Monday, April 3, 2017

A Busy but Productive Sunny Sunday

Lock 4 Access Picnic Area, Gallatin, TN 
We had a great day yesterday but it was a busy one.  We went to G-Town at 8:30 after running a few errands (post office, etc.) and met George's sister and BIL.  Yesterday's goal was to remove Granny's clothing and shoes and handbags that she is not going to wear and all the big huge puzzles.  George has called Arc.  We filled numerous trashbags with things that no one would want like - underwear and used things that no one would want.  Made a lot of progress.  

We took the dogs with us and they hung out.  George went to get us some BBQ and Hot Chicken.  So I ate a bit of BBQ with NO bun, and a bit of potato salad and baked beans.  (Had only had one egg for breakfast and we were working folk yesterday, lol - so I splurged and had a cookie.)  We had a tiny bowl of lima beans and another of grits for dinner, so my calories were significantly reduced from a normal Saturday.   

Afterwards we talked to Granny's neighbor who came to visit while we were there.  And George's sister approved for me to have Granny's white dishes for our dinnerware plates.  I love them so.  I am very excited to wash them and begin using them.  I also want to invest in some taupe color and some black color place mats sometime - as a backdrop.  I'll get to rearrange one day.  I think our Saturday's are booked up for a while and no chance to take any vacay days due to open enrollment and the big Tybee trip coming up.  But I'm excited.  I think it may be planting weekend - perhaps April 22 is when it will be done.  I'll have to share the weekend b/w planting and rearranging dishes.  I'm not planting much either.  I don't think. 

But I'm rolling off subject here, as always.  A lot going on in my head too.  A lot going on and it's an exiting time. 

We went to the Lake 4 Access as I just wanted to see the water. It's so pretty!  

Then back to MJ Town.  George stopped in the grocery to get Granny's drinks she likes.

Lock 4 Access area, Gallatin, TN

Panorama Lock 4 Access Area, Gallatin, TN 

Tulips at Granny's (George's Mom) Assisted Living

Then we went to see Granny.  We put out another puzzle for her and pulled out all the edge pieces for her.

Then home.  I ironed, packed, downloaded music and charged the ipod.

We went for a 30 minute walk and met Robin, a neighbor and her Golden Doodle, Oliver.  Her spouse is named Donnie and I'm writing this here so I won't forget.  lol

And it's time to go!  It's 5:19 right now and George is taking me to work.  I fly out this afternoon to Phoenix.  Then to Oklahoma City tomorrow.

I will try to do blog posts.  Taking my laptop!

Praying for travel blessings.  I would love your prayer requests for our safety.
I'm not a big flyer, but I do pretty well.

Ya'll take care!


  1. Wishing you a safe flight & a successful trip.

  2. Will be praying for your safe travels. Hope you have a safe and productive trip!

  3. Praying for your safe travel.

  4. Have a safe and fun time. Pretty tulip 🌷


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