Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Glasses and Diverting a Medical Situation

Morning!  Well, yesterday after work, I got the call as I was entering MJ Town that my glasses were ready.  A quick call to George to ask "in what method shall I pay?" so as to not mess up the finance plans.  I put on a credit card to delay it a month and he'll pay all of it then.  But I think my glasses were reasonable with my insurance using a network doctor instead of out of network Walmart.  And the service of course was incredible over what Walmart could offer.  Quicker too.  I mean I ordered these Thursday!  It was Tuesday and I'm wearing them.  Even the big optical guys say it takes a week!  I'm so happy to have found my vision place!  I like the new glasses, and got new lenses in my sunglasses which were a couple of prescriptions old.  So to see better in all my glasses is wonderful.  Everything is clearer.  And these glasses are so lightweight.  I'm happy.  I told George they made me smarter.  I was able to remember the name of the poet's house we visited in Portland, when he could not (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).  And I was able to name that tune we were listening to as "Shenendoah".  Surprised us both. lol  George said "well I believe that IS Shenendoah".  Funny.   We'll see how long the glasses help.

Then I came home and put on my tennis shoes while George was weed eating and walked around the block for 30 minutes.  I think 4 times around is 30 min.  I really like just going around the block instead of walking out further from the house.  Sometimes dogs scare me and also I just like knowing I'm close to home.  So I think this walking thing is going to work pretty good doing the 4 times around.  I have also enjoyed talking to Mom when I walk but on the last round I'm pretty winded.  I guess she will have to do the talking on that round, lol.  I can also listen to music.

Mom is on Farmville.  Finally we got connected.  I called her again once I was in the house and we both got on and I tried to explain a few things.  I think she will enjoy this game b/c she can do it at her own pace.

We had really tender chicken last night and it was good.  I chewed it really good. I did something weird.  I poured an aged balsamic vinegar on it.  I just felt like that the vinegar would help my stomach.   So I'm pretty sure I have the diverticulitis going on.  A mild case.  And I am trying to self treat.  (Which you can do with mild cases.)  I just now read where a Probiotic can help.  So I just took one.  I've been trying to eat softer and lighter foods for the last couple of days.  Maybe not soft enough though.  I may need to go on total liquids to give my colon a break but that is so hard to do.  I think I'm going to fix a scrambled egg this morning.  And for lunch I may have to order from Jay's or somewhere where I can get something soft.  I have no idea.  Jay's has creamed potatoes and dressed eggs.  I haven't figured it out yet.  The reason I've not gone to the doctor is that I am not having much pain nor all the symptoms yet of a diverticulitis situation. Nor all the bloating.  No fever.  Etc.  But I do know that it is trying to build up.   I have had *some* pain in the same places as the two times before.  But it is not intense and there is *movement*.  As long as there is movement we are good.  lol It's just not a perfect scenario.  And certainly not normal.  If I can self treat and squeak by we will be good.  I was going to go to the doc today but feeling a little better so I think I'll still watch and see.
I may end up working from home some to be able to rest at times, cook broth, tea and so forth.  I will try not to do that.  Too much going on, but stress can impact this as well.

In addition to this issue, I slept wrong and have a muscle pull toward my right shoulder blade (rolls eyes).  I am falling apart I think.

I guess I better go get ready and see what it is that I can eat today.  Geezzzz.

Ya'll have a good day.  Prayers for this situation.  I really just want to be able to eat normal again and not have to worry about all this.  Life is hard enough.


  1. Will pray your are soon back to normal. Hope you feel better!

  2. That is impressive that your glasses got done so quickly. you'll have to show us what they look like. sorry to hear you're still having health issues. hope things clear up sooner than later.


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