Sunday, April 30, 2017

Communication, Planting, Seafood Dinner

Morning!  I think I am slowly getting better.  It seems every other day - I am either hopeful or depressed about the little medical situation here.  Today is a hopeful day.  I have to remember that if I compare to days previous, that I can see improvement.  So will hopefully be able to continue worming my way out of this diverticulitis scare without the meds.

We were getting ready to leave the house yesterday to take the dogs to the groomer, and our groomer, Sandy, cancelled on us saying that she couldn't take any more dogs today that her back was hurting too bad.  I hate that she doesn't feel good but I was extremely disappointed b/c I took such great lengths at trying to plan our May.  Sandy said to bring them next week.  So I texted my friend Lisa and told her that we either would NOT be able to join them next Saturday or that we would have to come after 4.  She said no problem.  I let Sandy know that we changed our plans for next Saturday so we could bring them then.  Our fur babies are so nasty and ready for a grooming.   I was so disappointed.  But what can you do.

Then George and I neither one can hear one another and/or we are confused.  Yesterday was frustrating b/c I had to repeat everything I said and so did he. Or we had to correct each other.  I don't know why yesterday was like that.  Most days we hear each other fine.  Here is an example of what yesterday was like:

Me, as I get a text as we are about to leave to take the dogs to Sandy for grooming:  Oh no, Sandy has cancelled.
George:  Oh?
Me:   Yes so we won't be able to do our plans next week.  We'll have to take the dogs then instead.  It makes me so mad to work so hard to plan everything out just right for May so everything will fit in the schedule, and then something happens and messes it all up. Why do I try?
George:  You are mad b/c Sandy has cancer?
Me:  Sandy has cancer?
George:  You said she did.
Me:  I didn't say Sandy had cancer.
George:  You just told me that.
Me:  No I didn't.  I didn't know she had cancer.
George:  No, you just then told me she had cancer.
Me:  Why do you keep saying that? I never said she had cancer.  (Then it hit me.)  Oh I said Sandy has Cancelled.
George:  Ohhhhhhhh, ok that makes more sense.
Me:  So we'll have to tell Katy we can only do the Mother's day outing in the evening next week.
George:  No we won't.
Me:  Yes b/c we'll have to pick the dogs up in the afternoon now, so we can't make plans.
George:  But next week is not mother's day weekend.
Me:  Oh it's not?  Oh well what's next weekend?
George:  I think it's the 6th or something like that.
Me:  Ohhhhh, ok.  Next week is when we go to the Ireland's house.
George:  Yes, it'll all work out.
Me:  I'll text Lisa and let her know we'll have to come late in the day.
George:  Yeah, it'll be fine this way as the dogs grooming will look even better for Tybee if we wait a week
Me:  True.

Oh my word, just to have a simple conversation took us forever.

So we ended up going to the grocery and coming home and dropping off the groceries and then going to Needham's for our plants.  We tried to do the planting last weekend but the rain held us off.  Life is really making us be a week late at everything I think.

I bought Vinca's for planting yesterday.  And then later in the day actually got them planted.  George bought lots of herbs.

When we got back to the house, I worked in the laundry room some, did some ironing.  Got the coffee ground for the next two weeks, cleaned the kitchen, rebooted dishwasher, vacuumed, dusted, cleaned some on the bathroom, picked up some.

I rested in b/w and played my Tropical Farmville game.  The planting took a while from like 3 until 5.  I sat on the back porch some even though it needs some major attention.

I came in and showered and tried to be productive but was just worn out from the sun.  It was pretty hot out there while planting several rows at the mail box and in the planter by the driveway, and the planter in b/w our garage doors, and two other planters.  So I played some more.

George came in and began cooking an awesome seafood dinner of shrimp, Cod de la Portugese, spanish rice (requested by me) and a simple salad with tomatoes and Ginger dressing. 

It was very good.  But while waiting - since it was going to be about 8 before it was ready, I decided to take a nap.  It was about 6:30 but since I'd been up since the 4 o'clock hour, I was zonked.  So I slept like a baby and George woke me up right before 8 so I could be awake enough to eat.  lol

As I was getting up out of bed from my nap, I thought This has been the fastest weekend! And now I have to go to work tomorrow.  Then when I got on up and got my bearings, I realized happily that it was only Saturday!

I ate and played the game again and then fell asleep on the sofa, lol.  George woke me up about 9:30 and said "let's go to bed" so we took the dogs out and headed back.  Slept again til Tugie woke me up at 4 again.  lol

The sun rise was really pretty this morning.  There is no sun now though as the clouds are moving in, in front of a pretty major frontal system that is to bring some rain.

I'm glad we are in for the day.  I plan to do a bible study and then set into laundry and a few other things that I've been wanting to do but have not had the time.  Tomorrow May will be here. I had said that as of May 1, I would begin gathering things for our trip.  So excited!  Katy told me that she and Cody are booked for Tybee also (at a different time).  I think they are also booked for a Texas trip.  She and I are wanting to book a girls trip for a long weekend.  We were thinking San Antonio, and go to the River Walk, but I'm thinking we ought to do Charleston, lol.

I had cantelope for breakfast and really craved peanut butter on whole grain bread.  So I had half of a piece of bread with some peanut butter.  If that is not testing the evil spirits, what is?  lol  I drank coffee in b/w each sip.  And now off to go drink water with lemon and benefiber.  This is nuts but one has to assure oneself that all will turn out ok in the end.

Well, I am going to jump off and get on with the next thing.  You all have a good day!  I'm waiting for all this rain to arrive and going to get some things done in the house.  May even do some cooking.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just a Few Worries but So Far So Good

Well, it's nice to be sitting on the weekend.  Nothing like going to bed on a Friday night and knowing you don't have to be anywhere until 9 the next day.  The dogs get a trim today.  And boy do they need it.  Tugie got me up at my normal "get up" time this morning though.  That's ok.  I still have extra time and don't have to rush.

I survived most of the day in "fear" yesterday of whether or not I'm still coming out of the diverticulitis situation as I begin to try and eat more normal.  There was no pain at all.  Yet I felt some signs of it still lingering.  So I jumped in with the regime of OTC meds (see yesterday's entry).  But I think everything is ok to a point.  I became very depressed yesterday afternoon when I felt that I was heading back into it.  This is no way to live, living your life, with your moods and your well being connected to your colon every day and how well it works.  Maybe two days of less stress will move it all along.

Stress is so weird.  I think I have a high tolerance for it.  I must be stressed a lot without even realizing I am.  I mean I am aware that things get busy, that I'm hassled a lot, poked a lot, asked of a lot.  And I often fuss that I don't get a moment to have a thought that I can claim of my own.  But I enjoy my life and enjoy what we do.   I'm ok with that.  But apparently my body lets me know it is not.  I just want things to be back to normal and I want it back to normal NOW!

So I had pepperoni pizza last night.  lol  It was a Totino's but it was very good.  So far so good.  lol  Every day, I cross my fingers all will go well.  But I need for it to go well without having to take OTC meds.  I guess it's ok to take the Benefiber daily but I am hoping not to have to take the probiotic or the soft gels daily, nor the acetaminophen.  The later of which is not good for your liver.

I guess we'll see how the next few days go.  If I continue to have issues I suppose I will visit the doctor so we can make sure nothing else is wrong.  I cannot live my life worrying every hour about my colon and how well it will behave and what I should eat or not eat.   I'm so over it.  If life is going to be like that I want no part of it.

Anyway I am going to go and play the Game for a while and then get a shower and start laundry and perhaps fix us some scrambled eggs.

I think we will try to get our plants this weekend.  We have rain in the forecast and can't seem to get time to do planting while we are off.  I don't know that I'm going to plant much anyway.  The mail box and front porch planters are what I care about.  Maybe the planter b/w the garage doors.

The section beside the back porch, I usually plant something there.  But then we never hang out on the back porch.  We never have time.  Or it's too hot.  We hang out in the sun room spring and fall and summer evenings when not too hot.  So George can plant something there with his herbs or just let the grass grow and weedeat there.  The flower garden beds in the front that are connected to the house by the driveway - it's difficult to keep dirt in there and flowers have never done well there.  I think we need a lot more dirt in there and I have no plans for what to put in there.  It rarely survives.  So I'm not sure.  I guess I'll talk to George and see what he thinks.  I would like to put more dirt in there for sure and perhaps prep it better with fertilizer.  Maybe even put a landscape liner in there to keep the grass and weeds out.  But I'd like to put something in that will come back every year.  Or George is welcome to put herbs there but it needs to be something that is low to the ground and not sticking up like a Cobra - like dill - lol.

We have some errands to do as well.

Ok well I said I was getting off.  Here I go!  lol

Friday, April 28, 2017

Walgreen's Scare and Diverted Diverticulitis Attack

I had to drop off film for our Transport department at Walgreen's on Dickerson Road yesterday. But while there I decided to get some bottled water for my office at work and proceeded to go to the checkout. A black male came in with a black jacket (on a warm day) with both hands in his pockets and took his place in line behind me with NO merchandise in his hands. I moved my purse to in front of me because the guy radiated evil and I could feel it in my gut. Finally as it was my turn with the checker she looked at the guy behind me and I could sense that she was nervous. I wondered if a robbery was about to occur. The checker said to the guy, "You know you are not supposed to be in here." I thought "oh good, it's just a crazy person, not a robber" (like they aren't one in the same, lol). He left, praise the Lord, but then the checker got on the red phone beside her register and told the Manager, "Hey that guy that just pulled the knife on Brittany a few minutes ago, just came back in the store!" Oh LORD, get me OUT of this area. I'm not sure who is going back in to pick up those photos, but I know who is NOT!

I do have good news though.  I am feeling better and so far able to eat and digest.  I guess we'll see in the next few days if we are out of the woods or not.  But so far so good on the diverticulitis flare up. 
The cure?  A combination of the following:

*Immediate switch to liquids and soft foods only (the internet has some good ideas for what to eat and what not to eat).  
*Drink LOTS of liquids
* Add benefiber (I use the packets since I'm always on the go - no measuring - just open and pour). No taste.  Add to coffee or water.  1 - 3 times daily.  I only did once a day but realize now I could have been doing up to 3.
*Acetamenophen - I only did one per day since I don't usually take it,  in the middle of the day to help with any inflammation.  I think this helped. 
*Probiotic - Culturelle - Lactobacillus - I really think this played a major part in helping me.  
*Stool softener - a light one - once per day -but this can be very painful if the diverticulitis is really bad.  

For the drinks - I ended up having both hot and cold and usually alternately.  I do think that coffee in the morning helps jump start things.  ;-)  Benefiber in it works great.  Coffee, water, herbal hot tea, an occasional coke.  Chamomile is good to drink.  Sleepy time tea is what I had yesterday.  Avoid alcohol which can irritate the colon, and avoid iced tea or even hot teas with "black tea leaves" which personally I think is strong enough that it can be a drying agent to the colon as well as alcohol.  But hot herbal tea seems to have a more calming and healing effect.  

I personally wonder if the aged balsamic vinegar didn't help me some too in the way that it can be healing and can help with the balance of good bacteria in your system.  So I want to be sure an mention that.  

I think a combination of these things can help.  I did have some dairy - like Yogurt and also a Frosty from Wendy's.  Dairy is not recommended but I was craving milk and so I partook and it helped satisfy my hunger for several hours.  I don't think it hurt me.  And the probiotics in the yogurt, I feel helped me.  

I am happy to be able to head back into normal eating soon.  

Yesterday, I splurged and had a donut by eating little tiny bites at a time and chewing until almost non existent.  lol  It was probably one of the best donuts I've had.  I wasn't going to have it but I kept looking at it and finally gave in.  

At lunch I had a small cup of organic vegetable soup.  And a baked potato with very little butter.  It was a huge baked potato so I saved part of it as a snack for the 3:00 hunger pangs I get to hold me til dinner.  

We had a fundraiser dinner last night.  I ate my salad, only a few bites of the chicken.  As I felt I was not ready for that kind of "mass" yet.  The bites I had were loaded with sauce and chewed again until almost non existent, lol. We had gluten free pasta which I ate all of, and for dessert tiramisu.  Who could turn that down and of course that was soft.  

I also slept REALLY GOOD last night.  

I am so glad it's Friday.  It's been a stressful week of trying to meet everyone's needs on top of it being my busiest time of year with benefits.  And on top of not feeling well but still trying to work. And on top of dealing with a family crisis.  Usually with diverticulitis you are out at least two days if not more just dealing with the struggle.  I am looking forward of two days of different focus.  And hopefully continual recovery. 

And what I wouldn't give to dig my teeth into a bite of pepperoni pizza.  I'm working up to it.  Then I can go back to worrying about keeping BP down as well as cholesterol.  Sometimes I wonder if that isn't what gets me in trouble in the first place with diverticulitis.  Or was it those triscuits or nuts that caused the issue?  Or stress?  Who knows? 

I just hope there are no setbacks and I appreciate your continued prayers.  It's so depressing when you have this issue.  For a foodie like me, to have to have liquids and soft foods for several days is really hard.  

Well, ya'll take care.  One more day of trying to take care of 3 plants and transport, and by myself too.  Needs are many, but I am ONE!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Making Some Faces on a Somewhat Empty Stomach :-O

Morning.  Yesterday was tricky in a few ways.  First of all, I did not feel well.  I put on a smile, and tried to be positive so I could go in and get my work done and try to forget that I couldn't eat anything amounting to anything.  I tried to keep my tummy happy.  I did not have time to fix an egg.  So I had a two teaspoons of peanut butter eaten slowly and with coffee to thin it out.   I took a probiotic.

I then had oatmeal with extra water.  I drank water with benefiber in it.  I had some minor pain and took acetaminophen.  I thought that might help with any inflammation.

I ate applesauce during a conference call in which I was starving - it's right at my lunch time every Wednesday and if not for my alarm I would totally forget about it.  So on those days I try to bring something I can eat at my desk w/o having to heat up.  Applesauce was it.

After the call, I headed back to heat up a very small amount of peas and then about an hour later, a small thing of green beans.  These are those individual 6 packs you can buy in the see through containers - kind of like fruit or applesauce.

A coworker brought me back a Baja Blast freeze.  She is so sweet.  That felt really good going down.
Late afternoon I was just so hungry.  I found a protein bar that was peanut butter flavor and pretty chewy.  I ate it in little bites chewing it up really good.  And I drank hot tea.

At home for dinner I was able to have some mashed potatoes.  They were really good too.

I'm just soooooooooooooo  over this.  I have so much to do.  So much is going on.  And I really do want to feel good.

It was bitter sweet asking others what they had for lunch.  Burgers and salads and tacos.  And oh what I would not give for a slice of pepperoni pizza.

I came home subdued.  The day wore me out.  The struggle to get ANYTHING done amidst such confusion on top of not being able to eat properly.  I was whomped.  So other than drying the clothes in the washer, I did no chores.  I did not walk.  I plopped on the sofa, played my game and then headed to bed.

I have a goal today to accomplish some things.  I do not feel my best.  I'm trying to avoid a major health issue.  And if I cannot do what I need to do and feel good doing it I am going to pick up my laptop and head home to do it in peace.  I'm in no mood for baloney, shenanigans, gossip, whiney butts, and stir pots in ANY aspect in my life - whether it's work, family, the general public, or people on line.  Period.

There now.  I feel much better!

Tonight we have a "thing".  A fundraiser banquet.  With free food - well not really considering what we will be giving in the envelope.  It's always an exquisite meal.  I'm not sure what all I will be able to eat of it.  But I suppose I will try to eat some of it.  I'm really not in the mood for the banquet.  It's normally something I look forward to, but I'm just tired, sick, and way too much going on.  I need rest and for this diverticulitis thing to go away.

I had a little pain yesterday but things seem to be getting better over all, especially with not eating much.  But as I continue to try to eat more, we'll see what happens.  I'm trying to squeak out of this w/o having to take the meds.  So far so good I think.  Each day seems to get a little better.  But I'm ready to be completely well!

I started the new CD audio tape on the commute yesterday.  And I don't like it as well.  It's Bulls Island.  It's mainly the voices that are reading.  They have no personality in their voices.  They do not bring the book alive.  It sounds like they are reading it and I like it to sound like they are telling it, and actual conversation when there is one with voices changing.  I've started this one over 3 times.  My mind starts drifting b/c it's so monotone.

I looked up Bulls Island on the internet and I think I don't like it either, lol.  Alligators three times the length of a human?  Ok maybe that is an exaggeration.  I've never heard of it.  Til this book.  I suppose there is a reason for that.  A lot of nature on that place and some of it undesirable.  Apparently there is a ferry that goes there twice a day.

Well, so far so good.  I'm going to try to start eating a little more today.  We'll see how that goes.  I just fixed an egg and I'm eating it.

Ya'll have a good day and I'll try to do the same!  I tried so hard to have a good attitude yesterday despite the DAY.  Life always attempts to throw you arrows.  You try so hard to solve each thing that comes along.  The harder you try it seems the harder it is.  Just saying.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Glasses and Diverting a Medical Situation

Morning!  Well, yesterday after work, I got the call as I was entering MJ Town that my glasses were ready.  A quick call to George to ask "in what method shall I pay?" so as to not mess up the finance plans.  I put on a credit card to delay it a month and he'll pay all of it then.  But I think my glasses were reasonable with my insurance using a network doctor instead of out of network Walmart.  And the service of course was incredible over what Walmart could offer.  Quicker too.  I mean I ordered these Thursday!  It was Tuesday and I'm wearing them.  Even the big optical guys say it takes a week!  I'm so happy to have found my vision place!  I like the new glasses, and got new lenses in my sunglasses which were a couple of prescriptions old.  So to see better in all my glasses is wonderful.  Everything is clearer.  And these glasses are so lightweight.  I'm happy.  I told George they made me smarter.  I was able to remember the name of the poet's house we visited in Portland, when he could not (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).  And I was able to name that tune we were listening to as "Shenendoah".  Surprised us both. lol  George said "well I believe that IS Shenendoah".  Funny.   We'll see how long the glasses help.

Then I came home and put on my tennis shoes while George was weed eating and walked around the block for 30 minutes.  I think 4 times around is 30 min.  I really like just going around the block instead of walking out further from the house.  Sometimes dogs scare me and also I just like knowing I'm close to home.  So I think this walking thing is going to work pretty good doing the 4 times around.  I have also enjoyed talking to Mom when I walk but on the last round I'm pretty winded.  I guess she will have to do the talking on that round, lol.  I can also listen to music.

Mom is on Farmville.  Finally we got connected.  I called her again once I was in the house and we both got on and I tried to explain a few things.  I think she will enjoy this game b/c she can do it at her own pace.

We had really tender chicken last night and it was good.  I chewed it really good. I did something weird.  I poured an aged balsamic vinegar on it.  I just felt like that the vinegar would help my stomach.   So I'm pretty sure I have the diverticulitis going on.  A mild case.  And I am trying to self treat.  (Which you can do with mild cases.)  I just now read where a Probiotic can help.  So I just took one.  I've been trying to eat softer and lighter foods for the last couple of days.  Maybe not soft enough though.  I may need to go on total liquids to give my colon a break but that is so hard to do.  I think I'm going to fix a scrambled egg this morning.  And for lunch I may have to order from Jay's or somewhere where I can get something soft.  I have no idea.  Jay's has creamed potatoes and dressed eggs.  I haven't figured it out yet.  The reason I've not gone to the doctor is that I am not having much pain nor all the symptoms yet of a diverticulitis situation. Nor all the bloating.  No fever.  Etc.  But I do know that it is trying to build up.   I have had *some* pain in the same places as the two times before.  But it is not intense and there is *movement*.  As long as there is movement we are good.  lol It's just not a perfect scenario.  And certainly not normal.  If I can self treat and squeak by we will be good.  I was going to go to the doc today but feeling a little better so I think I'll still watch and see.
I may end up working from home some to be able to rest at times, cook broth, tea and so forth.  I will try not to do that.  Too much going on, but stress can impact this as well.

In addition to this issue, I slept wrong and have a muscle pull toward my right shoulder blade (rolls eyes).  I am falling apart I think.

I guess I better go get ready and see what it is that I can eat today.  Geezzzz.

Ya'll have a good day.  Prayers for this situation.  I really just want to be able to eat normal again and not have to worry about all this.  Life is hard enough.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Perfect and Productive...Well Almost

Life was as it should be yesterday for a Monday.  Perfect and Productive.  For the most part.

 I ran by the vet's office and picked up meds for our Tugie.  They did not have all the meds there to fill it.  So their theory of "Convenience, just call us in the morning and run by and pick it up after work" really doesn't work.  So this time I was told to give them a week's notice.  lol   So we'll be doing this again before vacation.

The dogs will get their trim on Saturday and I am sooooo glad.  It's past time.  And I've been holding off so they will look half way decent for our trip.  Would love to wait another two weeks but just can't.  They are woolly boogers as it is.

So I accidentally left my phone at home yesterday.  I hate it when that happens but sucked it up and dealt with it.  At lunch I did get on Facebook on my PC just to occupy my mind with something other than work while I ate. And I checked the news.  I hate getting on Facebook even to post an ad at work for fear that those that look at your history list while spying to see if you are doing your work or goofing off - will see it and think you are on it all day.  lol.

 It's a taboo thing for me unless I'm posting an ad, and honestly I really don't like to do that either b/c I have to use my own FB page.  FB ads don't work well anyway unless you pay for it and then again it just makes people mad b/c they don't want to see that in their feed.  But normally while eating and ON MY PHONE, I will reboot my Farmville game for a few minutes and check out FB. And I missed that yesterday.  But...  Lunch is always quick and since I'm at my desk, it's usually interrupted.   If I need a totally get away I usually go to Taco Bell and/or Jack In the Box and brave the drug dealers and prostitutes.  (Rolls eyes.)

Anyway, back to the phone.  So I didn't get to call Mom on the way home and I always call her on Monday's.  So....when I got home, I found my phone and put my tennis shoes on.  George was mowing but I wanted to walk for 30 minutes now that the rain is gone and it's lighter later.  I walked around the block.  I think 4 times is 30 minutes.  It went fast since I was talking to Mom.  I got out of breath at the end but was able to continue conversation - albeit windedly - lol.

I was elated to discover that Mom began playing Tropical Farmville.  I am not sure if she likes it yet.  She is still getting used to it.  And as of now we've not been able to add each other yet.  I sent her a invite - I think - several times but I'm not sure she is getting it.  And I've sent a snapshot of my club so she can join that club and take advantage of the "sunshines" we give one another to make things grow on a whim.  I'm hoping that we can connect and I'm hoping that likes it after giving it a chance.  You don't have to have friends on there.  You can play by yourself and that is what I like about it.  But I finally added some fellow gamers (doesn't have to be facebook) by joining a club and now you can add other members too outside the club.  Now I have plenty of sunshine.  lol You can only house 20 sunshines though.  So I'm usually full.

Then after the walk, which felt really good, I came in and rebooted laundry and folded the white clothes.  Roger had an accident and so I dealt with that using the spot bot and carpet cleaner.
Then I began working in the kitchen.  Put up the dishes that were drying from the night before and emptied the dishwasher.

George came in from mowing.  He was going to reheat our leftovers and did so while talking to a buddy of his from work about a work issue.  I got on the game for a few minutes and put my feet up.

We ate and my eyes were getting sleepy.  But I was able to read a chapter in the Cruising Altitude book.  I'm loving that book!   And then we all snuggled and fell asleep together.  Even George was going to bed early.

So I got up this morning and I thought, how perfect yesterday evening was.  I was able to do several chores, run errands, walk 30 minutes, read a chapter, play my game, eat dinner, take care of doggies and still be able to make it to sleep only 30 min late.  Wow.  I'm not sure how this happened but I wish it could happen again to cram all that in an evening!  I DID leave at 4:30 yesterday b/c I had to go to the vet office.  But...still got a lot done that I normally can't get done after work.  I normally go to bed dismayed that I wasn't able to get enough done.

Well, I need to go.  Today I have another errand after work to get a birthday gift and another gift that I want to get for someone.  Might do Mother's Day gift too.  Need to think about that one.  But I do have a special place that I'm going to shop anyway.

Also, I *think* I have been able to divert the diverticulitis issue.  I have been eating mainly softer foods yesterday.  I think we are in the *OK* zone now.  But this was particularly concerning.  I'm not sure what triggered this and was almost not able to get out of this.  In the meantime, I'm trying to drink more water and less iced tea, avoid nuts, avoid Triscuits (I did eat A LOT of these last week snacking b/w meals and that could be what triggered this), avoid alcohol, use benefiber and soft gels daily.  I also wonder if I cut out too much fat from my diet.  I think we need a little fat for digestion.  I always try to figure things out.  But it seems like anytime I try to adjust my diet so that I lose weight, balance the sugar, I end up having some other kind of ailment.  So it's be fat and have high cholesterol and a stroke or heart attack. Or be thinner and have diverticulitis and not be able to eat anything at all, lol.  Life sucks sometime.  Why can't we just eat what we want and be fit?

I'd give my right pinky for a pepperoni pizza right now.  I did have a frosty on the way home yesterday b/c I was craving milk, something cold, and so I did and it was good.  I consumed way too much sugar yesterday I'm sure.

But today's meal is going to be yogurt and a banana for breakfast, salad for lunch, apple for mid afternoon snack.  We'll see how the salad does.  I have been eating this thai chicken dish for dinner the last two nights with rice.  It's been soupy though.  I'm still not out of the woods yet with the diverticulitis scare so I'm trying to hold off eating anything really heavy.  But I think I'm being able to digest now.  I don't want to have to take those meds and go on liquid diets for days on end, but I will if I have to.  I am sure I've lost a few lbs the last couple of days.

I'm looking forward to having some cheats by the end of the week once all this passes.  lol  Ya'll have a good day!

Monday, April 24, 2017

LaZy DaY, Reading, and Resting

George cooked a fine meal Saturday.  We ate late but it was good.  Steak and pan baked veggies.  

Yesterday morning, Tugie wanted to get up really early.  George had temporarily been up.  So I got up to take her and George said he would do it since he was up.  I turned on the bedroom light and Roger was looking like "Can't I go too?"  So we all just got up and took dogs out.  
I was already awake sense it was around 4 a.m. and that is my normal weekly getting up time.  So I stayed up.   

I did not have much energy nor desire to do anything as it was just so early to stir, but yet I didn't want to return to bed until drowsiness came.  So I played my game, finished a book and started another one.  About the time George got up, drowsiness was setting in.  He got up about 9 and I went back to bed.  

And... I slept until Noon!  Wow.  I'm just not even sure of why yesterday was so weird.   I really just didn't feel good.  And I'm worried that diverticulitis is setting in again.  Oh I hope not.  I'm trying to combat it.  Usually I can thwart it off, but it's not been too easy.  I'm on the verge of trouble with it now and just praying that I can squeak out of this w/o going to the doc.  (Prayers please?)

I had boiled some eggs Saturday morning and George had told me to just boil all of them.  So I had 4 extra eggs.  I made 8 dressed egg halves out of them.   I made them a little different this time.  I applied the 4 flavor taste bud approach to it.  So instead of just mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and pickle relish and paprika it also had a tiny splash of balsamic vinegar, sprinkling of sugar, and pepper flakes.  I do believe they were the best dressed eggs I've made.  And of course we devoured them.   

For dinner, George made a claypot type of chicken with a thai twist.  I love coconut curry.  It was really good.  

I could not wait to sink my teeth into this chicken with it's perfect little strips.  I'd not seen this perfect little squared get up before.  And sadly, I discovered it was Tofu.  I am not a fan.  So I did not partake. lol  but it did look good.  Looks like chicken.  Doesn't taste like chicken.  lol

I was able to get the ironing done for the week.   Mostly I read and played the game.

I told George I felt so guilty just relaxing.  He said "when was the last day you took a day to relax, 10 years ago?"  It's just that we are never home and so much needs to be done and I have so many to do's.  But with the diverticulitis trying to set in.  I really didn't do much.  I DID do some yoga via YouTube.  George had the TV on so I couldn't really do my Yoga Video that my SIL gave me.  But I want to do it soon.

The Yoga movements made my body feel good as far as stretching.  This time of year just absolutely draws me up like a pretzel.  Every day I've wanted to walk, it's been rainy/raining.

I've been worried about Katy and Cody b/c the water from a pond that has formed, is now up to the corner of their house.  I hope we get sun and it evaporates/soaks in today.  It's really scary.  They have worked hard on the house for it to get water in it.

I finished the book Ride of Our Lives with Mike Leonard yesterday.  It had parts of it that made me laugh so hard.  And then other parts bored me out of my mind.  But I'm glad to have finished this.  If I did not get a lot done in the house.  When do I?  lol  Then at least I've finished a book.

I do need to get our spring cleaning done but it'll be summer probably when I get to that.  I need to develop a list of all I need to do and put it in order.  And start knocking it out.  What I end up doing is just waiting until I can't stand it any more.  lol  Otherwise I find I'm just cleaning all the time and can never finish.  I'm just getting older and tireder and to do a string of chores over and over when I can be doing something to enjoy life, just seems more important.

So I started a new book too, Cruising Altitude.  And...oh my gosh it is SO good.  It's about one woman's experience as a flight attendant.  She talked about the schooling part of it and training and the schedules and what it was like.  I finished a half of a book in one day.   I didn't want to put it down.

Tugie is running out of heart meds so I've got to call them and get over there today to pick it up.  I hope they are open late on Monday's too.  We will need it for tomorrow.  I think her meds are going to run us about $60 to $70 per month.  Or more.  She did not want to eat much yesterday.

Well, I need to go and get ready for work.  Ya'll have a good day.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday's Shopping in the Rain!

A big boom (thunder) woke me up this morning just before 4 a.m.  I really didn't want to get up but shortly thereafter my mind was active and I was thinking of all I could do if I got up then.  Then another loud boom, the storm was getting closer.  So why not?  I knew George would sleep in until almost 7 so I did not fix coffee in the coffee pot - just fixed a Keurig cup.  George got up a little after 6 I think.  And the outlook for what was supposed to be our "planting and yard work day" was complete and total rain and a washout it was.  But we had some errands that we could do and so we planned a day of running errands - in the rain.  

We hung out this morning just enjoying the morning and he went to some yard sales this morning, hoping that he could score some good loot since it was raining.  He did get a few things.  He's been looking for CD's and audio books to sell at McKay's and make some $$ off of.  While he was gone I focused on laundry, picking up, starting the dishwasher, putting up some dry dishes that were in the sink, and vacuuming.  

Right before he left I fixed up some boiled eggs and boiled some little round potatoes (yep all in one pan).  I sprinkled some seasoning (rosemary, pepper flakes, onion powder) on them. And got the Tobasco out for George, lol.  This was a good morning start. 

So when George got back I took a shower and we got ready to go.  We went to the farthest point and went to PetSmart.  I immediately went to the adoption section to say hi to the doggies.  There was a terrier that had some sort of pekingese in him - I think.  I thought he was really cute but he barked hatefully at me.  lol  Hurt my feelings.  He liked George though.  Figures.  A pekingese bit me when I was a young child and I was thinking that thought when he barked at me.  I guess I sent out some kind of ill-fated sensor when I thought that.  lol So I turned and went to see the cats for adoption and we said hi to them.  Then we got our Science Diet dog food  and some peanut butter raw hyde chews, and used the card that Uncle Ken and Aunt Martha gave George for Christmas.  

Then we went to Gander Mountain.  George had a coupon to get some jeans.  However, they did not fit.  :-(  He had a pair he liked of the same style, size but for whatever reason these did not work.  But we looked around and he bought some ammunition.  He said he was glad to see that he could buy what he needed now that Obama was out of office.  lol No one is hoarding the bullets these days fearing gun control.  George bought a new gun recently and he was looking at holsters/carriers for them.  But he did not buy any thing but bullets today.  He and Katy went shooting last week on Good Friday so he needed to replenish.  He bought her some too.  

I have never shot a gun.  I promised George I would go and shoot with him sometime.  But honestly it scares me b/c I was not raised around them like he was. I am a good shot with a pellet gun though.  lol  I told him it wouldn't do me any good to carry a gun b/c we have a policy and cannot have it on the property.  He told me that the law would override that.  However, a company could still fire you for breaking their policy.  It has been scary working in the part of town that I am in.  I am so glad our offices are moving b/c it will be a lot safer.  We are right in the middle of druggies and prostitution and I'm scared to even go out to eat in that area, to get gas, to even go down the road.  My chest even gets tight and I have to turn the air on nearly every day going over the green bridge to THAT side of town.  I don't know why I always try to have a panic attack driving through that area.  It's a total mind thing.  I just do not belong over there.  And I'll be so glad to get out of it.  George, however, carries a gun on him every day.  He also works in an area that is not the best place to be.  When you are a woman, you feel even more vulnerable to things that happen daily on that side of town.  Always a shooting.  Always something going on.  Police and ambulances everywhere.  It's just a shady place.  
I may decide to carry one day. George thinks I should.  But I just don't like guns - period.

Well, we went to Aldi after that and bought a few things.  Nothing cold or frozen.  But we did buy a wine there from California that I like.  George likes it too.  It's called William Wright, Chardonnay.  I think it's like $5.99 or something like that.  Aldi has cheap wine, but good wine.  And when I discovered that this did not have a cheap taste, but an oak barrel taste, I told him we needed to get more.  So we have stopped several times to stock up.  One day George bought all they had.  They appear to be restocking so I guess we'll slow down buying it.  lol 

Then we went to Walmart and bought our normal groceries for the week.  Also I was on a mission to buy some skin care products. I really liked the Rodan and Fields, that my sister let me try.  I was going to buy the regimen from her once for letting me try it, which was going to be close to $200.  I was only going to b/c it was my sister though.  Otherwise I would have tried to find something similar.  So now, for reasons I won't go into on here, I'm not going to be buying this from my sister.   So I decided to find similar products that I liked just as well for MUCH CHEAPER.  I looked at the ingredients on Rodan and Fields and wrote them down for the #2 step Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment.  The main active ingredients are:    Allantoin and Dimethicone .  Sadly one of them is an agent found in mammal urine but also found in certain plants.  :-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
Well George helped me look and he actually found "Equate:  Regenerating Perfecting Cream."  It is compared to Olay's Regenerist Deep Hydration Cream. has similar ingredients and the only one that contains those active ingredients.  And a WHOLE lot cheaper.  I guess all I bought today was under $30.  George was happy for me to have this - ha.  Happy he was NOT spending $200!  

I did some research about Charcoal being good for your skin to pull out impurities - especially for those with oily skin that are prone to deep pores, black heads and so forth.  So this is not so much like the cleanser with Rodan and Fields but that is ok b/c the cleanser was not my favorite thing anyway.  I liked it but I actually like Clinique's Foaming Face Wash better.  I thought I'd try this though and see if I liked it first.  I really think the skin cream or protectant is going to be the most important thing.  However, I did invest in a renewing night cream just for fun.  This was also developed with dermatologists (CeraVe) and has a little bit of a different texture. I've experiemented a little already when we got home.  

Here are the products I bought!  

After Walmart we put the cool things in the cooler and then went to the Beer Store in MJ Town where Mike gave us some samples of things on draft.  He actually told us to wait that he would give us a free pint.  So he did as we shopped.  We stocked up on some new things that had come in.  I always like my Sam Adams Light.  It's the best flavored light beer.  I also found the Yacht lager that I like.  And the Ballast Long Fin lager.  So we are stocked for weeks I think.  lol George had his own favorites.  He bought an Oyster Stout.  Just....YUK! 

Then we went to Houston's Butcher shop.  I snapped some pics of things we bought so you could see the prices.  They are very reasonable.  

Hamburger meat that I will use in spaghetti, or soup:  

Oh wait, back to the skin care.  I put the Perfecting cream on my left hand which is here.  I didn't put it on my wrist but just on the back of my hand.   

This is the right hand.  Without the perfecting cream.  

It settled my hand a bit - took out discoloring and tightened it up, smoothing wrinkles.  So I'd say it works pretty good.  The consistency was very similar - not quite as sticky as the Rodan and Fields one.  Which is good in my opinion. 

Oh and I did buy a bit of a splurge at Walmart besides the facial regimen.  lol

These were only in the $4.00 range.  Candied pecans are usually double that.  So I grabbed these up at Walmart too.  

George and I heard loud thunder in almost every store we were in.  But thankfully did not have to drive in bad storms nor even heavy rain.  Somehow the heaviest downpours were while we were in stores shopping.  

We had a great time.  And we got home and I took the dogs out in moderate rain.  Well I stayed on the porch and thank goodness for long leash lines lol lol . 

Here is what all passed over us today:  

Well, I am really getting sleepy.  But we have yet to eat dinner.  We bought steaks at Houston's and George is fixing that for us tonight along with some pan roasted veggies, which we are really getting into these days.  Good thing - good for ya.

Oh I also did a Walmart order on line.  So we have had a HUGE shopping day.

Friend Lisa, from Franklin, has invited us over in a couple of weeks to go swim as their pool is open and we will plan our Tybee Island plans.  I wore my Tybee Island tee shirt today.  I saw a lady pointing to my shirt and calling attention to it with another lady that was next to her.

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  I have also not told you how many times I've played Tropical Farmville today.  lol  I got an early start.  I finally was able to buy the glass factory.  lol

Alright, ya'll have a good rest of your weekend.  Oh sorry for the no posting Friday and late post today.  I just didn't have anything to blog about yesterday and was in a hurry to get to work early as there was so much to do.

No plans for tomorrow.  I will do a heavy devo, do some reading, and must do some ironing.  May even do some cooking!  We bought some lamb stew meat (at my request) and I'm thinking that is going to be really good.  I need some soups for work.  

ok I'm really gone this time! And I'm so glad we had such a fun day.  We always seem to have fun shopping in the rain.  Not sure why but we do.  Flood warnings out now though and glad to be home.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cheekwood Pics & Evening Errands

Dogwoods, of Cheekwood, Nashville, TN
Believe it or not, I still have a lot of pics to share.  I love taking pics of landscapes and places!
This was a beautiful place.  I guess I didn't realize how pretty it was there.  Wow just imagine if you lived there.  I'd be hosting garden parties right and left.  Because if I lived there I would be able to afford to do that.  lol   Just think of the strolls and walks through the garden you could take daily to get your walking in.  If it rains there are little hobbit houses/huts along the way.

Model Trains, Cheekwood

The Mansion, at Cheekwood

The scene above is one of my favorites.  A bench by a stream.  You could do some heavy duty thinking/planning right there.

So after work yesterday, I had several errands to run.  It just seemed a good day to do it.  The rain had stopped for a bit and the sun was out.  I went to the Batteries place and got a battery for my watch.  I love this place!  The only thing I ever get there is batteries for my watches - about one every 6 months.  You can do the lifetime deal and get one for lifetime but I change watches so I never do that. My watches are not pricey ones.  Right now I'm wearing my white summer watch.  So they put the battery in for you and even set the time for you!  And they are very pleasant and you are never in there more than like 5 to 8 minutes.

Then I went to Belk to look for capris for summer - and mainly b/c of our vacation and having several days need of wearing some comfy knockaround clothes.  I had been up about 1/2 size and it really made some of my clothes tight for summer.  And even though I've lost some - it's not quite enough.  So I went and bought 4 pair.  Well I call them capris - they are shorter this year than they have been in the past.  Use to be they fell down cropped about half way down your legs.  Now they are more fitted and come down just below your knee.  This is all good with me.  But two of them I think come just to the knee so I think they would be classified more as long shorts.  lol  Those two I won't ever wear to work but it will be nice to have them to run around in on hot days in the summer. The longer pair I can wear to work on Friday's.  The longer pair are jeans and the shorts are khaki and white ones.  So I'm pretty happy with my purchases.  I spent about $150 or so to get all 4 pair.  More than I would have liked but you can't always get yesterday's prices today.   George is also having to get some britches himself.  He ordered some on line.  And has a coupon to get a percent off at a store here this weekend.

Then after that, I dropped off my library audio book.  I'm already on the next audio from our purchases at McKay's used book store, and this audio is getting good too.  Dorothea Benton Frank really does a good job spinning the tales - always set in the low country, east coast.

We had chicken salad for dinner last night.  I put mine in flax and whole grain skinny pita bread pockets.  Not bad.

Not a lot to tell other than that.  We have a few nights at home finally and looking forward to a weekend of planting.  Alexa is telling us that storms are in the forecast for the weekend so....I'm not sure how much planting we will get done.

The dogs do not get trimmed til next Saturday.  And they need it so desperately, but I'm trying to time it so they still look decent for our trip.  lol

Tugie is having some issues with her kidneys now that she is on her heart meds.  Well, she can't hold it as long b/c one of the meds is a diuretic.  I think we may have to make her wear the diaper all day and that is going to drive her crazy.   We go back to the vet soon to get an x-ray and to get more meds.

Oh tonight George and I are meeting at the eye glasses place for me to pick my frames/glasses.  I hope the charge is not outrageous.  I hope the discount helps.  I chose the place b/c of it being in network.  So hopefully it won't be too painful.  I'm looking forward to being able to see better.  I had really had some changes this year.

Well, I better get off and get ready and head in.  I think I'm going to eat out today.  I've eaten at my desk all week and just really want to do something else.  Not sure what.  But I feel that getting out is necessary today.

You all have a beautiful day!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Morning Words and Cheekwood Garden Pics

Walking through the gardens at Cheekwood, Nashville, TN
Yesterday was an ok day.  Many interruptions, too many to do's, and way behind, but what is my quote?  "SUCH AS IS LIFE".  One big bottleneck everywhere.  So BE IT.  Life is full and good though.

Yesterday afternoon from 4:00 p.m. til sometime after bedtime, it rained and rained and rained even harder.  We had flood warnings announced "the loud way" through the emergency tone in our phone.  Not just a beep or blip but the kind you have to go to your phone and see to make it quit going off.

I was so thankful that we did not have any evening plans.  Not just b/c of the rain but b/c I needed some catch up time.  I folded sheets and towels and hung clothes in the laundry room that needed to hang dry and rebooted the washer and dryer.

I found my eye prescription that I had safely laid on my desk so I didn't have it in my purse on my trip.  I was worried as to where I had put it.  I'm pretty organized so I'm not sure why I was worried.  I guess I've not had much desk time at home and so I had not seen it lately.   I printed out a VSP network of doctors.  I decided to try In Network one more time.  The In-Network docs are all the small ones.  No Walmarts or Targets.  So I figure the price is probably going to be higher than normal prices and even with the bigger In-Network discounts - it's probably going to be about the same or more than going to Walmart and paying a lower price with a lesser discount.  Walmart was still high. I used them last time. And the times they had someone there that would "fit" you was next to none.  Only a few hours a week and never the nights and weekends.  But I selected a place yesterday that stays open til 7 on Thursday nights.  So George and I are going tomorrow so he can tell me if he likes the frame or not.  I'm always nervous.  I'm going back to a brown frame.

I don't really have a lot more to say.  Or that I CAN SAY on here.  Soon it will be time to plan where we are going special for Thanksgiving and how we will handle that this year.  We've talked about going and doing something special for that and include Mom.  I have a grand idea.  But we'll see.  It's kindof appealing to just stay home as well and have a big meal here.  I DO KNOW what we are NOT going to do.  But I won't mention it here. lol  But if we are going to book a place somewhere for the weekend, we need to do it now.  Honestly, I'm not in the mood to think that far ahead right now.

So I am going to get off of here and do a few other things.  Maybe go in early if that is in the cards.
Here are a few more pics from Cheekwood for you.

Wonder what they are discussing?  lol

Just a beautiful place.  More pics for tomorrow too.

Ya'll have a great day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rained Out Game and a Romantic Romp in the Rain?

Downtown Nashville, 1st Avenue, On the Way to Sounds Game

After work, we met at Gibson, parked one car and headed downtown.  It was raining and we were not sure if there would be a Nashville Sounds baseball game or not.  But onward we went in hopes of a burger and baked beans meal and a tee shirt, at least for George's company picnic.

We had an umbrella and George and I started out our mile long walk to the front door picnic entrance, like two new found lovers walking in the rain.  Somehow what seemed like a romantic interlude turned into a comical display!  He is much taller than me so he proceeded to walk with bent knees like a retarded duck and the umbrella kept hitting my shoulder and bouncing up - not that I minded as I had my own situation going on.  My Yellow Box sandals are spongy material and after a 1/2 mile walking in the rain, became soaked and were making squishy noises and became extremely difficult to walk in.  They began making a sound like 20 zippers zipping in harmony.  If that was not bad enough, when they could hold no more water, they became slippery and my feet began to slide off of them, making me ALSO walk like a duck.  Somehow I ended up with the umbrella.  I think it was when George decided to peel off about a hundred yards from the entrance in an effort to act like he didn't know me.  So somehow I climbed the steps and was trying to get the umbrella closed and water shook off as a young security lady was begging for my purse repeatedly.  If you know me at all, you know my response. 

 "Hold on just a second,  I'm trying to get out of the rain and get this umbrella closed.  Then you can see my purse."  

They retorted with "Mam we have to see your purse".  

Me:  Yes, you can see my purse just let me get out of the rain please. 

She says looks like you have a lot in there so you are going to have to take some things out so we can see it. 

I get out of the rain and say "Ok have the purse and rummage through it all you want".  

Security personnel:  Oh mam you have to rummage through it, we can't touch anything.  

So I move everything around and finally she is happy that I'm not packing.   

Once we were past "Sally Security" I could finally go to the bathroom and dry off my shoes!  Of course they did not have the hand blowers.  Just paper towels.  So I got them as dry as I could. 

We went through the line and got wrist bands, tee shirts, and food and drink.  In the mean time doing a balancing act with all that and then no where dry to sit and eat. lol lol lol  So we found a place to hold our plates and ate burger and BBQ.Only when I set my potato chips down they blew away!  So I had to keep my chips and napkin in my pocket.

Nashville Sounds, Tarp on the field

While eating the baked beans, I swear it was the wind, that blew off the baked beans onto my blouse!

The skies began to get lighter and we had hope.  They called the game due to lightning but that fact does not stick - I'm not sure they even looked at the radar as the storms had moved off with none behind it.   But my guess is they did not want to play on a somewhat soggy field.  So the game was called.  

Then Paul and Judy came and we talked to them while they ate.  

Most of us parked in the Sounds garage and so they blocked the gates to the Sounds Garage. (Can you say, duhhhh? lol)  So we had to walk a mile or so around to get to the garage.  Hellllloooo?  But maybe they looked at us and decided a little walking would be just fine for us.  

Rainbow after Sounds baseball game called off

Sunset on the way home from Nashville

George and I were not ready to go home yet as we had counted on a night out.  So we knocked something off the bucket list.  We went to get a drink at The Goat in MJ Town.  He had not been.

Then we headed home and I put on PJ's and got in bed and played Tropical Farmville.

Still haven't shown the rest of the Cheekwood Pics but I'll get them in at somepoint.  Life is happening faster than I can capture it in writing.  lol

Ya'll have a great Tuesday.