Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wonderful Relaxing Day at Mom's!

Mom's Porch in Columbia, TN
Well I missed a post on Saturday.  Just was not rested and still having to be on the move.  We had an 8:30 visit to the vet which was "walk in" and could take an hour or longer to be fit in. So we did that but didn't have to wait very long.  I ran into an old coworker/friend from the envelope plant.  So George took the dogs in and we stood outside and caught up.  (We had both dogs with us but only Tugie had the vet visit.)

The doctor gave us heart meds for Tugie.  They took x-rays and her heart is enlarged and she said that  the x-rays and based on the spells we described that we needed to get her on heart meds.

We pulled into Publix to buy sandwich meat to roll the meds in.  lol  We were getting hungry too but I told George I wanted Starbucks drive thru.  So he ate all the left over sandwich meat for breakfast and split it with Tugie and Roger.  And then drove me through the Starbucks so I could get an egg white, spinach and feta and turkey bacon on a whole grain bun.  So this sounds like my new "fast food GO TO" when I eat on the fly.  It did the job and held me for a while.  I had already had a cup or two of coffee so I went with the Passion Fruit herbal ice tea.  No sugar or not much anyway and has herbs in it. Also Starbucks has some pretty good oatmeal but it's hard to spoon feed yourself with a dog in your lap.  So the sandwich it was. 

Then we headed down to Columbia with George hyperventilating at having to pass up yard sales on the way.  lol  In Columbia we passed by a huge one going to Mom's and he just had to go back.  So we got to Mom's dropped off the dogs, grabbed Katy as she was there (Mom didn't want to go) and we said Good-Bye and went back to the yard sale.  Didn't see anything we needed.  George said CD's are going pretty good at McKaye's so he wants to buy and sell them.  

We sat around at Mom's and talked and watched the LifeTime Channel.  lol I showed her my Tropical Farmville game.  I think she would like it if she played it b/c you don't have to have facebook friends to play it.  You join a club on the game with other players.  If she joins I'll give her the club I'm in as it is a good club and we are all attentive to send "guides" and "sunshines" to one another.  lol lol 

I also took the VR (Virtual Reality) goggles and Mom enjoyed looking at things in VR.   So did Katy.  Katy is taking my goggles home to Cody to let him see it.  She found a hunting VR that she thought he'd like to see.  

We had a great meal.  My sister and her family cancelled and didn't come so it was just our family and Mom.  I was going to order Rodan and Fields this weekend from my sister, but due to circumstance beyond my control, I did not.  So I left what little was left of the Rodan and Fields trial set at Mom's, which my sister had asked me return it immediately even if the bottles were empty - so I did.  I had really liked the stuff, but have been just shocked at the pricing.  Outrageously taking advantage of people who like the product.  I was going to buy one thing of it to help my sister just one time and then no more but due to a chain of events beyond my control it looks like that will not happen. 

So I had tried the Clinique Foaming Face wash that came with my GWP this week and I LOVE that stuff.  So I think I will be buying that.  I don't like the lotion though that Clinique has.  So I'd like to find something akin to what Rodan and Fields #2 lotion is like.  It's $75 a bottle so I won't be able to do that even though I do have another friend that sells it.  I'm just not going to go that route b/c I think that is just raping people.  

Mom had an excellent meal cooked up for us.  Oh it was so good.  We all had 2nd's.  You don't always get to eat this good you know!  

Baked mashed potatoes

Green Beans and Limas

Roast and Carrots

And this was our real splurge!

Peach Cobbler

We ate about 2:30 or so.  Mid afternoon.

I guess about 5:30 or 6:00 we left Mom's and headed back home.  I was so glad that Katy came and brought Finley, who had her first trim and she was a skinny little thing.

Tugie laid around a lot yesterday (more sleeping and out of it than normal) so I guess the meds relax her some - and maybe that is a good thing.  Already I can tell that she is not coughing as much.

I on the other hand have had an ear or two full of fluid from the flight. And some ear pain.   I do not think it is an infection yet as I don't have a fever.  I'm trying to self treat right now with vinegar and alcohol.  I think when the next weather front comes in, it'll make it release into my Eustachian tube.  It seems like I have been through this before.   It may have released some overnight as I coughed some.  Even though I've not had a fever, I have felt really washed out since the trip.  Perhaps even low on iron.  I've cut out a lot of red meat so maybe the roast was good for me yesterday.  I've only wanted to sleep since I've been back from the trip and finally got in nearly 12 hours of sleep last night.   George gave me a massage with the big massager machine and that relaxed me so much I couldn't move.  It lulled me into an instant sleep.

So at 7:30 last night Tugie and I were in bed and I got up about 9:30 p.m. b/c my tummy was rumbling and I wanted to take an acetamenophin to perhaps reduce some swelling in ear tissues.  (I can't take Ibuprofen b/c of my BP meds).   So I had a half of a sandwich so I could take that and keep my tummy from feeling so empty.

Sleep was so good.  I'm hoping that I will feel better today but I can tell the fluid is still there.  I actually feel better physically though and have started the laundry.  It really messes up my day to have to stop and do this meeting, but I have to do what I have to do.  It's in the middle of the day but I guess that is best.  I was able to sleep til 7:00 and get started on laundry.

I don't have a lot of expectations to get much done in the house.  The laundry and ironing is the big thing so I have clothes to wear.  My library audio book has been renewed.  I have tried to get the doggies booked for their trim late April or early May.  (Waiting on a response from the groomer.)  My hair appointment has been made for May.  I need to get my nails and toes done.  Need to go pick out my eye glasses.  I need some more sandals (I blew out my only good dress pair this week traveling).  And I need some more jean capris.  I need to get the spring/summer clothes out of the tubs and put the winter up.  Oh gosh I need to do a lot of things.  I need to do some meal planning this week as I've promised to take up cooking during the week.  But there is no time to be organized about anything like I like to be.  Just on with life in full force with what we have.

Things will calm down eventually I hope.

To change the subject, I am laughing at our household noises.  When I get an email you can hear it on my PC and my phone.  When I get a text you can hear it on my phone and my ipad.  When George gets an email you can hear it on his ipad and his PC.  So we are just dinging all over the place.  lol

Well I need to get on with my morning! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend.  It's a short one I tell you.  No rest for the weary and no time to do anything this weekend to recoup and rejuvy except for getting more sleep.


  1. It does sound like a wonderful day with your mom. Glad you got to go but sorry your sister cancelled. Hope your Sunday is a good one. With all that sleep you should be feeling much better! It's a beautiful day here in Ohio.

  2. You sure had a lovely time at Moms this weekend, lovely that Kate was there as well. I certainly hope you NEVER EVER buy anything else for that...sister....of yours...I'm sorry that Tuggie is having to have pills to keep her going, but I hope that they will help her. I hope she won't get too,stressed out when time comes for her to be washed and trimmed etc...I hope that today has gone ok for you. I havnt heard you say you have been at church lately ? I thought you had found one you liked quite near home ?...I know your weekends are usually so busy but sometimes it could help the rest of your week if you were mixing with othe God loving friends....We have been enjoying a week of lovely warm sunny weather, the forecast says it will end tonight with a cold front arriving tomorrow...but at least my skin is not as white and pale as it was, I need only sit out in the sun for an hour or two to get a nice light tan...night night to you ALL. God Bless xxx

  3. I'm glad you got to spend time with your Mother. She looks like a wonderful cook. Family time is so important and I know how special those times with mom are. Poor sweet Tugie, I hope the meds help her feel better. I love Clinique, I use the foundation and several other things. I like Eb 5 moisturizer. It is best I have found. You can buy at penneys or Walgreens. Oil of Olay 7 is very good too. And very reasonable. We had a beautiful weekend. It was cool this morning though and we lit the fireplace. I hope you are not getting sick from plane. Those things harbor so many germs. They had a program about it. It takes me two days to get over the jet lag. Maybe that's why you feel bad? Hope u get better soon.

  4. Looks like a wonderful visit with your mom. Glad she got to try the VR .


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