Friday, April 7, 2017

Lobster Food Truck, and Tugie Had a Spell

George and Katy order from Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck 
I did not feel good yesterday morning.  I really struggled getting ready and getting out the door.  I needed food for breakfast without stopping for fast food and all we had was soup.  I only had about 6 tablespoons of it b/c honestly, who eats soup for breakfast?   However I was at work by 9 as our flight came in late and I needed some sleep.. It took nearly an hour to get to work b/c traffic was backed up still coming in the interstate way.

After work I met Katy and George in Old Hickory and we ate from the Cousins Lobster Truck and shopped at the The Basement Marketplace.  They had some tables set up downstairs, had wine, and had some awesome dark chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Yes I had ONE.  Just ONE!

Lobster Tacos from Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
The food truck was pretty pricey  - sit down and served type of prices without the service and the white table cloths and candles.  It was good.  I really couldn't taste much of the lobster though as it was overpowered by salsa which I recognized as the fresh salsa like you buy at Krogers.  I felt like I could have done the same taste at home with imitation crab and not known the difference.  And I think I like fish tacos better.  You know me.  I give honest reviews.  It was good food.  I just wish I had lobster bites and butter b/c the tomato salsa drowned out the sweet and lite taste of the lobster.  We spent $75 at the food truck for 3 of us and we each had a meal and we split some Lobster Tots.  

Downstairs, we were serenaded by a very talented young developing artist.  She has an awesome voice - akin to Miranda Lambert. 

A very talented singer, entertained us at The Basement, Marketplace.

Ice Cream Shoes, one of many interesting items for sale at The Basement, Marketplace
We enjoyed a stroll through the shops at the Basement Marketplace, where several vendors have booths.  Always a great place for gifts. 

Daughter, Katy shopping at The Basement

Got permission to shop from the Hubby

Art work for sale at The Basement

April the giraffe fans, would love this one on the right.

Look!  It's my "Weekend Face"!

I HATE this name of wine, but the contents were really good!

So this wine, given to us at one of the shops at The Basement Marketplace, was really good.  It was a cab that had a taste that appealed to me.  I was shocked at the name when I went over to get a picture of it so I could buy it at the store.  Learn something new every day.  I like F-- B------s after all!  lol

We had all driven separately and so we departed separately.  Katy and George went to see Granny Jan, and I needed to go to the store b/c we were out of everything.  I mean I had soup for breakfast after all out of desperation to avoid fast food.   So I went to Publix, and did a quick run through.

George had just gotten home and took the dogs out.  And I put up groceries, ground up the coffee, and cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of (much needed) laundry, and changed the sheets.

George had told me that earlier when he came home to let the dogs out (before the Lobster truck) that Tugie had a spell.  He said that when he got home, and they were about to go out, she toppled over to her side and her bladder released all over the floor and all over her.  He thought she had a heart attack and died.  She laid there for a minute like she was passed out, but then started moving again and acted like she couldn't move her back legs.  He thought she had a stroke.  But then after a while she got up and went outside and gained her strength back.

So last night he wanted to give her a bath b/c she had peed all over herself and after her bath she was so excited and she started to run a bit but then she came back to me and then laid on the sheets I had just stripped off the bed and toppled over on them.  She squirmed (writhed) her body sideways and made a noise as if she was in pain.  We petted her and comforted her through this and she came back to normal and it was over.  She did this the last time we gave her a bath - well she fell over from excitement but did not do the writhing part.

So we are taking her to the vet Saturday and also getting ear meds and flea meds.  Since we are going to Columbia Saturday we need to make an early appointment.  I dread calling them b/c I know they will say we are booked up.

She is 15 or almost 16.  So I know that we are entering the end of her days.  It's very sad but at the same time I don't want her to suffer.  I don't think we are at the point of putting her down.  Unless these spells continue often enough that it just takes away the quality of her life. I don't want to spend mega bucks to lengthen her life. She has been the most awesome pet ever.  I will not want to let her go and I will cry a million tears when she is gone.  But I realize it's coming.  I'm watching her go down and I don't like it but I love her enough to let her go and not watch her suffer when it comes to that point.  It's sad to me now that she cannot hear me tell her I love her.  I do hand motions to my heart and kiss her and she kisses me back.  But I'm dreading this road we are about to go down.

Well I did get some sleep last night although I was about 2 hours past bedtime as we just had so much to do around here and dealing with Tugie.

I've done another load of laundry this morning and the Walmart order.  I was going into work early as I'm so behind now and it's pretty overwhelming, but I'm moving as fast as I can and trying to put things in order here so we have clothes, food, and the basics to live.  lol

Thank goodness, no plans tonight.

Gotta go pack lunch and head in.  I've had to dress up today as I my jeans are dirty and so I can't have a casual day.  I wore jeans yesterday since I had to wear closed toe shoes just to go to the break room.  But I found a black pair of pants I could wear today in the back of my closet.

Well, ya'll have a good day.  I'm going for more coffee.


  1. It is sad when our fur babies get older. It can also be expensive. The joy they give us is worth it all up to a point and I agree there comes a time when you just have to let them go. Hope you still have many happy days ahead with Tugie. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

  2. Dear Sonya, what a busy time you have had what with one thing and another, I was sad to hear about poor old Tugie, especially as Mary has just had to put her old cat down who was 161/2 Amber actually disappeared for three days last week and when he reappeared it was obvious that he hadn't eaten,or drunk anything and we coudnt get him to eat or drink, so Mary decided that she should take him to the vet. He was very weak and the vet said at his age he could not survive much longer, so rather than bring him home and he might have walked away again and we might never have seen him again so Mary said best let him go. But it was her first and only pet so you can imagine how it's been. On top of all that my very best friend Pam died very suddenly last Friday. I can hardly believe it even now.we first met 34 years ago when I moved down to Bath and we worked together ten years later we both retired together and after that Pam came to visit here every Monday for 24 years so you can imagine how I am feeling..just empty all round this has not been the best week for any of it's almost bed time so I will say night night God Bless xxxx

  3. Oh Poor Tugie! I dread the day my baby starts to act sick! I hope your baby is Ok for a few more years. Wishing her well!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. It is so sad about Tugie. Aging does this to us all.

  5. food truck sounds like fun though on the pricey side. feel so sorry to hear about tugie. prayers being sent your way.


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