Monday, April 24, 2017

LaZy DaY, Reading, and Resting

George cooked a fine meal Saturday.  We ate late but it was good.  Steak and pan baked veggies.  

Yesterday morning, Tugie wanted to get up really early.  George had temporarily been up.  So I got up to take her and George said he would do it since he was up.  I turned on the bedroom light and Roger was looking like "Can't I go too?"  So we all just got up and took dogs out.  
I was already awake sense it was around 4 a.m. and that is my normal weekly getting up time.  So I stayed up.   

I did not have much energy nor desire to do anything as it was just so early to stir, but yet I didn't want to return to bed until drowsiness came.  So I played my game, finished a book and started another one.  About the time George got up, drowsiness was setting in.  He got up about 9 and I went back to bed.  

And... I slept until Noon!  Wow.  I'm just not even sure of why yesterday was so weird.   I really just didn't feel good.  And I'm worried that diverticulitis is setting in again.  Oh I hope not.  I'm trying to combat it.  Usually I can thwart it off, but it's not been too easy.  I'm on the verge of trouble with it now and just praying that I can squeak out of this w/o going to the doc.  (Prayers please?)

I had boiled some eggs Saturday morning and George had told me to just boil all of them.  So I had 4 extra eggs.  I made 8 dressed egg halves out of them.   I made them a little different this time.  I applied the 4 flavor taste bud approach to it.  So instead of just mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and pickle relish and paprika it also had a tiny splash of balsamic vinegar, sprinkling of sugar, and pepper flakes.  I do believe they were the best dressed eggs I've made.  And of course we devoured them.   

For dinner, George made a claypot type of chicken with a thai twist.  I love coconut curry.  It was really good.  

I could not wait to sink my teeth into this chicken with it's perfect little strips.  I'd not seen this perfect little squared get up before.  And sadly, I discovered it was Tofu.  I am not a fan.  So I did not partake. lol  but it did look good.  Looks like chicken.  Doesn't taste like chicken.  lol

I was able to get the ironing done for the week.   Mostly I read and played the game.

I told George I felt so guilty just relaxing.  He said "when was the last day you took a day to relax, 10 years ago?"  It's just that we are never home and so much needs to be done and I have so many to do's.  But with the diverticulitis trying to set in.  I really didn't do much.  I DID do some yoga via YouTube.  George had the TV on so I couldn't really do my Yoga Video that my SIL gave me.  But I want to do it soon.

The Yoga movements made my body feel good as far as stretching.  This time of year just absolutely draws me up like a pretzel.  Every day I've wanted to walk, it's been rainy/raining.

I've been worried about Katy and Cody b/c the water from a pond that has formed, is now up to the corner of their house.  I hope we get sun and it evaporates/soaks in today.  It's really scary.  They have worked hard on the house for it to get water in it.

I finished the book Ride of Our Lives with Mike Leonard yesterday.  It had parts of it that made me laugh so hard.  And then other parts bored me out of my mind.  But I'm glad to have finished this.  If I did not get a lot done in the house.  When do I?  lol  Then at least I've finished a book.

I do need to get our spring cleaning done but it'll be summer probably when I get to that.  I need to develop a list of all I need to do and put it in order.  And start knocking it out.  What I end up doing is just waiting until I can't stand it any more.  lol  Otherwise I find I'm just cleaning all the time and can never finish.  I'm just getting older and tireder and to do a string of chores over and over when I can be doing something to enjoy life, just seems more important.

So I started a new book too, Cruising Altitude.  And...oh my gosh it is SO good.  It's about one woman's experience as a flight attendant.  She talked about the schooling part of it and training and the schedules and what it was like.  I finished a half of a book in one day.   I didn't want to put it down.

Tugie is running out of heart meds so I've got to call them and get over there today to pick it up.  I hope they are open late on Monday's too.  We will need it for tomorrow.  I think her meds are going to run us about $60 to $70 per month.  Or more.  She did not want to eat much yesterday.

Well, I need to go and get ready for work.  Ya'll have a good day.


  1. So glad you got to get some rest. You needed some down time for sure ! Hope you are feeling better today. Will definitely say a prayer!

  2. It is nice to sleep into until noon. We do that quite often here. Seems like a real treat for you though. Glad you got to enjoy the extra zz's.

  3. Looks like your husbands cooking some good healthy meals. I love Thai food too. I hope you feel better. I have never had any stomach problems but a family member swears by probiotics. Maybe that would help you. We have had so much rain. But it is much needed. But it makes me get tired and achy. I just had to listen to my body today and lay down for about an hour and just rest. I'm trying to clean and sort some clothes around. But now it is cool again, we had steak and roasted veggies like you today. So good. Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.


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