Sunday, April 30, 2017

Communication, Planting, Seafood Dinner

Morning!  I think I am slowly getting better.  It seems every other day - I am either hopeful or depressed about the little medical situation here.  Today is a hopeful day.  I have to remember that if I compare to days previous, that I can see improvement.  So will hopefully be able to continue worming my way out of this diverticulitis scare without the meds.

We were getting ready to leave the house yesterday to take the dogs to the groomer, and our groomer, Sandy, cancelled on us saying that she couldn't take any more dogs today that her back was hurting too bad.  I hate that she doesn't feel good but I was extremely disappointed b/c I took such great lengths at trying to plan our May.  Sandy said to bring them next week.  So I texted my friend Lisa and told her that we either would NOT be able to join them next Saturday or that we would have to come after 4.  She said no problem.  I let Sandy know that we changed our plans for next Saturday so we could bring them then.  Our fur babies are so nasty and ready for a grooming.   I was so disappointed.  But what can you do.

Then George and I neither one can hear one another and/or we are confused.  Yesterday was frustrating b/c I had to repeat everything I said and so did he. Or we had to correct each other.  I don't know why yesterday was like that.  Most days we hear each other fine.  Here is an example of what yesterday was like:

Me, as I get a text as we are about to leave to take the dogs to Sandy for grooming:  Oh no, Sandy has cancelled.
George:  Oh?
Me:   Yes so we won't be able to do our plans next week.  We'll have to take the dogs then instead.  It makes me so mad to work so hard to plan everything out just right for May so everything will fit in the schedule, and then something happens and messes it all up. Why do I try?
George:  You are mad b/c Sandy has cancer?
Me:  Sandy has cancer?
George:  You said she did.
Me:  I didn't say Sandy had cancer.
George:  You just told me that.
Me:  No I didn't.  I didn't know she had cancer.
George:  No, you just then told me she had cancer.
Me:  Why do you keep saying that? I never said she had cancer.  (Then it hit me.)  Oh I said Sandy has Cancelled.
George:  Ohhhhhhhh, ok that makes more sense.
Me:  So we'll have to tell Katy we can only do the Mother's day outing in the evening next week.
George:  No we won't.
Me:  Yes b/c we'll have to pick the dogs up in the afternoon now, so we can't make plans.
George:  But next week is not mother's day weekend.
Me:  Oh it's not?  Oh well what's next weekend?
George:  I think it's the 6th or something like that.
Me:  Ohhhhh, ok.  Next week is when we go to the Ireland's house.
George:  Yes, it'll all work out.
Me:  I'll text Lisa and let her know we'll have to come late in the day.
George:  Yeah, it'll be fine this way as the dogs grooming will look even better for Tybee if we wait a week
Me:  True.

Oh my word, just to have a simple conversation took us forever.

So we ended up going to the grocery and coming home and dropping off the groceries and then going to Needham's for our plants.  We tried to do the planting last weekend but the rain held us off.  Life is really making us be a week late at everything I think.

I bought Vinca's for planting yesterday.  And then later in the day actually got them planted.  George bought lots of herbs.

When we got back to the house, I worked in the laundry room some, did some ironing.  Got the coffee ground for the next two weeks, cleaned the kitchen, rebooted dishwasher, vacuumed, dusted, cleaned some on the bathroom, picked up some.

I rested in b/w and played my Tropical Farmville game.  The planting took a while from like 3 until 5.  I sat on the back porch some even though it needs some major attention.

I came in and showered and tried to be productive but was just worn out from the sun.  It was pretty hot out there while planting several rows at the mail box and in the planter by the driveway, and the planter in b/w our garage doors, and two other planters.  So I played some more.

George came in and began cooking an awesome seafood dinner of shrimp, Cod de la Portugese, spanish rice (requested by me) and a simple salad with tomatoes and Ginger dressing. 

It was very good.  But while waiting - since it was going to be about 8 before it was ready, I decided to take a nap.  It was about 6:30 but since I'd been up since the 4 o'clock hour, I was zonked.  So I slept like a baby and George woke me up right before 8 so I could be awake enough to eat.  lol

As I was getting up out of bed from my nap, I thought This has been the fastest weekend! And now I have to go to work tomorrow.  Then when I got on up and got my bearings, I realized happily that it was only Saturday!

I ate and played the game again and then fell asleep on the sofa, lol.  George woke me up about 9:30 and said "let's go to bed" so we took the dogs out and headed back.  Slept again til Tugie woke me up at 4 again.  lol

The sun rise was really pretty this morning.  There is no sun now though as the clouds are moving in, in front of a pretty major frontal system that is to bring some rain.

I'm glad we are in for the day.  I plan to do a bible study and then set into laundry and a few other things that I've been wanting to do but have not had the time.  Tomorrow May will be here. I had said that as of May 1, I would begin gathering things for our trip.  So excited!  Katy told me that she and Cody are booked for Tybee also (at a different time).  I think they are also booked for a Texas trip.  She and I are wanting to book a girls trip for a long weekend.  We were thinking San Antonio, and go to the River Walk, but I'm thinking we ought to do Charleston, lol.

I had cantelope for breakfast and really craved peanut butter on whole grain bread.  So I had half of a piece of bread with some peanut butter.  If that is not testing the evil spirits, what is?  lol  I drank coffee in b/w each sip.  And now off to go drink water with lemon and benefiber.  This is nuts but one has to assure oneself that all will turn out ok in the end.

Well, I am going to jump off and get on with the next thing.  You all have a good day!  I'm waiting for all this rain to arrive and going to get some things done in the house.  May even do some cooking.


  1. glad you got to enjoy your handiwork in the flowerbeds. dinner looked yummy. you are lucky to have a built in chef. you must be so excited for tybee to happen sooner rather than later.

  2. Well Sonya I have had a good read this morning and have caught up on what's been going on with you this past week. I'm sorry that you havnt felt very well but glad that at last you think you are getting your diet better. My neighbour Val was diagnosed with divertic. but Dr thought it might be connected to the eating of wheat based things and to many vegetables such as greens.. So she has put herself on to a kind of diet that Celiacs have to use and it has certainly helped her but she finds it a bit boring, however if she feels so much better she thinks it's worth it......glad you are neRing the time for your holiday, I think a week away will do you the world of good, no worries, nice warm sunshine, good friends around you what can be better......I enjoyed the cruise to the fiords but it was ever so cold we never once went out on the open deck !, but we did get off the ship at all the ports we stopped at which was nice, we were going to have a coffee in a shop till I looked at the price it was £8 think about $5 !! so we didn't bother went back aboard ship where we had it free !! Everything in Norway was very very expensive, we had to buy ourselves a pull on hat, got the cheapest we could find and that was £10 each !!......on board we had good company we were at a table with 4 other ladies a mother and daughter and two friends, it was nice to enjoy our dinner with them every night and to,find out what we had all been doing, it's amazing how with so many people on ship you rarely seem to meat the same people twice....unless you have arranged to meet up ......we came home Saturday and on Sunday after church I went into Bath to collect the two friends Lura and John from the coach that had brought them down from Chester where they spent the week whilst we were's all go at the moment, they leave on Wednesday unfortunately I can't take the, up to Heathrow as planned as my friend Pams funeral is on that day, so I have had to book them on to the coach..well must go now and have breakfast before I go to collect them I said 10 OK. As its a holiday day here Peter my neighbour is going to take us somewhere, typically though the forecast is heavy rain showers ! Take care and God Bless xxxx

  3. Glad you got the planting done and I do agree it wears one out especially when we are not used to being outdoors like that. So much time here is spent inside due to the weather. I'm looking forward to more days spent outside !


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