Saturday, April 15, 2017

April the Giraffe and "I'm Tired"

I got to watch April the Giraffe being born this morning.  Here you see the two legs coming out!  Right now the Momma is trying to get the baby to stand up.  

Chose to sleep yesterday instead of blogging.  Was not feeling too good.  It's been a tiring week.  Busy at work and busy at home.  But things are rolling along. 

My house needs some help as we've been here long enough to keep messing up but not cleaning up.  And today we have another family outing.  But how you can say no to building memories.  Tomorrow will have to focus on getting ready for another work week and pulling my house together.  Along with celebrating Easter somehow. 

Life is full.  I'm tired. 

Carry on.  More later. Always rushing.  Need more coffee.  ;-)


  1. Oh Sonya, I do hope that today you have found time to relax as well as do whatever really...must,,,,,rest some or you will head yourself into having a breakdown, cannot light the candle at both a true saying and lately you have had too much on your mind both mentally and physically....Tomorrow is a special day and it would be nice if you could make time to go to a church and reach out to our Lord with a thankful heart amongst like minded might be hard but not as hard as our Lord had it walking to the cross......have a blessed Easter

  2. I missed April the Giraffe. She must be a cutie though. Have a Happy Easter.

  3. I hope you have a good Easter. Get some rest. weekends go by too quickly.


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