Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cheers! A Little Craft Beer and Nashville's Finest Food Truck!

Steaming Goat Food Truck, Nashville, TN
After work I met Katy at our special "park and ride downtown together" meeting area.  (On a side note, George is not happy about this at all.  He wants us all to just meet down there and doesn't like it one bit that I don't like to drive downtown.  But there is no need to take 3 cars and have to struggle to park.  We all have our preferences.  I just don't go if I have to drive downtown with it's one way streets, congestion, lack of parking, and confusion.)

 It didn't matter to me whether we went or whether we just went home and read a book or watched a show.  But Czann's is my favorite craft brew and Katy and George think fondly of it too.  Katy didn't mind doing the park and ride thing, bless her,  as she was already going to be on this side of Nashville anyway.  So George said he would meet us there as he came home and took care of the dogs and then went back and met us at Czann's.  We had a great time and no one fussed over how I got there.  

They gave away prizes.  Sadly we did not win anything but it was fun to watch your ticket as they did giveaways throughout the evening.    We ate at the Steaming Goat Food Truck that was present.  The BBQ Nachos are a favorite.  And I was fond of the pasta salad.  I got the quesadilla's.  I could only eat 2.  George and Katy got a sandwich, and it was a lot of bread.  I think Katy ate the insides on hers and left the bread.  That is a lot of bread.  But it was all good.

Food from Steaming Goat Food Truck, Nashville, TN
This sign was in the ladies restroom at Czann's.  lol lol lol 
Sign in Ladies Bathroom, Czann's Brewery, Nashville

George met someone there that we knew from over 25 years ago, that we called "Rocky" (Real name was Steve).  I hadn't recognized him.  We ate dinner with him and his wife Judy and went ice skating afterwards all those years ago. It was right about the time that all of us got married. I think he and George used to play on a disc golf team together.  I remember that his wife had fixed gumbo and it was really good, and I always remembered that meal anytime I ever had gumbo or cajun since.   Somehow marriages, work, children took off and took us in separate paths.  About a week ago the subject of cajun and Gumbo came up and I asked George, "do you every see or hear from Rocky and Judy?".  He said no he hadn't.  So how ironic that we should all end up at the same place last night!  His wife was not there but they are still married and Rocky suggested we all get together.  We got his number.  Rocky now goes by Steve and has for years so it was funny to him I think that we were calling him Rocky and his friends were smiling and giving him a hard time.   Turns out he is in the Brew Club with Ken who owns Czann's.  So I told Ken it was a great party and that we got to meet a friend from 25 years ago that we had not seen.  We also told him his beer was our favorite.  And it is!

I also enjoy conversing with Mr. Ken about the business.  His story is inspiring to me.  We first met him on the brew bus back when his brewery was not even open to the public yet.  He was in the accounting field - or finance.  And decided to do this on the side, liked it, and took the chance to build this up.  It's always nice when we visit Czann's and he is there to say "hi" to.  His story reminds me that if ever in life, you get a passion, to go for it, take some chances.   Totally changed his career to something he enjoys doing.  Hmm, maybe I should quit tomorrow and start writing.  I think if I did that, I'd have to move in with Mom.  I think George would kick me out.  Buahahaha.  Yeah, that ain't gonna happen.  Better keep my day job.  For now anyway.

After about 7:30 or so we came back home.  Well George had to stop at the secret parking spot and let me get my car, lol.

Then back home and in jammies.  I did laundry - folded like 3 loads that was backed up since we've not been home much.  And then slid in bed and played my Tropical Farmville game until I kept nodding off.

Sleep was good.  Roger snuggled against me last night.  I smiled waking up with his little body lying against mine and my hand was on his back, and he was just snoring like everything.  I hated to get up as we were so comfortable.  I slid him over to George.  Sleep is just not long enough during the week.  Commute so long you have to get up at nearly midnight to have time to drive over.  lol  I'll be glad when my commute is no longer an hour.  Two hours of my day on the road.

I finished my audio book yesterday and already I miss the characters.  I loved Porch Lights.  Such a heartwarming book.  I truly will miss each one of those characters.  I want a sequal!  I guess this weekend I'll go and get another audio book.  I'm out of the ones I got from McKaye's.  I really want more time to read but we are never home and I'm not getting much quiet time.  We are just way too busy for our own good.  But we do have fun.

Well, I need to finish up.  Ya'll have a good day!  Today I get a manicure and pedicure.  Another little treat day to myself for putting up with all I put up with in six weeks time.  It's my splurge and treat time.

 I've been judged by someone recently on my getting my nails done and visiting breweries from time to time, saying that is all I ever do.  I think we all know better.  So I'll end this entry by saying "Cheers" to the joy that a little craft beer and a mani-pedi bring to the stress of a work filled life. You might try it sometime.  Let us celebrate the fact that we do not need prozac, pot, therapy, and yelling sessions to be able to get through life.  Not yet anyway. Some spend up to $200 on cosmetic regimens and I choose to spend $60 on mani-pedis.  We all get to pick and choose where to spend our $ and how we like to blow off stress.   I think I'll ignore the judgment of this person and stay on my path of happy. As long as nothing is abused or in excess, a little cheer and doing something for oneself does a body good and is doctor recommended now for the 1 drink per day. It seems to be the better route than the alternatives I've seen. I'm not one for prozac, pot, therapy, nor yelling matches to release stress and get me through life. Me seems to see very large beams poking out of ones eyes as they look for the splinters in others. What can I say?   Again, Cheers!  :-)


  1. haha!
    When you work and bring in your own $$$ you deserve to get a mani pedi and anything else that makes you happy. Some people are just clueless. Going out for a beer and decent meal is also a nice treat for you. One less evening of cooking and cleaning up. I say YES!
    Cheers to you,

  2. Do what makes you happy. Park where you want to park. You are a grown woman. You can do what the heck you want. My feet are much needing some TLC. I am going to get oh phone and make appointment myself. Happy Easter.

  3. i say whatever brings you comfort and joy are what is important in life regardless of how often you do or don't do them. and don't worry what someone else says about it.


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