Monday, April 10, 2017

Blog Decor and Dishes!

OK, I think we need a little Whimsey in our life today, so I've taken a pic I took from Arizona and added Maxine.  If I could, I'd take that hose and squirt it on anything and everything that has given me turmoil in the last week or two.  Wouldn't life be funny if you could just squirt people with a hose pipe every time they said something rude to you?  It would make you laugh instead of feeling anger.  I'll have to try that "visual" next time someone shakes my feathers.   Or squirt the car that pulls out in front of you or gets too close behind you?  I actually do that with my windshield wipers.  I guess there is a little Maxine in all of us.

Oh Maxine, you are a mess!

Well, I spent most of my blogging time doing blog redecor - so I've not any time to linger now.  I'm not going to keep the blog decorated like this, but it'll do for now.

I will say that yesterday when I woke up, after sleeping 11.5 hours, I felt much better.  The day before I was just dragging and really needed to have been in bed.  I'm just really big on keeping my commitments and so we had gone to Mom's.  But the sleep helped.  My ears finally began to unclog after a Facebook friend told to me to hold my nose and slightly blow/puff in sets of 10.  It worked.  I had a series of 3 pops throughout about an hour of this off and on.  My ears began to release and my nose began running.  It's still a little stopped up but nothing like it was before.  I was miserable before with pressure in my head.  I couldn't stand it hardly any more.   I had a lot of hot liquids also.  It was really making me feel like I was choking b/c the Eustachian tubes were being pulled on somehow  and it was uncomfortable.  So much better now.

I did manage to get the ironing done - what was dry anyway - so I'd have pants to wear this week.  I picked shirts that didn't have to be ironed to wear this week.  I managed to get all the laundry done but the towels and I have one load of those going this morning.

I think we kinda have the week planned out.  A couple of outings happening to make the week more interesting.

So much time was spent on the work front last week, and with having to go to work yesterday, I'm really ready for some more down time.  But at least I've been able to get some things done despite our busy weekend.  Another Walmart order was placed.  A Get Well card sent to a coworker.  RSVP'd to our Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser Banquet.  Plans made with the Katebug for mid week.

I unpacked and washed a set of dishes that Granny Jan had in her cabinets.  I'll have to show a pic a little later.  They are a bit scratched but I like them.  I took out the Italian men plates and we'll store those.  I like those too but I'm just ready for something different.  I really wanted to buy some black stoneware dishes (not glossy but kinda like a rock in texture).  But I saw these and thought we could use those for a while.   So I was impressed that I had the time and the desire to do that switcheroo.  I still need to pack the Italian men dishes though in a box or a tub.  (The Italian men dishes have an Italian chef on them - cute but we have just had them for a long time and I wanted something more sophisticated instead of whimsical for a while.)

Then George fixed a Thanksgiving meal for dinner.  Turkey breast, steamed green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and creamed corn.  mmmmmmmmmmm.  And I have second's for lunch today.

So I better go and get ready!  I guess I'm in with "whimsey" on blog toppers but out with "whimsey" in my every day dishes.  lol

Ya'll have a great Monday.  Here we go...........


  1. That lunch of yours sounds delicious. How nice to have leftovers to enjoy!
    I love turkey and all the fixings! Love your blog topper too. Maxine is a favorite of mine ! Hope your Monday is a good one!

  2. These dishes from Mom will look lovely can't wait to see them in use. Dinner sounds as if it were good and it's nice that you had some left for lunch. I sure hope that this week will not be quite as busy as the last few have been...
    Take care and plenty rest when you can. Glad to read that your ears are better...

  3. I love new dishes. I mostly use corelle for every day. Or my pretty peacock blue festiva brand. I use to have a black and white kitchen. It was so pretty with the black appliances and white cabinets and the white and black checkerboard floor. My countertops were gray with flecks of silver and purple. I miss it. But those floors were so hard to keep clean. I had to mop every day. I know the white plates will look pretty withe the black placemats. Have a good day.

  4. The dishes sound like a nice way to switch things up. ENJOY them and the difference they make in your life.


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