Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Exciting Travels to Phoenix

Between Crews/Flights on board Southwest

Well, we had to be out the house yesterday at 5:30 a.m. so George could get me to work and then get to work himself by 6:30 for their inventory.   So it was a very long day yesterday - considering I was flying west and there is a two hour time zone difference.  

I was thankful for a coworker to take me to the airport, although I could have taken a taxi.  Someone said "or you take an Uber".  I'd be scared to think who would be Ubering me from that area of town.  Some crack head.  No thanks.  Honestly the cab drivers even scare me.  I haven't been in a cab in probably 20 years.  But I could have done it if I had to.  I had a TSA Pre Check pass so I walked on through and had enough time then to have a sit down meal at O Charlies.  I got a Carolina Salad that had grilled chicken, strawberries, blue cheese crumbles, pecans, and a balsamic dressing.  Oh my it was good.  I have a feeling I'll be craving that one and probably recreating it for us at home.  I didn't realize at the time, how glad I was that I had the chicken on it b/c that salad was to last me for a very long time.  What I thought was going to be a 3 hour flight was really about 6 hours b/c I was flying west and had to stop in Vegas first.  So it was extended by 3 hours.  

I did not realize I didn't have a straight flight.  I thought it was a straight shot so I was surprised to be landing in Las Vegas first.  Sometimes when they list the flights if it is one where you can stay on the plane they put that in little bitty writing.  When you have to change planes that is when it's listed as two flights.  So I was thrown off by that.  But that is ok.  I also was thrown off by the fact that I was in an exit row and I thought that was only going to be the row in front of us.  I agreed to the terms and read the brochure what to do.  The only thing I was uncomfortable with - was if my muscles would be strong enough but - I was probably not going to have to be the person to open the door thingie.  I made a mental note not to pick that aisle again though.  And when landing in Vegas I was able to switch seats!  I moved up closer to the front.

The flight itself was pretty bumpy.  Especially coming into Vegas and even in landing it seemed the plane was all over the sky.  We dipped once which apparently was felt even more by those on the back of the plane who all had exclamations.  They didn't scream but it was more like gasps outloud, with words like "woooahhh" and "ohhhh" lol.  Once they saw all was ok they laughed. 

I was so glad when the plane touched the ground.

Our insurance crew picked me up at the airport and they had golfed all day.  We went to a pizza and wing place b/c the guys wanted to see the big basketball game.  I was dismayed that the place only had soft drinks.  After that flight I was ready for a glass of wine.  :-(  But it was ok.  Just being off the plane was good.  It was a long day of flying.  And it's spring and so to be flying out across the US this time of year can be turbulent.  I mean of all things Phoenix and Vegas had thunderstorms looming.  The lightning was very pretty.  There is a weather photographer I follow from here.  His name is Mike Olbinski.  And he gets some pretty shots of lightning.  He is on Facebook too and you can follow him.  

I was able to buy wifi and get checked into today's flights.  I'm a little worried about checking in for tomorrow's flights as I'll be midflight when it is time, I think.  And usually the flight from Phoenix to Oklahoma is a non-wifi flight.  It's shorter.  So I may be the last to board the plane coming home.  Sadly.

The bed felt good last night.  The beds are really firm here and often I have slept on top of pillows but last night I didn't care.  I slept with HGTV on b/c it was comforting.  lol  I usually sleep with The Weather Channel on but they were talking about tornadoes and I didn't want to snooze to that!  lol

Here was the place we ate at list night.  I guess they don't know how to spell "dining".  LOL  Can you believe their menus are being handed out with this?  lol  You'd think someone would have caught it and pulled it and reprinted.  Well we ate in the new Dinning Room.  lol

New "Dinning" Room at Rosati's  LOL

Being that it was a pizza place I did the best I could to eat "better".  I chose the gluten free crust and only got veggies atop the pizza.  It was pretty good.  I really missed my pepperoni, but I am serious about trying to do better.  I only ate about a 1/4 of the pizza.  I was hoping we could split something but the guys wanted their own and of course I'd have let them order and wouldn't have got the gluten.  But since everyone ordered their own I did too.  We ALL sadly, had mega pizza left over.  lol  Only one of us took the leftovers.  I knew I'd not be eating it.  There would be no time to.  

Gluten free, Pepper and Tomato Pizza at Rosati's.

Well, I need to shower, pack up and head down to meet the guys for breakfast.  We have an 8 am meeting this morning with the plant.  Then I think we'll grab lunch and fly out.  It's a 1:30 flight so we'll have to be at the airport around 11:30 or Noon.  We may just eat at the airport like we usually do.  We'll see.  Our flight is supposed to land about the time there are storms today.  Arghhh!

Have a good day and hopefully I'll be updating from Oklahoma City.

These trips are always really quick.  I'd like to come back sometime and explore with the Hubster.  One day.


  1. That pizza looks delish!
    I am wishing you safe travels.

  2. Sounds like a busy day. I hope you have a smooth flight home. I hate flying. I have been on a few rough flights myself.

  3. Again I wish you GODSPEED. It'll be nice to be back home again I'm sure.

  4. Definitely a lot of the time in the air and not much time to see anything but up from the clouds. Hope the trip home is uneventful for you !


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