Thursday, April 6, 2017

Phoenix and Oklahoma City Pics!

Holiday Inn, Phoenix, Airport Location

The hotel in Phoenix is a really pretty place.  Of course our stay there is so quick.  In the room long enough for a quick sleep.  They have a good breakfast there though and then back at the plant for early meeting and then on another flight to Oklahoma.  

The courtyard is very beautiful.  The rooms are big and nice.  They are decorated in brown though so it's a little dull on the inside and their beds are hard but it's clean and very nice.  I was happy to see that they had a Keurig in the room and k-cups!  

Holiday Inn, Courtyard Area, Phoenix 

On the way to the airport, the guys wanted to stop at a golfing store there in Phoenix.  I sat in the car.  I leaned over and took this view out the window.  Why?  Because I like palm trees!  And I thought those short gnarly trees looked cute.  I don't know what they are.  But I liked them.  

Palm trees and Southwest Landscaping

In Oklahoma City we were taken to a lake area and we ate a restaurant there called Redrock Canyon Grill as the sun was going down and had a view over the water.  I took pics before going into the restaurant.  Notice the ducks.

Redrock Canyon Grill

Redrock Canyon Grill

A coworker overlooks Heffner Lake at Redrock Canyon Grill

The view was amazing.  That lighthouse changed colors at night too.  And the food was excellent.  It seems their specialty is rotisserie chicken. 

Firepit, Redrock Canyon Grill, Oklahoma City

The outside firepit.  The wind was up so these flames were blowing everywhere! 

Moscow Mule, Redrock Canyon Grill, Oklahoma City

I got a Moscow Mule!  I think this is the first one I've ever ordered out.

Calamari rocked our hungry appetites, Redrock Grill, Oklahoma City

The calamari was excellent and suggested by coworker Steve, who actually recommended the restaurant.  I raved over the place.  Loved it.  And loved that it was by the water. 

Night Firepit in the cool air, Redrock Canyon Grill, OKC

The firepit as we left.  

Oklahoma City, view from the Hyatt
Our day yesterday went well as we had an afternoon of meetings.  And then flights to catch to come back home.  You can't get to Nashville from Oklahoma City.  We had to go through St. Louis.  We were not supposed to deboard but I suppose the plane we were on needed maintenance or something so we changed planes to board another flight to Nashville that was about to take off.  There were 35 of us.  We knocked 35 people off of that flight from the C list.  We were first to board after those in wheel chairs. 

The flight got in after 9 then I had to get baggage and we drove home.  George and the doggies picked me up curbside. 

Then we talked a bit and went to bed.  

I have a pretty bad headache this morning and do not feel good.  Just not enough sleep on this trip - nor last night.  So I'm moving slow this morning!

Work is going to be WILD.  But I'm so glad to be back home.


  1. You got some beautiful pictures. It was a quick trip and I know how that can tire you out. Hope your Thursday isn't too bad. Friday is fast coming and that's a good thing !

  2. Welcome back!
    That was a whirlwind of days on the go. I hope you have an easy weekend ahead.
    Rest up!

  3. What charming places. You were lucky to visit however briefly.

  4. what charming places to visit, even for work and even on the quick.


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