Friday, April 28, 2017

Walgreen's Scare and Diverted Diverticulitis Attack

I had to drop off film for our Transport department at Walgreen's on Dickerson Road yesterday. But while there I decided to get some bottled water for my office at work and proceeded to go to the checkout. A black male came in with a black jacket (on a warm day) with both hands in his pockets and took his place in line behind me with NO merchandise in his hands. I moved my purse to in front of me because the guy radiated evil and I could feel it in my gut. Finally as it was my turn with the checker she looked at the guy behind me and I could sense that she was nervous. I wondered if a robbery was about to occur. The checker said to the guy, "You know you are not supposed to be in here." I thought "oh good, it's just a crazy person, not a robber" (like they aren't one in the same, lol). He left, praise the Lord, but then the checker got on the red phone beside her register and told the Manager, "Hey that guy that just pulled the knife on Brittany a few minutes ago, just came back in the store!" Oh LORD, get me OUT of this area. I'm not sure who is going back in to pick up those photos, but I know who is NOT!

I do have good news though.  I am feeling better and so far able to eat and digest.  I guess we'll see in the next few days if we are out of the woods or not.  But so far so good on the diverticulitis flare up. 
The cure?  A combination of the following:

*Immediate switch to liquids and soft foods only (the internet has some good ideas for what to eat and what not to eat).  
*Drink LOTS of liquids
* Add benefiber (I use the packets since I'm always on the go - no measuring - just open and pour). No taste.  Add to coffee or water.  1 - 3 times daily.  I only did once a day but realize now I could have been doing up to 3.
*Acetamenophen - I only did one per day since I don't usually take it,  in the middle of the day to help with any inflammation.  I think this helped. 
*Probiotic - Culturelle - Lactobacillus - I really think this played a major part in helping me.  
*Stool softener - a light one - once per day -but this can be very painful if the diverticulitis is really bad.  

For the drinks - I ended up having both hot and cold and usually alternately.  I do think that coffee in the morning helps jump start things.  ;-)  Benefiber in it works great.  Coffee, water, herbal hot tea, an occasional coke.  Chamomile is good to drink.  Sleepy time tea is what I had yesterday.  Avoid alcohol which can irritate the colon, and avoid iced tea or even hot teas with "black tea leaves" which personally I think is strong enough that it can be a drying agent to the colon as well as alcohol.  But hot herbal tea seems to have a more calming and healing effect.  

I personally wonder if the aged balsamic vinegar didn't help me some too in the way that it can be healing and can help with the balance of good bacteria in your system.  So I want to be sure an mention that.  

I think a combination of these things can help.  I did have some dairy - like Yogurt and also a Frosty from Wendy's.  Dairy is not recommended but I was craving milk and so I partook and it helped satisfy my hunger for several hours.  I don't think it hurt me.  And the probiotics in the yogurt, I feel helped me.  

I am happy to be able to head back into normal eating soon.  

Yesterday, I splurged and had a donut by eating little tiny bites at a time and chewing until almost non existent.  lol  It was probably one of the best donuts I've had.  I wasn't going to have it but I kept looking at it and finally gave in.  

At lunch I had a small cup of organic vegetable soup.  And a baked potato with very little butter.  It was a huge baked potato so I saved part of it as a snack for the 3:00 hunger pangs I get to hold me til dinner.  

We had a fundraiser dinner last night.  I ate my salad, only a few bites of the chicken.  As I felt I was not ready for that kind of "mass" yet.  The bites I had were loaded with sauce and chewed again until almost non existent, lol. We had gluten free pasta which I ate all of, and for dessert tiramisu.  Who could turn that down and of course that was soft.  

I also slept REALLY GOOD last night.  

I am so glad it's Friday.  It's been a stressful week of trying to meet everyone's needs on top of it being my busiest time of year with benefits.  And on top of not feeling well but still trying to work. And on top of dealing with a family crisis.  Usually with diverticulitis you are out at least two days if not more just dealing with the struggle.  I am looking forward of two days of different focus.  And hopefully continual recovery. 

And what I wouldn't give to dig my teeth into a bite of pepperoni pizza.  I'm working up to it.  Then I can go back to worrying about keeping BP down as well as cholesterol.  Sometimes I wonder if that isn't what gets me in trouble in the first place with diverticulitis.  Or was it those triscuits or nuts that caused the issue?  Or stress?  Who knows? 

I just hope there are no setbacks and I appreciate your continued prayers.  It's so depressing when you have this issue.  For a foodie like me, to have to have liquids and soft foods for several days is really hard.  

Well, ya'll take care.  One more day of trying to take care of 3 plants and transport, and by myself too.  Needs are many, but I am ONE!


  1. Wow, that was a scary situation for you. Apparently though these people know who this is and are on the look out. It says something, that he left. I'm so thankful you are starting to get well and do think that stress has a lot to do with our health. Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead!

  2. You are lucky you survived that scary situation at the drugstore. Frightening for sure.


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