Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hanging out in the Back Yard

Spring Sprung!

Spring arrived at my house in a pretty way this weekend.  Just beautiful weather.  These are from Sunday.  If you are on Facebook with me you probably saw these already.  

Not a lot to tell today but...a lot of progress made yesterday, a quiet day, but a lot left to do.  But we are getting over a major "hump" in some ways.  And that is all I'll say about that.  

I got home before George for once.  Even with a nearly hour long commute.  So I was able to take the dogs out.  Tugie was unable to hold herself with the new meds.  :-(  I may have to invest in a diaper.  She will not use a puppy pad.  She likes the grass.  But will totally not want to mess up a puppy pad so she'll do carpet instead.  I know she hated that b/c she knows we do not allow that.  So George cleaned that up and allowed me to go get my 30 min walk in as the sun was going down.  He fed them and gave Tugie her meds and then I fixed our spaghetti dinner and we watched Deep Water Horizon.  

I fell asleep half way through and woke up when George stopped the movie.  He said "You are asleep and this is YOUR movie!"  lol  When sleep happens it doesn't discriminate as to whose movie it is.  lol Anyway about that time everything started to happen and then it was hard to watch b/c there was a lot of blood and gore and death.  But it was hard to walk away b/c you wanted to know what happened.  

Mrs. Tugie enjoying the sun

Roger LOVES him some "outside"!

Little Bit LOVES to be at your feet as you walk.  

Dogwoods are blooming!

The pink peonies are blooming.

Looking Back to the Woods behind our house.

Pink Full Moon 

Last night I dreamed about tornadoes all night.  I think it was because of that movie with the oil pressure being destructive to the structures.

I had not realized until - I guess it was Sunday - that the full moon had reared up again.  However, with last week's shenanigans, I should have realized it right away.  A full moon doesn't always excuse everyone from their behavior, but it sure does help explain some of it in my opinion.   The week before a full moon, always the worst.  By the time the full moon arrives, all is calm again.

Well, I'm off to get lunch packed and get out of here.  Ya'll have a great day!  We may have an outing tonight.


  1. You do have a lovely yard. Spring is in it's glory time right now. Hope your Tuesday is every bit as good as your Monday, maybe even better with a night out.

  2. What a pretty yard you have. Looks like everybody had a good time outside enjoying it.


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