Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cheekwood Pics & Evening Errands

Dogwoods, of Cheekwood, Nashville, TN
Believe it or not, I still have a lot of pics to share.  I love taking pics of landscapes and places!
This was a beautiful place.  I guess I didn't realize how pretty it was there.  Wow just imagine if you lived there.  I'd be hosting garden parties right and left.  Because if I lived there I would be able to afford to do that.  lol   Just think of the strolls and walks through the garden you could take daily to get your walking in.  If it rains there are little hobbit houses/huts along the way.

Model Trains, Cheekwood

The Mansion, at Cheekwood

The scene above is one of my favorites.  A bench by a stream.  You could do some heavy duty thinking/planning right there.

So after work yesterday, I had several errands to run.  It just seemed a good day to do it.  The rain had stopped for a bit and the sun was out.  I went to the Batteries place and got a battery for my watch.  I love this place!  The only thing I ever get there is batteries for my watches - about one every 6 months.  You can do the lifetime deal and get one for lifetime but I change watches so I never do that. My watches are not pricey ones.  Right now I'm wearing my white summer watch.  So they put the battery in for you and even set the time for you!  And they are very pleasant and you are never in there more than like 5 to 8 minutes.

Then I went to Belk to look for capris for summer - and mainly b/c of our vacation and having several days need of wearing some comfy knockaround clothes.  I had been up about 1/2 size and it really made some of my clothes tight for summer.  And even though I've lost some - it's not quite enough.  So I went and bought 4 pair.  Well I call them capris - they are shorter this year than they have been in the past.  Use to be they fell down cropped about half way down your legs.  Now they are more fitted and come down just below your knee.  This is all good with me.  But two of them I think come just to the knee so I think they would be classified more as long shorts.  lol  Those two I won't ever wear to work but it will be nice to have them to run around in on hot days in the summer. The longer pair I can wear to work on Friday's.  The longer pair are jeans and the shorts are khaki and white ones.  So I'm pretty happy with my purchases.  I spent about $150 or so to get all 4 pair.  More than I would have liked but you can't always get yesterday's prices today.   George is also having to get some britches himself.  He ordered some on line.  And has a coupon to get a percent off at a store here this weekend.

Then after that, I dropped off my library audio book.  I'm already on the next audio from our purchases at McKay's used book store, and this audio is getting good too.  Dorothea Benton Frank really does a good job spinning the tales - always set in the low country, east coast.

We had chicken salad for dinner last night.  I put mine in flax and whole grain skinny pita bread pockets.  Not bad.

Not a lot to tell other than that.  We have a few nights at home finally and looking forward to a weekend of planting.  Alexa is telling us that storms are in the forecast for the weekend so....I'm not sure how much planting we will get done.

The dogs do not get trimmed til next Saturday.  And they need it so desperately, but I'm trying to time it so they still look decent for our trip.  lol

Tugie is having some issues with her kidneys now that she is on her heart meds.  Well, she can't hold it as long b/c one of the meds is a diuretic.  I think we may have to make her wear the diaper all day and that is going to drive her crazy.   We go back to the vet soon to get an x-ray and to get more meds.

Oh tonight George and I are meeting at the eye glasses place for me to pick my frames/glasses.  I hope the charge is not outrageous.  I hope the discount helps.  I chose the place b/c of it being in network.  So hopefully it won't be too painful.  I'm looking forward to being able to see better.  I had really had some changes this year.

Well, I better get off and get ready and head in.  I think I'm going to eat out today.  I've eaten at my desk all week and just really want to do something else.  Not sure what.  But I feel that getting out is necessary today.

You all have a beautiful day!  


  1. Great pics of Cheekwood. Looks like a dream.
    I got new glasses/frames a few months ago & I am not happy with them. I take complete blame for making hasty choices. My bad.
    The weekend is getting close😎

  2. Beautiful places deserve lots of photographs to document them. poor tugie, getting old is a pain. good luck with your glasses at the new place.

  3. That is really a pretty place. Glad you got lots of pictures. I wanted to tell you thank you for your kind thoughts and the smile these past few days. They really meant a lot to me.

  4. I hope you are OK.
    Take care, Monica


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