Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rained Out Game and a Romantic Romp in the Rain?

Downtown Nashville, 1st Avenue, On the Way to Sounds Game

After work, we met at Gibson, parked one car and headed downtown.  It was raining and we were not sure if there would be a Nashville Sounds baseball game or not.  But onward we went in hopes of a burger and baked beans meal and a tee shirt, at least for George's company picnic.

We had an umbrella and George and I started out our mile long walk to the front door picnic entrance, like two new found lovers walking in the rain.  Somehow what seemed like a romantic interlude turned into a comical display!  He is much taller than me so he proceeded to walk with bent knees like a retarded duck and the umbrella kept hitting my shoulder and bouncing up - not that I minded as I had my own situation going on.  My Yellow Box sandals are spongy material and after a 1/2 mile walking in the rain, became soaked and were making squishy noises and became extremely difficult to walk in.  They began making a sound like 20 zippers zipping in harmony.  If that was not bad enough, when they could hold no more water, they became slippery and my feet began to slide off of them, making me ALSO walk like a duck.  Somehow I ended up with the umbrella.  I think it was when George decided to peel off about a hundred yards from the entrance in an effort to act like he didn't know me.  So somehow I climbed the steps and was trying to get the umbrella closed and water shook off as a young security lady was begging for my purse repeatedly.  If you know me at all, you know my response. 

 "Hold on just a second,  I'm trying to get out of the rain and get this umbrella closed.  Then you can see my purse."  

They retorted with "Mam we have to see your purse".  

Me:  Yes, you can see my purse just let me get out of the rain please. 

She says looks like you have a lot in there so you are going to have to take some things out so we can see it. 

I get out of the rain and say "Ok have the purse and rummage through it all you want".  

Security personnel:  Oh mam you have to rummage through it, we can't touch anything.  

So I move everything around and finally she is happy that I'm not packing.   

Once we were past "Sally Security" I could finally go to the bathroom and dry off my shoes!  Of course they did not have the hand blowers.  Just paper towels.  So I got them as dry as I could. 

We went through the line and got wrist bands, tee shirts, and food and drink.  In the mean time doing a balancing act with all that and then no where dry to sit and eat. lol lol lol  So we found a place to hold our plates and ate burger and BBQ.Only when I set my potato chips down they blew away!  So I had to keep my chips and napkin in my pocket.

Nashville Sounds, Tarp on the field

While eating the baked beans, I swear it was the wind, that blew off the baked beans onto my blouse!

The skies began to get lighter and we had hope.  They called the game due to lightning but that fact does not stick - I'm not sure they even looked at the radar as the storms had moved off with none behind it.   But my guess is they did not want to play on a somewhat soggy field.  So the game was called.  

Then Paul and Judy came and we talked to them while they ate.  

Most of us parked in the Sounds garage and so they blocked the gates to the Sounds Garage. (Can you say, duhhhh? lol)  So we had to walk a mile or so around to get to the garage.  Hellllloooo?  But maybe they looked at us and decided a little walking would be just fine for us.  

Rainbow after Sounds baseball game called off

Sunset on the way home from Nashville

George and I were not ready to go home yet as we had counted on a night out.  So we knocked something off the bucket list.  We went to get a drink at The Goat in MJ Town.  He had not been.

Then we headed home and I put on PJ's and got in bed and played Tropical Farmville.

Still haven't shown the rest of the Cheekwood Pics but I'll get them in at somepoint.  Life is happening faster than I can capture it in writing.  lol

Ya'll have a great Tuesday.


  1. I love the rainbow. One bright spot in your day. Sorry your ball game got rained out. I felt your pain struggling with those flipflops. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Next time make George let you out at the entrance. Save you from all that walking. At least you got a drink from the goat. Does that place really serve goat? I have heard some eat goats but that is hard for me to imagine. lol..

  2. Nothing like sloshing around in the rain. Sounds like you got your fill of it, though. BUT the outing was fun, so that's what counts.


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