Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just a Few Worries but So Far So Good

Well, it's nice to be sitting on the weekend.  Nothing like going to bed on a Friday night and knowing you don't have to be anywhere until 9 the next day.  The dogs get a trim today.  And boy do they need it.  Tugie got me up at my normal "get up" time this morning though.  That's ok.  I still have extra time and don't have to rush.

I survived most of the day in "fear" yesterday of whether or not I'm still coming out of the diverticulitis situation as I begin to try and eat more normal.  There was no pain at all.  Yet I felt some signs of it still lingering.  So I jumped in with the regime of OTC meds (see yesterday's entry).  But I think everything is ok to a point.  I became very depressed yesterday afternoon when I felt that I was heading back into it.  This is no way to live, living your life, with your moods and your well being connected to your colon every day and how well it works.  Maybe two days of less stress will move it all along.

Stress is so weird.  I think I have a high tolerance for it.  I must be stressed a lot without even realizing I am.  I mean I am aware that things get busy, that I'm hassled a lot, poked a lot, asked of a lot.  And I often fuss that I don't get a moment to have a thought that I can claim of my own.  But I enjoy my life and enjoy what we do.   I'm ok with that.  But apparently my body lets me know it is not.  I just want things to be back to normal and I want it back to normal NOW!

So I had pepperoni pizza last night.  lol  It was a Totino's but it was very good.  So far so good.  lol  Every day, I cross my fingers all will go well.  But I need for it to go well without having to take OTC meds.  I guess it's ok to take the Benefiber daily but I am hoping not to have to take the probiotic or the soft gels daily, nor the acetaminophen.  The later of which is not good for your liver.

I guess we'll see how the next few days go.  If I continue to have issues I suppose I will visit the doctor so we can make sure nothing else is wrong.  I cannot live my life worrying every hour about my colon and how well it will behave and what I should eat or not eat.   I'm so over it.  If life is going to be like that I want no part of it.

Anyway I am going to go and play the Game for a while and then get a shower and start laundry and perhaps fix us some scrambled eggs.

I think we will try to get our plants this weekend.  We have rain in the forecast and can't seem to get time to do planting while we are off.  I don't know that I'm going to plant much anyway.  The mail box and front porch planters are what I care about.  Maybe the planter b/w the garage doors.

The section beside the back porch, I usually plant something there.  But then we never hang out on the back porch.  We never have time.  Or it's too hot.  We hang out in the sun room spring and fall and summer evenings when not too hot.  So George can plant something there with his herbs or just let the grass grow and weedeat there.  The flower garden beds in the front that are connected to the house by the driveway - it's difficult to keep dirt in there and flowers have never done well there.  I think we need a lot more dirt in there and I have no plans for what to put in there.  It rarely survives.  So I'm not sure.  I guess I'll talk to George and see what he thinks.  I would like to put more dirt in there for sure and perhaps prep it better with fertilizer.  Maybe even put a landscape liner in there to keep the grass and weeds out.  But I'd like to put something in that will come back every year.  Or George is welcome to put herbs there but it needs to be something that is low to the ground and not sticking up like a Cobra - like dill - lol.

We have some errands to do as well.

Ok well I said I was getting off.  Here I go!  lol


  1. Glad you were able to get your pizza fix in. I know you've been craving it. Very rainy day here so nothing outside going on here. Hope your Saturday is a super stress free day !

  2. glad you are feeling better. hope you'll soon be back to normal.


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