Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ree Drummond, Southern Womens Show, and Shopping with My Daughter!

Katy sent me a picture of her with Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  We both read her book about how she and her husband came together and about her life on the ranch and how she began to learn to cook.  We both laughed out loud in reading the book years ago.  Katy has fixed more of her recipes than I have.  I collect cookbooks and get ideas from them but usually fail to focus on using them at this stage of my life.  However, I do look for recipes in them sometimes if I want to fix a specific dish I've never fixed before.  Katy was so thrilled to meet Ree and she called and bubbled over about their conversation.  She was promoting a children's book and Katy bought it.

Funny story though.  I gave Katy one of her cookbooks, and a friend/blogger did a giveaway of one of her cookbooks which I won.  So we both had one but mine was a signed copy. When Katy left home and moved out, unbeknownst to her, she took my signed cookbook and I ended up with the unsigned one.  She grabbed the cookbook from her house and took it with her to be signed by Ree and it was opened and it was ALREADY SIGNED!  LOL LOL LOL So Ree put "To Katy" in front of it!  lol lol lol  Katy said "well this is awkward".  They all laughed.  And no it doesn't bother me that Katy now has the signed copy.  I'm happy for her as it thrills her so.  I'm happy to have the picture and Katy took a video where Ree sent me a message, saying "Hi Mom!"  

A highlight in Katy's week.  We love Ree's style also in her clothes and dishes.  Katy gave me some of her decorative plates for Christmas.  We use them a lot to eat sandwiches on.  But I use 3 of them to decorate the back of my stove area.  As we were shopping at the Southern Women's show, we kept seeing styles that look like Ree.  (Ree was still on our brains.)  I was thinking yesterday how thankful I was for people like Ree, who is a good role model to our children.  

And Katy says that Cody prayed the other day (they pray out loud together twice a day) and he said "Thank you Lord for blessing me with Katy as she is a really good cook."  Made her day.  So thank you Ree, for the role model and for the persona that you bring forth, and your humor and sunny disposition, and good food!

Noshville Deli, A Nashville favorite!

Katy and I ate at Noshville, before heading to the Southern Womens Show.   I'd heard about it for a long time but had never been.  A popular spot and we were able to secure a parking place since we were there around 8:30.  It was getting crowded already but we walked right in and got what looked like the last spot.  I was really good and did not get the silver dollar hash rounds.  I had a vegetable omelette with tomatoes and green peppers and fruit on the side.  And a glass of fresh squeezed OJ and water.  

Then we headed on to the Southern Women's show.  I meant to get pics but I guess we were having such a good time and it was so crowded too.  I just didn't want to be taking pics of people that might not want their pics taken too.  But we had a great time.  This time we went through much faster.  Three hours.  We met up with my Sister-in-Law, Susan, and Sarah my niece, and Susan's daughter in law, (my nephew's wife) Ellen.   And walked through with them.  

This time I did not sign up for freebies to win.  I did not sit in massage chairs.  I did not stop to anyone that yelled out for me to come to their booth (I despise that by the way).  But I did go straight in and bought two pair of Yellowbox FlipFlops from the Belk Booth.  And a handbag.  I was considering jewelry but I just didn't see anything that really hit my buttons!  I was happy with the find.  But I was sad they didn't have the "gold" flip flops I wanted.  I wonder how many pair of Yellow Box flip flops one woman should own? At least one in every color?  lol   I need to find some dressier sandals for work though.  Although I do wear these to work but I don't always prefer to.  It's just my lack of wanting to pay $100 for sandals I can wear.  I just don't get out much to shop and when I do I find them, but they are pricey.  I may have to pay that but as long as I can get away wearing the flip flops - I can afford, I'll do that. 

How is it we can spent $100 going out to a concert or dinner but to buy a pair of shoes that will last, I'm still a cheapo.  I guess I wear cheap shoes to be able to go do things we like to do huh?  Actually the flip flops are not that cheap normally.  They were $19.99 at the show but run $29.99 to $40 ish out in the stores normally.

Here we are headed to the Diner, which you can see in the background.  Actually this is the girls below.  

Katy, Sarah, and Ellen

View from The Diner, Predator (Hockey) Flag flying.

The Wedge Salad, at The Diner

This was lunch, and after a whole lot of walking.  It was a great salad.  We also had a draft Black Abbey Rose, brewsky. I will not be able to give up the occasional draft beer, but I did buy some Sams Light for home.  

Again, Katy ordered a salad with no blue cheese, and guess what she got?  A salad with ranch dressing but blue cheese crumbles.  lol  We laughed again about her getting the potato chip salad with blue cheese dressing at Sapphires a few weeks back.  I will say that The Diner has some work to do to improve their service.  Don't get the meatloaf (leather you can take home and actually use to mend your saddle).  And don't expect service to be hopping.  What they do have going for them is that the food is good 80% of the time, but the view is spectacular so to wait is not too bad when you have a view.  I'd still go back, but....probably for the seafood floor.  And I imagine that would be pricey!  But I think I'd rather be trying out a few other places downtown.  

Looking over the Schermerhorn Symphony Theatre to Bridgestone Arena.
Rooftop yard and dining area alongside the Pinnacle Building.

Zooming in to the Titans stadium at LP Field

Ellen and Sarah had to get back and Katy and I were not ready to leave yet, so we went to Bakersfield and had another drink.  Katy got a Bakersfield Margarita and I got an El Polomo, which mostly had grapefruit juice.  We split salsa and chips and I suppose the chips were my real big cheat yesterday.  But I can say that I did pretty well in my choices yesterday up to this point, considering my normal fare.

*I did not eat any of the sweets that were sampled at the Southern Women's show. 
*I did not order an omelette with any meat.  
*I gave up the desired silver dollar fried hash browns
*I gave up the 2nd beer for grapefruit dink
*Ordered salsa instead of cheese dip
*Didn't each much dinner

Leaving Bakersfield, we still were not ready to go home yet!  lol  So we headed to Green Hills Mall where my car was parked.  And we went to see the new Dillard's, but first we went into the old Dillard's b/c there was a sale.  However it was very very picked over.  They really need to just go on and close that store and ship the rest to the Dillard's outlets in a more safe environment.  Fixtures and such all stacked up and laying around.  One public liability claim with a child crossing beyond the yellow tape would far surpass in cost what little sales they will make from keeping the place open for the remaining few items.  Don't all those businesses out there need me to consult them and help make their decisions for them?  lol  lol lol  Hey I worked at Dillard's and I remember a big law suit during the last remodel phase.  I know what I'm talking about.

The new Dillard's is very nice.  However, b/c it's new - there were not any sales.  Not a one that I saw.  But I did find a bathing suit and tried it on and it made me look so slim that I thought I might run around in it all day long!  lol  When does anyone, especially one who has gained weight, look at themselves in a bathing suit and!  Paid $130 for it though.  But I knew that wasn't going to be cheap.  And I don't have time to shop before we go to Tybee so I swallowed the pill on that one.  

We headed over to Teavana in the Mall and tried some sample tea.  I ended up getting a big iced tea from what I sampled.  We had a really nice lady that helped us.  She was so excited about the tea!  She introduced us to Matcha (Green Tea Powder) as she said "would you like a Matcha Tea Shot?" (A whutttt?).  I'm snickering inside b/c there we are the Southern Mount Juliet girls "Getting on Their Know" and broadening their horizons on the world of tea so we can be Snooty Tea Socialites from here on out and we can ask others, with our right pinki held out from our cups, "Have you tried the Matcha?" Buahhahahaha.  The Matcha is green tea leaf ground up and you can make espresso like green tea and get a lot of caffeine at once.  I don't really care for the plain shots but it was good mixed in with other tea.  I just didn't need the caffeine.

Well Trained Sales Staff, Service their Customers at Teavana.  

Finally, we discover how tired our legs are.  A LOT of walking we did yesterday.  We could barely make it back to the car.  I was pleased at how the traffic was light heading back into Mount Juliet from Nashville and just a straight shot from I-440 to I-40 and home.  Not bad.  Was home in about 30 minutes.  

When I arrived I told George I really didn't want much dinner but that I was craving Lima Beans.  lol  So he fixed limas.  I had only about a tablespoon of rice with it.  He also fixed a seafood soup and I had a tiny miniature bowl of it - about a 1 cup portion.   This is about 1/3 or 1/4 of what we would normally eat for dinner.  My body said "yesssss" to the limas.  I needed whatever vitamins were in that.  It was so good.

My Yellowbox treasures!
My new thinning bathing suit!

GWP time at Dillards.  Bought my Exfoliating Scrub and Eyeliner.
$10 Purse at Women's Show, Bought the $10 Organizer to go with it.

Yes I did find this purse and although I wasn't so happy about the color/design, I could live with it since I wear a lot of black. The other colors were a bit obnoxious to carry, lol.  I need more handbags. Mine are wearing out so I'm always on the look for some cute ones.  This one was fairly cute and fits the bill. 

Coming home, I changed clothes and got into my flannel pants and a cotton shirt, rebooted the laundry, and played Tropical Farmville while George watched some basketball (I think - I wasn't paying attention.)  

Felt good to put the feet up!  

My house needs a good cleaning and picking up but no time for that this weekend.  This morning we are going to Granny's to work on the house some.  We are meeting George's sister.  George wants to eat Hot Chicken again on the way back.  If we do, it'll be no bread and probably just slaw on the side.  Or green beans.  I think it's fried.  I guess one could pick some of the sides off of it and eat the middle.  I don't know.  We'll see.  Then we won't eat dinner tonight.  Or if we do it'll have to be a vegetable.

Well, I've got the suit case out (my new one) and I have started packing but didn't get any further than PJ's and underwear.  I've sortof picked out my out fits though.  At least everything is washed.  I'll have to iron and pack when we get back from Granny's.  I'm also hoping to find a 30 minute window to walk.  And also I have to check in for my flight this afternoon so I need to set an alarm for that.

This week is going fast and we keep adding things to the calendar.  Whew!  I can barely keep up.

I AM excited though about being able to cook in the evenings.  I am getting some ideas about some lighter dinners - and I do plan to use up what we have here as we are not throwing away kielbasa and Italian sausage and so forth.  But we'll have that few and far between.  Gonna be a lot of fish and chicken, salads, and grilled and steamed veggies and beans, and rices (no so much white rice).   But I'll enjoy our meal planning and fixing and "taking the kitchen back".  Looking forward to a clean fridge, a clean counter, and organized cabinets very soon!  I'm a picky cook.

See ya.  Gotta rush and get hair and make up done so we can head out - AGAIN!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time shopping etc. I love the sandals/flip flops. Nice suit too. The purse is neutral and can be used with just about anything. I seriously need that organizer!
    It's not easy to eat well and make good choices. It's just not as fun. But...we need to do it. I'm guilty for going with "easy" which equals "not so good for me choices". What can I say.
    I hope your week goes smooth for you.
    Take care, Monica

  2. It sounds like you had a funfilled day. Looks like you found some great bargains too. How sweet the way Katy ended up with the signed book. And that Ree personalized it for her.

  3. PS) GODSPEED on your trip for work.

  4. After my move I started sorting out clothing and found 3 bathing suit bottoms and no tops so it looks like I'll be bathing suit shopping. Yikes on the cost of yours but I do like it. Sounds like a wonderful day you had and you really did do good on the eating. Lima beans or any type of bean offers the protein you need so that's probably why you were craving some. I do that at times too.

  5. How pretty your daughter is ..I love Ree's recipes. I have several of her cookbooks. Glad your daughter got to meet her.
    You look like you got some good buys. If suit feels and makes you feel comfortable it is worth every penny. I got several at Lands End and order a couple cheaper ones at JC Penny. I am glad you and George got to see his Mom. It is hard as our parents age. I know she is happy the both of you come to visit her and help her with what she needs. As I get older I am getting rid of stuff i don't wear or use. I do not want to leave daughter a mess if something would happen to her Father and I. Ones never knows what tomorrow might bring.


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