.  

We went to Rodizio (again).  It is very good.  This was probably the worst service though that we have had, although we had a great time but there were some noticeable issues.  They were: 

*They failed to bring the appetizer/bread plate.  

*Our waiter was assigned to a huge table and ignored us for the longest, more than once.  But another lady came to us. 

*Because of the above, we had to wait for the dessert. 

*They were out of creme brulee, which I had been looking forward to

*When our desserts (finally) came, we had to wait for dessert silverware, as our ice cream melted. 

*We were excited to have a coupon to use last night but we were quickly told that it was usable every day but Saturday.  And yes it was, of course --you guessed it --Saturday! 

I never mentioned the appetizer thing not coming out, even with George's prompting.  I was filling up on other things, but I did miss it.  I ended up going for the chocolate and ice cream after sticking out my lip over the creme brulee.  Geez.   That makes two restaurants now that have been out of Creme Brulee when I order.  Guess we are going to have to start eating at 5:00?  Or these restaurants are going to have to start making more of it.  

When I got up the full moon was pretty.  It was dark when I first got up.  This was taken much later in the morning as the sun was starting to come up. You can see it through the trees below. Above the laundry I need to fold this morning!  

I stole this photo off of Facebook to show you how cute Findlay is.  Cody is holding her up after she played in the snow yesterday. 

I was a little concerned about our going out last night.  This always sent our Northern friends that we hang with, into laughter.  Friend Paul brought duct tape (as a joke) in case they needed to seal my mouth from back seat driving comments.  

I stole this one from a facebook friend also - as it showed exactly what the situation was last night.   You can see that our night out ended up being safe as the snow went below Nashville.  We didn't even see a flake last night.  It was supposed to snow again last night for a "2nd event" of the day.  But we lucked out and did not have any traffic issues and Paul did not have to use the duck tape!  lol

Thanks to whoever's photo this was.  lol  I hope you don't mind.  lol And looks like you need to plug up your phone to the charger.  lol

So we ate well and had a good time despite the delays and mishaps in their service.

On a sad note, friend Richard lost his Mom early yesterday morning.  Even though we have been out having fun we did have Richard and Kathy on our mind and hearts as they deal with the arrangements.  The visitation is Monday and I'll go after work.  And the funeral is Tuesday afternoon.  I don't know if I will be able to go to funeral as it's a bad time for me to be off and I'm getting behind with all that is going on and all I'm trying to do there.

Today I need to work on the laundry and do some ironing for next week, after Alexa gives me the weather forecast - so I know whether to go short sleeve or long or sweaters.  And George and I are going out for a day out to shop at exit 6 (I am going to spend my Steinmart Card) and then he is going to his Mom's house to do a few things while I shop, and then we are going to do Hot Chicken at a new place over in that direction. We will need to hit the grocery store on the way back.

I have the week's meals planned out.  But it's changed a bit as we'll be gone some nights next week. But I want St. Patty's to be special so I'm fixing a Shepherd's Pie that night.  I'll have to get the ingredients for that at the store.  We'll have Alexa play some good St. Patty's day Irish music for us and I'll have to come up with an Irish drink - not Irish Whiskey!  I don't do whiskey.  Anyway, we'll see what we come up with.  I don't really want to drink Green Beer either.  lol But us girls are going to lunch that day at a German restaurant - avoiding the crowds but going for some Kielbasa.  I guess it'll be a good eating day that day.  What are you all doing for St. Patty's?

It has been nice to have some time to be here at the house even though we were busy cleaning.  And we'll be busy today.  It is occurring to me that we need to start prepping for Tybee Island trip.  I need another bathing suit and I don't want to spend a fortune.  I need to find a couple of capris to wear.  I'm in pretty good shape I think.  I need to start making a list of what to pack and take with us so we don't have to buy a lot at the store. Things like trash bags, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper.  I think Lisa and I can divvy up the list and each bring some.    I get more and more excited as the days pass.

Also pretty stoked about going to Phoenix and Oklahoma City for work. I get to break in my new suit cases!  I really enjoy the travel most of the time since I don't have to do it that often.  I've grown pretty fond of both cities.  So different, but yet I'm fond of both.  I'm being teased by the folks in OKC that I should prepare for the big tornado as I'm coming in the season.  Can't WAIT for that, NOT!  I hope I do not have to face that ever.  Those tornadoes out there get to be F5!  I missed the Moore OK tornado a few years ago by just ONE business day! But it is what it is.  All I can do is trust that God protects me from danger.  While tempted to hole up and live life in a hidey hole all week long, I choose rather to find adventure and live my life.  I still like holing up at home though just b/c it's fun to do so.  Much to love here with the fur babes, games, books, TV, nature, good happy neighbors all around, the woods, good food, ability to plan and cook, do devos, sleep, rejuvy, drink coffee.

Next couple of weeks are really busy!  The Ireland wedding coming up with Dillon and Amber.  I have an eye appointment also.  And I'm really looking forward to that.  In the last couple of weeks, my vision is really bad.  I have to take my glasses off a lot, and sometimes it's almost like I'm seeing double - like my stigmatism situation is different - so I think I will need a new update and probably some new glasses.  I think it's next week when I go.

Also have a dental appointment the following week.  So a busy month ahead.

Well, ya'll have a great Sunday!  And a great week ahead.

I'm also going to say that it may be that I will not blog every day, but I will try.  I'm just noticing that some days I just need get up, out and on the road.  Some days I just don't have much to say either.  And although I can write about anything even when I have nothing to say, it can be rather boring on those days.  Also I write in a private blog sometimes and that stuff has to be parked there, and it's hard to blog in both places.  But I'll do the best I can.



  1. The snowfall shows winter is still holding on. But the pretty splashes of color from the plants says spring is nearer still. That dessert you did have looked scrumptious. But I'd be bummed about the creme brulee too. Findlay is adorable. Sounds like you have exciting times ahead. Patience will get you there sooner rather than later.

  2. Our snow is supposed to start here tonight but it's been bitter cold. Last week we were up close to 50 and a few daffodils bloomed but then we were below freezing and still are. That gooey chocolate dessert looks scrumptious. I love creme brûlée too, but there aren't many places that serve it around here.

  3. You have a pretty place. The flowers will be pretty this spring.


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