Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday's Shopping in the Rain!

A big boom (thunder) woke me up this morning just before 4 a.m.  I really didn't want to get up but shortly thereafter my mind was active and I was thinking of all I could do if I got up then.  Then another loud boom, the storm was getting closer.  So why not?  I knew George would sleep in until almost 7 so I did not fix coffee in the coffee pot - just fixed a Keurig cup.  George got up a little after 6 I think.  And the outlook for what was supposed to be our "planting and yard work day" was complete and total rain and a washout it was.  But we had some errands that we could do and so we planned a day of running errands - in the rain.  

We hung out this morning just enjoying the morning and he went to some yard sales this morning, hoping that he could score some good loot since it was raining.  He did get a few things.  He's been looking for CD's and audio books to sell at McKay's and make some $$ off of.  While he was gone I focused on laundry, picking up, starting the dishwasher, putting up some dry dishes that were in the sink, and vacuuming.  

Right before he left I fixed up some boiled eggs and boiled some little round potatoes (yep all in one pan).  I sprinkled some seasoning (rosemary, pepper flakes, onion powder) on them. And got the Tobasco out for George, lol.  This was a good morning start. 

So when George got back I took a shower and we got ready to go.  We went to the farthest point and went to PetSmart.  I immediately went to the adoption section to say hi to the doggies.  There was a terrier that had some sort of pekingese in him - I think.  I thought he was really cute but he barked hatefully at me.  lol  Hurt my feelings.  He liked George though.  Figures.  A pekingese bit me when I was a young child and I was thinking that thought when he barked at me.  I guess I sent out some kind of ill-fated sensor when I thought that.  lol So I turned and went to see the cats for adoption and we said hi to them.  Then we got our Science Diet dog food  and some peanut butter raw hyde chews, and used the card that Uncle Ken and Aunt Martha gave George for Christmas.  

Then we went to Gander Mountain.  George had a coupon to get some jeans.  However, they did not fit.  :-(  He had a pair he liked of the same style, size but for whatever reason these did not work.  But we looked around and he bought some ammunition.  He said he was glad to see that he could buy what he needed now that Obama was out of office.  lol No one is hoarding the bullets these days fearing gun control.  George bought a new gun recently and he was looking at holsters/carriers for them.  But he did not buy any thing but bullets today.  He and Katy went shooting last week on Good Friday so he needed to replenish.  He bought her some too.  

I have never shot a gun.  I promised George I would go and shoot with him sometime.  But honestly it scares me b/c I was not raised around them like he was. I am a good shot with a pellet gun though.  lol  I told him it wouldn't do me any good to carry a gun b/c we have a policy and cannot have it on the property.  He told me that the law would override that.  However, a company could still fire you for breaking their policy.  It has been scary working in the part of town that I am in.  I am so glad our offices are moving b/c it will be a lot safer.  We are right in the middle of druggies and prostitution and I'm scared to even go out to eat in that area, to get gas, to even go down the road.  My chest even gets tight and I have to turn the air on nearly every day going over the green bridge to THAT side of town.  I don't know why I always try to have a panic attack driving through that area.  It's a total mind thing.  I just do not belong over there.  And I'll be so glad to get out of it.  George, however, carries a gun on him every day.  He also works in an area that is not the best place to be.  When you are a woman, you feel even more vulnerable to things that happen daily on that side of town.  Always a shooting.  Always something going on.  Police and ambulances everywhere.  It's just a shady place.  
I may decide to carry one day. George thinks I should.  But I just don't like guns - period.

Well, we went to Aldi after that and bought a few things.  Nothing cold or frozen.  But we did buy a wine there from California that I like.  George likes it too.  It's called William Wright, Chardonnay.  I think it's like $5.99 or something like that.  Aldi has cheap wine, but good wine.  And when I discovered that this did not have a cheap taste, but an oak barrel taste, I told him we needed to get more.  So we have stopped several times to stock up.  One day George bought all they had.  They appear to be restocking so I guess we'll slow down buying it.  lol 

Then we went to Walmart and bought our normal groceries for the week.  Also I was on a mission to buy some skin care products. I really liked the Rodan and Fields, that my sister let me try.  I was going to buy the regimen from her once for letting me try it, which was going to be close to $200.  I was only going to b/c it was my sister though.  Otherwise I would have tried to find something similar.  So now, for reasons I won't go into on here, I'm not going to be buying this from my sister.   So I decided to find similar products that I liked just as well for MUCH CHEAPER.  I looked at the ingredients on Rodan and Fields and wrote them down for the #2 step Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment.  The main active ingredients are:    Allantoin and Dimethicone .  Sadly one of them is an agent found in mammal urine but also found in certain plants.  :-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
Well George helped me look and he actually found "Equate:  Regenerating Perfecting Cream."  It is compared to Olay's Regenerist Deep Hydration Cream. has similar ingredients and the only one that contains those active ingredients.  And a WHOLE lot cheaper.  I guess all I bought today was under $30.  George was happy for me to have this - ha.  Happy he was NOT spending $200!  

I did some research about Charcoal being good for your skin to pull out impurities - especially for those with oily skin that are prone to deep pores, black heads and so forth.  So this is not so much like the cleanser with Rodan and Fields but that is ok b/c the cleanser was not my favorite thing anyway.  I liked it but I actually like Clinique's Foaming Face Wash better.  I thought I'd try this though and see if I liked it first.  I really think the skin cream or protectant is going to be the most important thing.  However, I did invest in a renewing night cream just for fun.  This was also developed with dermatologists (CeraVe) and has a little bit of a different texture. I've experiemented a little already when we got home.  

Here are the products I bought!  

After Walmart we put the cool things in the cooler and then went to the Beer Store in MJ Town where Mike gave us some samples of things on draft.  He actually told us to wait that he would give us a free pint.  So he did as we shopped.  We stocked up on some new things that had come in.  I always like my Sam Adams Light.  It's the best flavored light beer.  I also found the Yacht lager that I like.  And the Ballast Long Fin lager.  So we are stocked for weeks I think.  lol George had his own favorites.  He bought an Oyster Stout.  Just....YUK! 

Then we went to Houston's Butcher shop.  I snapped some pics of things we bought so you could see the prices.  They are very reasonable.  

Hamburger meat that I will use in spaghetti, or soup:  

Oh wait, back to the skin care.  I put the Perfecting cream on my left hand which is here.  I didn't put it on my wrist but just on the back of my hand.   

This is the right hand.  Without the perfecting cream.  

It settled my hand a bit - took out discoloring and tightened it up, smoothing wrinkles.  So I'd say it works pretty good.  The consistency was very similar - not quite as sticky as the Rodan and Fields one.  Which is good in my opinion. 

Oh and I did buy a bit of a splurge at Walmart besides the facial regimen.  lol

These were only in the $4.00 range.  Candied pecans are usually double that.  So I grabbed these up at Walmart too.  

George and I heard loud thunder in almost every store we were in.  But thankfully did not have to drive in bad storms nor even heavy rain.  Somehow the heaviest downpours were while we were in stores shopping.  

We had a great time.  And we got home and I took the dogs out in moderate rain.  Well I stayed on the porch and thank goodness for long leash lines lol lol . 

Here is what all passed over us today:  

Well, I am really getting sleepy.  But we have yet to eat dinner.  We bought steaks at Houston's and George is fixing that for us tonight along with some pan roasted veggies, which we are really getting into these days.  Good thing - good for ya.

Oh I also did a Walmart order on line.  So we have had a HUGE shopping day.

Friend Lisa, from Franklin, has invited us over in a couple of weeks to go swim as their pool is open and we will plan our Tybee Island plans.  I wore my Tybee Island tee shirt today.  I saw a lady pointing to my shirt and calling attention to it with another lady that was next to her.

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  I have also not told you how many times I've played Tropical Farmville today.  lol  I got an early start.  I finally was able to buy the glass factory.  lol

Alright, ya'll have a good rest of your weekend.  Oh sorry for the no posting Friday and late post today.  I just didn't have anything to blog about yesterday and was in a hurry to get to work early as there was so much to do.

No plans for tomorrow.  I will do a heavy devo, do some reading, and must do some ironing.  May even do some cooking!  We bought some lamb stew meat (at my request) and I'm thinking that is going to be really good.  I need some soups for work.  

ok I'm really gone this time! And I'm so glad we had such a fun day.  We always seem to have fun shopping in the rain.  Not sure why but we do.  Flood warnings out now though and glad to be home.


  1. Looks like you got some really great buys. I use cerave for my dry skin. I think it is the best. It is good you found something similar to the Rodan and fields. We went grocery shopping too today. Stocked up on meats and veggies. We are starting to do more stir fry and if it don't rain we are going to have greek kabobs tomorrow. We went to two different stores to get what we needed. I wish we had a butcher like you do. Your meat prices looked really good. I hope you have a quite and restful day tomorrow. I like weekends to be fun but need a day to relax and rest.

  2. Glad the rain didn't stop your plans for the day. The beauty products and meats you picked up all look affordable. They can get pricey, I know.

  3. I think your rain is supposed to get here tonight or tomorrow. I was shopping at Walmart a while back while it was raining it really made a racket with the medal roof. Looks like you found some great buys. Take care. Jean

  4. They say when it rains to make your own sunshine and it sounds like you all did a good job of that for Sure ! We have sunny but cooler weather here for a few days! Enjoy your Sunday !

  5. I could have sworn I commented. Glad the rain didn't spoil your plans.


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