Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Perfect and Productive...Well Almost

Life was as it should be yesterday for a Monday.  Perfect and Productive.  For the most part.

 I ran by the vet's office and picked up meds for our Tugie.  They did not have all the meds there to fill it.  So their theory of "Convenience, just call us in the morning and run by and pick it up after work" really doesn't work.  So this time I was told to give them a week's notice.  lol   So we'll be doing this again before vacation.

The dogs will get their trim on Saturday and I am sooooo glad.  It's past time.  And I've been holding off so they will look half way decent for our trip.  Would love to wait another two weeks but just can't.  They are woolly boogers as it is.

So I accidentally left my phone at home yesterday.  I hate it when that happens but sucked it up and dealt with it.  At lunch I did get on Facebook on my PC just to occupy my mind with something other than work while I ate. And I checked the news.  I hate getting on Facebook even to post an ad at work for fear that those that look at your history list while spying to see if you are doing your work or goofing off - will see it and think you are on it all day.  lol.

 It's a taboo thing for me unless I'm posting an ad, and honestly I really don't like to do that either b/c I have to use my own FB page.  FB ads don't work well anyway unless you pay for it and then again it just makes people mad b/c they don't want to see that in their feed.  But normally while eating and ON MY PHONE, I will reboot my Farmville game for a few minutes and check out FB. And I missed that yesterday.  But...  Lunch is always quick and since I'm at my desk, it's usually interrupted.   If I need a totally get away I usually go to Taco Bell and/or Jack In the Box and brave the drug dealers and prostitutes.  (Rolls eyes.)

Anyway, back to the phone.  So I didn't get to call Mom on the way home and I always call her on Monday's.  So....when I got home, I found my phone and put my tennis shoes on.  George was mowing but I wanted to walk for 30 minutes now that the rain is gone and it's lighter later.  I walked around the block.  I think 4 times is 30 minutes.  It went fast since I was talking to Mom.  I got out of breath at the end but was able to continue conversation - albeit windedly - lol.

I was elated to discover that Mom began playing Tropical Farmville.  I am not sure if she likes it yet.  She is still getting used to it.  And as of now we've not been able to add each other yet.  I sent her a invite - I think - several times but I'm not sure she is getting it.  And I've sent a snapshot of my club so she can join that club and take advantage of the "sunshines" we give one another to make things grow on a whim.  I'm hoping that we can connect and I'm hoping that likes it after giving it a chance.  You don't have to have friends on there.  You can play by yourself and that is what I like about it.  But I finally added some fellow gamers (doesn't have to be facebook) by joining a club and now you can add other members too outside the club.  Now I have plenty of sunshine.  lol You can only house 20 sunshines though.  So I'm usually full.

Then after the walk, which felt really good, I came in and rebooted laundry and folded the white clothes.  Roger had an accident and so I dealt with that using the spot bot and carpet cleaner.
Then I began working in the kitchen.  Put up the dishes that were drying from the night before and emptied the dishwasher.

George came in from mowing.  He was going to reheat our leftovers and did so while talking to a buddy of his from work about a work issue.  I got on the game for a few minutes and put my feet up.

We ate and my eyes were getting sleepy.  But I was able to read a chapter in the Cruising Altitude book.  I'm loving that book!   And then we all snuggled and fell asleep together.  Even George was going to bed early.

So I got up this morning and I thought, how perfect yesterday evening was.  I was able to do several chores, run errands, walk 30 minutes, read a chapter, play my game, eat dinner, take care of doggies and still be able to make it to sleep only 30 min late.  Wow.  I'm not sure how this happened but I wish it could happen again to cram all that in an evening!  I DID leave at 4:30 yesterday b/c I had to go to the vet office.  But...still got a lot done that I normally can't get done after work.  I normally go to bed dismayed that I wasn't able to get enough done.

Well, I need to go.  Today I have another errand after work to get a birthday gift and another gift that I want to get for someone.  Might do Mother's Day gift too.  Need to think about that one.  But I do have a special place that I'm going to shop anyway.

Also, I *think* I have been able to divert the diverticulitis issue.  I have been eating mainly softer foods yesterday.  I think we are in the *OK* zone now.  But this was particularly concerning.  I'm not sure what triggered this and was almost not able to get out of this.  In the meantime, I'm trying to drink more water and less iced tea, avoid nuts, avoid Triscuits (I did eat A LOT of these last week snacking b/w meals and that could be what triggered this), avoid alcohol, use benefiber and soft gels daily.  I also wonder if I cut out too much fat from my diet.  I think we need a little fat for digestion.  I always try to figure things out.  But it seems like anytime I try to adjust my diet so that I lose weight, balance the sugar, I end up having some other kind of ailment.  So it's be fat and have high cholesterol and a stroke or heart attack. Or be thinner and have diverticulitis and not be able to eat anything at all, lol.  Life sucks sometime.  Why can't we just eat what we want and be fit?

I'd give my right pinky for a pepperoni pizza right now.  I did have a frosty on the way home yesterday b/c I was craving milk, something cold, and so I did and it was good.  I consumed way too much sugar yesterday I'm sure.

But today's meal is going to be yogurt and a banana for breakfast, salad for lunch, apple for mid afternoon snack.  We'll see how the salad does.  I have been eating this thai chicken dish for dinner the last two nights with rice.  It's been soupy though.  I'm still not out of the woods yet with the diverticulitis scare so I'm trying to hold off eating anything really heavy.  But I think I'm being able to digest now.  I don't want to have to take those meds and go on liquid diets for days on end, but I will if I have to.  I am sure I've lost a few lbs the last couple of days.

I'm looking forward to having some cheats by the end of the week once all this passes.  lol  Ya'll have a good day!


  1. I hope you have another almost perfect day! It feels great when things go smoothly and you feel like it was a good day.

  2. It's a shame the dogs medication was not ready when you got there. I hate when I forget my phone, so much trouble it causes. I'm happy to hear you are feeling better. When your diet changes everything changes unfortunately.


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