Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend, Dreams, and Vents

Blooms by the Pineapple Room, Cheekwood

This week I'll share some pics of Cheekwood here in Nashville.  We had a nice visit yesterday, along with our Kate.  I wasn't feeling the greatest in the world. Honestly have not felt quite right since I got back from the trip.  But I did not complain and on we went.

A beautiful warm day and filled with a breeze.  The flowers were in bloom, food trucks were there and we had a nice hike and enjoyed the views, photo ops, and good food.  I think the mansion was being remodeled, so we did not get to go in, if I understood correctly that is.

Blooms by the Pineapple Room, Cheekwood
  We had not had breakfast, so by noon, we were all starved!  I felt like a vampire on the cusp of just eating anyone or anything in sight, lol, lol, lol, so we went with the burger truck which was Hoss' Loaded Burgers.  We all three split fries since none of us needed them.  I picked off a lot of the bread around my burger.  Beef is on my "eat in moderation" list, which means not every day.  So I'm making more selections of chicken and fish when I can.  But we were so hungry - and that burger was so good.  And so were those six french fries dunked in ketchup.

My family, heading toward Food Truck Row, at Cheekwood

EVERYBODY is here for the FOOD TRUCKS! lol

 Hoss Loaded Burger Truck

George and Katy in line at Hoss Loaded Burger Food Truck
We ate our burger sitting on a curb in the shade.  The day was getting on up in the eighties I think and so the sunshine about that time of day was getting a bit hot.  Thank goodness no humidity though.
And this is only April?  Good heavens.  What will June thru August be like?  We will be inside under the a/c.  I cannot do heat, period.  Sad, but true.  Yes, at the beach I'm fine b/c I am under an umbrella with beach breeze and cold drink.  ;-) But anywhere America over 80 and no ocean breeze- I'm having a tough time. lol

After eating our burgah, we went for a hike on the grounds and admired the beauty of the gardens.  I love botanical gardens.  This was similar but not anything like the one in St. Louis.  St. Louis was amazing, but the landscaping here on these grounds had definitely been taken care of.  Just beautiful.  We enjoyed our day. More pics throughout the next few days.  I took a lot of pics.

Beautifully landscaped areas along sidewalks at Cheekwood
Old Tree at Cheekwood
After we went to Cheekwood, Katy went home to take care of Findlay, who had her little "getting fixed" surgery the day before.  She is the cutest little thing.  I told Katy she may calm down some.  But as of today I'm not sure that surgery has helped her energy level. ha.

George and I went to McKay's book store.  I bought up every Dorothea Benton Frank book that they had.  I'm loving her tales from the "low country".  Sullivan's island and such.  She spins up such a good story.  Makes me want to go visit all that area.  I swear I want to sell everything and get an RV and just roam around and visit all these places for the rest of my life.  I know that sounds easy.  I'm about ready to toss in the towel of our 9-5 and think about selling everything we own, and buy a food truck that we could live out of and travel around, cook our way around the US.  ;-)  George and I could soooo do this.  I guess you have to have licenses though everywhere.  I don't really know how that works.  Yet.  I could write books on the side ;-).

I love my dreams.  Somehow I need to act on them.  We'll find just the right dream to act upon some day.   My goal is to end up by the water's edge somewhere.  How 'bout a boat food truck?  lol

Well, I'm going to get off of here before my dreams get to big.

Happy Easter to all.  So glad Christ arose and makes our LIFE worth it all and everlasting.  I think this may be the first Easter of my life I've not been to church and that makes me sad.  We cannot find a church that we BOTH like.  And I'm just enough introverted that I hate to go by myself and I don't want to have to drive 40 to an hour to be with people I know.  I still believe and am a Christian, and I miss going.  But I hate to go alone and my body and persona is high maintenance.  We are on the go a lot and I have to have sleep and rejuvy and time to be strong for the next week.  I wish life were a little calmer and we could settle for some kind of something on Sunday's.   In the mean time I'll have to stick with devo's for now.  When we did go to church we were worn out with church duties.  As only about 15 to 20 % of the church members would do anything.  Quite honestly this wore me out.  When we moved to Mt Juliet we said never again to that degree.  But I do like being involved, connected, and being there for my fellow Christians.  I'm happy God placed me with Christian coworkers.  So I'm happy to say, that while we are not "a church" we are a gathering of believers that meet on Monday mornings and pray.  Thankful for that.

I'm disappointed in some of life, but yet I'm happy that I am at peace with much of my life.  Didn't always turn out like I wanted or had hoped, but yet I'm content and happy and still have God in my life.  He walks beside me and is my daily support.  Who could ask for more.

Today I woke up at 3 a.m. with almost incapacity to swallow.  I'm not sure what causes this.  It happened about a year ago I think.  I was afraid to lay down anymore and made myself drink two glasses of water.  This is a sign of MS, but I keep hoping this is not something that could possibly be the cause, even though my muscles are deteriorating and my my neck and back hurt all the way down my spine.  Our walking yesterday was very difficult on me.  And I slept from 3 until about 5 sitting up straight on the sofa.  Finally swallowing almost normal by then.  I then went to bed and slept til 9:30 this morning.  So nearly 11 hours total.  I'm a little concerned as to what is going on with me but I've had issues for years with my body not complying.  Muscles, joints, fevers, not able to endure heat, strenuous activity nearly doing me in, not able to carry anything heavy, even lifting groceries do me in.  Now my right arm is really becoming deficient.  I've not really mentioned this to anyone.  I've just really tried to keep going and just toss it off to old age.  If I'm able to sleep and denounce all my ailments, then sleep it is.  Sleep and rest have been the cure for all the issues through the years and as long as I can get a day of my weekend to sleep in and rest and be able to do laundry and such - then I'm good for the other 6 days.  I'm a weird bird.  I don't want a diagnosis, I just want to keep going.  God had told me as long as I keep Him as my first love, we don't have a problem.  But I feel like I need to do more still.  I am glad He understands.  I just try to keep trucking but a lot of the time I feel so tired inside.  Just keep on truckin' right?   I'm trying!  But my body always feels like it's 10 or 20 years older than it really is.

I did get the summer clothes out from the tubs and the winter clothes into the tubs.  I'm talking ALL flip flops, summer tees, capris, and PJ's, and handbags.  Scarfs and flannels are up!  Most of my business casual clothes stay on hangers and are swapped as needed from closet to closet.  That took place in a couple of sessions over the spring.  But now we are hard core all the way with summer clothes.  The WHITE is out!

George is cooking prime rib for dinner.  It's Easter and I guess that is our ham.  Katy and Cody are eating with his big family and that's ok.  We celebrate all year long doing things as a family even when it's not a holiday.  I'm glad we are like that. It makes us different.  So we'll be with them on a normal day and celebrate life and Easter and summer and whatever else we want.  George is a pretty good person to celebrate with anyway so we'll have our own little easter shin dig.  I thought about hiding some things for him to find.  Couldn't figure out what I would hide?  Beer bottles?  lol  Guitar pics? lol  I guess we'll be ok without that.

Ya'll have a great day.  Thanks for putting up with my dreams and vents! I feel fine right now but back sore all along my spine from all the walking.  My sleeping set up is not right either.  Not sure if I need a new pillow or if our new mattress is just not working.  I think it might be the pillow.  But it's scary stuff when you can't swallow good.  Thankfully that went away as I have been upright and my spine is not curving along my neck area.  I will mention this to my doc though next visit.  But I'm not making a special visit.  I do feel like my neck needs support sometimes.  I guess I should do some yoga and muscle stretches.

I just need more time in my life period.  Not sure where that is going to come from though.

Well, you all take care.  I'm finally out of here!


  1. I would start with a new pillow. If your mattress feels good when you lay on it without any pillows, it should be ok. But if your pillow puts a bend in your neck/throat, that can give you that hard to swallow issue.
    Food trucks are everywhere. I think the biggest hassle would be permits and dealing with the health department, they have so many rules/laws & standards.
    My husband and I had dinner for two this evening. That was our Easter. He had to work earlier, so it was just us. It was very nice without all the other noise/people & work.
    I can't tolerate the heat either. When it gets in the upper 70's I start to panic. 80's plus and I wilt. What can I say?
    I hope you have a peaceful nights rest.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. My dearest Sonya, what a wonderful day you had, these gardens are lovely, and there is a saying I'm sure I heard somewhere....Your nearer to God in the garden than anywhere else in the despite not getting to a building....I'm sure Christ was with you wherever you were.... I just keep having this feeling that tells me you must have more rest, truly love you HAVE to find that rest time even if it means missing out on something that at the time seems much better, or even just the feeling you have to,please other people all the time.....that's it my advice for today LOL....I'm a right old nag I know, please forgive me, I wouldn't bother if I didn't like you so.....
    I'm like you and I'm sure 100s of others that can't stand the hear especially if it's humid, give me lovely long summer days with temps mid 70s and I would certainly be in the garden and nearer to God !!!....take care hope this week you get along ok. But please do go see the Dr if you feel that restricted swallowing again. God Bless.

  3. Your dreams sound like so much fun. I would like traveling and seeing the parks and pretty places in US. My back hurts all the time. I can't work and do all that I want to do. My mother had problems swallowing as she got older. It was from a autoimmune disease. They run bad in her side of family. I can't take heat either. I feel like I'm smothering and get really dizzy and sick. I use to get out and plant things in garden. Wash the car on hot sunny days. Not any more. We had to stay with our daughter when our air conditioner broke last summer. It took a week to get new one put in. Our bodies change in our 50s. Getting out of bed is a struggle some mornings. Everything hurts. Take it easy. I think I would call Dr. If I was you. If you don't have your health life is even harder. Nip it in the bud from the start.

  4. Those food trucks look like they are serving up lots of goodies. YUM! YUM! And the gardens surrounding them are beautiful. I had testing last year to rule out MS for me. I would have yourself checked if the problems continue. Church is in your heart, so you don't need a building to attend.


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