Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wonderful Weekend and Cooking Reignited

We had a fun day yesterday.  I think it did BOTH of our spirits good to get out and about with a mission.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves running errands and making meal plans. 

First of all we went to the library and as you can see above their Audio section is huge.  Since I seem to be rolling right through them with this hour long commute, I figured I would go ahead and get my own library card instead of being dependent on George.  Normally we are together but now I can stop on the way home as they are open a couple of nights a week (open later, that is).  

I did pick out a new author but one that was a best seller.  But I'm going to have to take the audio back and get another b/c I didn't realize that I got one that was the 2nd of a trilogy.  Leave it to me to do that.  I paid attention to the story on the back but not the one liner that said "2nd of a trilogy".  lol  OH well, so I have my card and I'll go back one night and get the right one.  I still have about 1/2 of my current one "RAVEN".  It's about a family that one the lottery (3 million) and a guy overheard that they had just won but it was not announced yet.  He concocted a scheme to get part of the money.  He has threatened the family and made them tell that he was in on the ticket.  Anxious to see how this ends.  But these dramatic ones are not really my type of thing.  I don't like the crime stuff.  

George got several books for himself.  FIVE I think. He found some he had been looking for.  He seemed real excited to be setting himself up for a "reading week".  I could go for that myself.  Not many shows are on now that I like.

After we went to the library we went to Hobby Lobby as I wanted to find a wreath for Granny's door for spring.  She has not wanted us to remove any of her Christmas decor b/c she was attached to them.  We have "talked" to her about updating with the seasons.  She has finally agreed to let us update her wreath, but she still wants her Christmas tree.  So I need to find some spring/summer things to add to her tree if she wants to leave it in the room.  It's lights bring her delight.  So we'll have a season tree.  I need to find some things for it - perhaps at the dollar tree?  But we went to Hobby Lobby to find this wreath and I found a couple that I loved.  The price?  $69, $89...ummm no.  George was like, "well, it's ok".  But I told him I could make one for a lot less.  I told him, "Let's see what we can do".  So I found a grapevine wreath itself for $4.99 and then bought things I thought Granny would like as far as colors for the flowers.  I bought some cute little butterflies and hummingbirds, and some greenery.  I only bought things that had bendable wires at the ends so I didn't have to glue or use plyers.  George said he thought that would work so we spent about $27 on it.

While we were there, we saw a man taking a little dog out for "business walk".   And George and I talked with him and told him how cute.  He told us she did not have front legs.  We hadn't noticed.  I think he keeps her dressed up so no one notices.  She has a little wagon.  She was so cute and so sweet. You could tell the owner loved her and she loved her owner.  Just precious.  

And much to my surprise we saw them again in the store and he also had a pet squirrel!  Her name is "Little Girl".  He rescued the squirrel.  Both are rescue pets.  The squirrel was content to just be in his arms.  And was dressed up too!  Soo cute.

After that, we went to Starbucks.  George was going to spend his Starbuck's cards from Christmas on Starbuck's coffee by the pound.  I always buy drinks with mine and they last longer.  So he bought two packs of coffee and I bought us our drinks.  I got a coffee Frappucino as it has less calories than the Java Chip.  Not as much flavor though, lol.  Did their size get smaller?  Seems like the cup is much smaller.  I'm going to have to start getting the medium size one.  

While I had time and the purse and the camera all in one spot, here is that pic of the canvas purse I bought on amazon for $7.99.  ;-)  

We then went to Krogers in Hermitage (love that store as they have cooler stuff, better seafood and meat choices, and more gourmet food for the foodie types).   We had fun in there picking things out.  We only went in for seafood for dinner and came out with a buggy full of items now that George is off his diet.  He's all in "cooking mode" now.  And I have been wanting blueberry pancakes since our trip to Portland, Maine.  Up there, they put mostly blueberries in their pancakes.  It's like pancaked up blueberries with butter attop.  I wanted to try that here at home.  And we bought turkey bacon to go with it.  At least that saves some calories.  And perhaps better for you.  We also bought a huge pork roast for $7 bucks.  I mean it's the size of one of our dogs, probably.  Sorry that's the best description I could come up with quickly, lol.  George is going to make BBQ from it in the crock pot.  He pulls it and it's so good.  He told a guy about it as they were both picking out their roast.  We got into a huge foodie discussion with him.  It was fun meeting the guy and we told him about making slaw as he didn't make his homemade.  He said "is that all that's in it? I gotta make me some then."  I told him he could do the same with pasta and rice and make all kinds of cold salads.  (Mayo, vinegar, sugar, herbs).  

Then we went to see Granny real quick and helped her put a few puzzle pieces in. We told her we had a surprise coming to her.  (Her wreath.) We had the food in a cooler in the car which included seafood so we did not stay long.

We also made a purchase this weekend (Fri night) of something that we have never bought before.  We bought a Yacht.  Matter of fact we bought 4 of them.  If you know me at all, you know the significance of that as I love the ocean, boats, yachts!  And so when we saw that at the MJ beer store the other night,  naturally I had to have them.  These will more than likely be the ONLY Yacht's we'll ever have.  lol lol lol.  

And so yesterday, I got to enjoy my Yacht as I created Granny's new wreath!  

It's only barely hoppy - just enough to be good, in my opinion.  I don't like really hoppy beer, but this one was really good.  It tastes kinda like a hoppy light kolsch in a way.  I'm happy to say that I will be buying some more Yachts sometimes.  lol  So that was my afternoon treat during creative time.

I am happy that we are in cooking mode again.  I bought some onions and taters for the baskets and George bought a whole bag of limes for $2.49!  We will use them on the seafood, on salads, in moscow mules, in water, and anything else you can think of.  

I froze a banana (in slices) also when I got home so I could see if it tastes like banana ice cream also when we got home.  Anxious to try that today.

Had to snap a pic of the hyacinth coming up.  

I constructed Granny's wreath on top of the freezer while listening to Alexa read chapter 17 and 18 of Someday Soon.   I'll take a pic of the final results of the wreath today when we hang it on her door.  

George fixed a clay pot tuna dish last night and had butternut squash with it.  

There is tuna under those there green beans, lol. 

It was all really good.

Last night after dinner we watched Trip Testers, about two travel writers that go and stay in a big city and then tell about what to do (what not to do), but they are funny and it's pretty entertaining.  We watched the Hawaii show and Phoenix Show.

I forgot to tell ya'll that George got another guitar at work.  They never gave him his guitar for his 25 years of service.  When one of the managers found out about this, they submitted a request to give him one.  It was honored.  He was really excited about it but, one of his friends and coworkers who has been there longer than him was let go Friday so this really hit him hard.  He hated to see this guy go. And it also makes one wonder, about any sort of job security.

Well, I need to go.  I actually thought I finished this earlier and posted it, and came back to the laptop for something else and noticed that I had not finished.  George had said "blueberry pancakes are ready" and I was off and running....

Oh they were good too, but honestly the turkey bacon sucked.  There is nothing like the real thing so I don't know why I keep trying.  Lisa seems to make hers taste really good.  But I think it must be a different brand.  These literally stunk.  It was Kroger private selection brand.

So....we are off to go give Granny her wreath, get the oil changed, and who knows what else.
I've been doing laundry and ironing this morning and actually finished my audio book through Alexa of Someday Soon and started another about cruising on the ocean.  It's not a how to guide but he is talking about it what it is like and that is something I am very interested in.  I'll get the pic up my side bar of the book, when I get a chance.

So far no time to work on projects.  When does that ever happen?  If I can get ONE project done, I'll feel accomplished to a degree.  I guess if I didn't play my game I would get stuff done.  May have to quit it soon.

Gotta go.


  1. I would make her the most beautiful wreath ever. Make her little space bust with spring. I need to do the same with my home. Moms are so special. I miss mine so bad. We planted her spring flowers beside her porch she watered and took so much pride in her flowers. Where I got my love of flowers from. I would love to be able to go visit her once again. It is so hard to lose a Mother

  2. Lovely weekend you guys had! Love your adventures. My husband and I can't seem to get out of our "funk" of what to do... maybe one day!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend there at your house.I have seen people keep up a seasonal tree and dress it for Easter, the 4th of July and even Thanksgiving. You could do all sorts of things with the Christmas tree. I loved seeing your blooming Spring flowers blooming too! I have had turkey bacon and it does make a difference in the brand. My youngest son always has it and it's good. Sorry but I can remember the brand name. I buy the regular bacon here. Hope your Monday is off to a good start !

  4. the pretty pink and purple hyacinths coming up are good for the soul. a lovely nod to nature.


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