Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Date with Hubby G: Burger Republic and Baby Boss

The Hawaiian Burger with side salad at Burger Republic
After work, Hubby and I had a date.  It was fun.  A small glass of wine at home while we fed the doggies, regrouped, and headed back into the night.  We went to Burger Republic.  This is a place I can feel better about eating once in a while.  Only I do need to remember to "ask for" the gluten free bun.  It might have been gluten free without asking for it though, as it did not seem to have the effects of a bun with enriched flour.  I love a burger that is about the burger and not a mega bun that drowns out the burger taste.  I think this burger rates up there with some of my favorites.   My Hawaiian Burger had avacados on it.  I think it will be hard for me NOT to get this burger the next time I go.  It was very tasty.  Their "defend quality" motto sticks!  The beef was high quality and tasted like a burger should - like meat tasted when we were growing up.  The bacon ranch dressing was really good but a little more salty than I like my dressings - and of course balsamic or a vinegar base would have been less calories for me- but come on - when you made the decision to turn away from fries or tots - then at least I needed to let myself have a tasty salad dressing as opposed to vinegar.  The bacon ranch was a good twist but I'll probably get a different one next time.  I did not feel stuffed after the meal like you normally do after a burger and fries, just pleasantly full with my burger and salad.

I also was very surprised that they had taps of craft beer.  Wow.  I had a Goose Island which is a perfect pick for me.  Light, crisp, but still had flavor.   The place was busy - nearly all tables filled just a short time after we arrived.  It was quite noisy with a full house.  A rainy day and probably not enough help to open the porch area, but there is a patio and that will be nice to do sometime.   I think they were about a server short.  We had to ask for our check so we'd make the movie on time.  Once our food came we were forgotten.  But the waitress we had was really good, very friendly.  She just had a lot going on with a LOT of tables. 

I liked "being served" at a Burger Place though and the ability to sit and enjoy a beer while you visit with your table mates instead of standing in line and ordering.  It is a nice appeal.  So yeah, we'll be going back here.  I'd like to go with my Kate! 

Speaking of my Kate, we do have an outing today.  More on that tomorrow. 

George and I enjoyed Boss Baby.  It was pretty cute.  I think I saw George "tear up" at the end.  lol  
It had spots when it was a little boring and dry - but very few.  It did have some pretty funny moments.  It was a cute story and had some really good animation.  The "eyes" of the characters were really cute.  I don't know that I was fond of the story line as a whole, but the idea of a Boss Baby was pretty funny.  Would I recommend?  Oh yes.  Perhaps wait til the movie comes out though?  It seemed like a good one to watch in the comfort of your home.  However, I will say the "big screen" sure does make those "eyes" bigger! lol

After the movie we went to Kroger and I bought a birthday present for someone that is turning 50 today.  Who doesn't like Stool Softener at that age?  Buahahahaha!  Ok well there's a little something extra there - a gift card to a favored restaurant.  Now if she reads this blog - she won't be surprised.  A group of girls are going out for her lunch but I can't go as I have a conf call right at lunch time that probably won't be through in time.  So I'm just taking my lunch as there is most likely no way I'll get to go.  :-(   They offered to bring me something back if I can't go but I think I will just take a salad.  We hardly ever get to go out as a group so I am disappointed.  I hardly ever have a conf call either but of course it lands at the same time.  Life always tries to happen all at once.  lol  

Well, anyway, I guess I'll go dipsy doodle in the private blog a bit.  And hope you all have a wonderful day.  


  1. Funny you mention that movie. My daughter was saying as how her 4 year old wanted to see it. He'd seen it advertised on TV. Guess he thought the idea of a baby boss was a good idea! Ha ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

  2. DATE night sounds like fun. The burger also sounded tasty. haven't heard of the movie, will have to keep it in mind.


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