Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Recovering from Hurt Feelings and Why I Don't Talk Much

Well, yesterday went well.  First day back from vacation was not too bad.  More emails and paperwork than you can imagine and no shortage of things to do, but it was not as insane as it could have been.

I spent my lunch doing a Bible Plan from YouVersion on forgiveness.  Mainly stuff I knew already.  Having studied the Bible all my life, I'm equipped with the main verses on forgiveness.  But I need some help with application.  I need to make sure I'm doing what I need to be doing in getting my own heart right in the situation I'm in.

When someone hurts your feelings and denounces you as a person because they tell you, you are soooo awful, because you did not do something they wanted you to on the day they wanted you to b/c of their own scheduling issues, and then keeps harassing you for it to the point you have to block them to be able to live and sleep without being upset....there are a lot of emotions to work through.  All of the bad things said.  All of the bad things that were said that other people said about me.  So not only do you feel like you have lost one person in your life but that your camp of people are no longer at your side, and against you instead of for you.  You go through a disappointment the size of the earth.  You begin to question your existence, your value, what you did wrong. You begin to assess the past.  You being to evaluate everyone, their motives, their reasonings, or lack there of, their role in your life, etc.  You go through shock, anger, wonder, sadness, denial, resentment, and a whole range of negative emotions.  Because of the label of gossip, you feel guilty when you talk about it, but yet you do so that you don't combust.  When it's a family member you can't just shed the person out of your life because at some point you are going to be in the same room together.

So I need some help to be able to sort my feelings, to figure out what I can do to make the situation better, for everyone, and if not everyone, then for me.  I am not simply hurt by one person here but by the judgement of several as not only the words of one have come my way.

So the study on forgiveness is so I can try to heal from hurtful words so that I will not harbor ill will against those that have talked about me, judged me, or shunned me.  I am the very creation of those that begat me and I have no way to change who I am.  What I've learned and who I am up until about age 12 or so is simply what I've been around, and the personality that God gave me, and the DNA that is within me.  The traits I have in the way that I act and respond have been learned traits that I've picked up from those that I've been around most of my life.  I can't change a lot of that.  I can change some of it but it's very hard.

I've been told I'm very negative.  But I grew up in a world in which the main things that were mentioned about anything, were the things that needed to be improved.  I recognized it as a young girl as an effort of my superiors to make the world a better place and wanting the world to be perfect.  It was only in my teen years did I realize that others did not take this same view.  It was viewed as negativity.  I was told to put on my rose colored glasses and see the world through that instead of seeing what's wrong with the world.

In my working career, I have always pointed out the things that needed improving.  I've been able to improve many things by doing so and that has been part of my success.  My goal has always been to improve my environment and everything around me.

Others have said, even my own immediate family, that I'm too pessimistic.  I argue that I am a realist.  And still argue that.  To be a realist is to know the facts and to present them as such.  So ok, perhaps I mention the bad first.  But I do mention the good too.  Maybe not as often as I should.

So I've spent the last day or so trying to evaluate me and my situation.  Why did the family member really shun me?  What is wrong with me?  Why am I not lovable?  Is my heart right in the situation?  Have I forgiven the person?  What are my feelings?  What is everyone elses feelings?  And for the love of Pete, Why don't I want to talk anymore?

So before I go any further, don't worry about me.  I'm strong and perfectly capable of dealing with all of it.  I've dealt with various messes for a long time.  It's become a way of life I suppose.   And eventually I decided I just have to live my own life and not care what anyone else thinks.  Because you can't control what they think.  And some are just going to talk about or judge someone no matter who they are.  I bet if Jesus came down and lived with them - there would be something that wouldn't be right with him.  So it's not for me to examine everyone else and why they are they way they are.  But it is for me to examine within me and to determine what I need to do different as a person.

So yesterday I spent a lot of time during my drive time, alone time, lunch time, trying to figure out how to be the best me I can be.  And what do I need to do different to be a better me for those left in my life.  For so long I've had to try to forget others feelings and just deal with my own b/c I quit trying to be a people pleaser.  I had exasperated myself.  So I think I've gone too far in the other direction.  I was not trying to be selfish, just sane. But the lines are getting muddled lately as to what my role, my actions, my feelings need to be regardless of any judgment or ill words spoken of me.

It's all very depressing I tell you to look at all of this and what it has become.  But it is what it is.  And this is why things like blogging, Farmville, pets, food, work, Facebook, time out with friends - become prominent features in your life.  It's a search for pleasure and happiness and acceptance.

So let me switch and finish up talking about what I mentioned in yesterday's blog.

Reasons Why I Don't Talk Much

1.  My head is filled with work stuff as in reality, much of the productive part of my day, using the best part of the day brainwise is all about work.  I can only talk about work so much without boring the begoozers out of everyone.

2.  I can't get in a word edgewise.  When others are talking and sometimes I try to say something, usually the only way I can is if I interrupt, b/c people don't wait for me TO talk.  I could go off on a tangent here and try to list all the reasons why people don't want me to talk, but that would be another blog post.

3.  I don't usually keep up with sports.  I don't really care for sports.  I don't excited by it.  I don't understand the hype of it.  But I go along with it and I do have favorite teams.  I just would rather do something else.

4.  I don't listen to the news much.  So I am not up on current events.  Politics bores me now that I know so much about how it is.  The news is always negative and as we know I have way too much of that in my life.  Not only all the mess mentioned above but at work in HR you get all the negative stuff too.   So I stay away from the news for the most part.  But I have nothing to offer to a conversation about what is going on in the world.

5.  The above situation has taken a toll on me.  It's not something I'm proud of.  All this mess that goes on.  So I don't talk much about family.  I don't want to dwell on the negative.

6.  My voice isn't heard.  Sometimes I actually do talk but am cut off by others whose voices are louder and don't realize (or care) that I'm talking.  And so often I just trail off and give out.

7.  If no one seems interested in my life or in what I have to say, I don't force it unless I'm just "having" to have a conversation and have no choice.  You can tell.  If a person is interested in your life they ask you questions about it.  How are you? How was your day?  What did you do today?  What did you eat for lunch?  What is going on with you?  How is your family?  Do you have any weekend plans?  How do you feel about this?  How do you view that?

8.  People are so quick to judge every damn little thing you say and do.  And as you know from above I'm just a bit tired of that.  It used to really bother me and it still does obviously but I've come to just retreat into my own zone where I should be no bother to anyone else and no reason for concern.

9.  I'm an introvert.  I was an only child til age 10.  I didn't even really need a voice as others spoke for me most of my life.  I entertained myself for most of my life.  Writing, drawing, reading, playing, listening, learning.  Speaking was not something that I did a whole lot of unless I was excited about things.  That said, here comes the next reason.

10.  I'm not excited about as much anymore.  If I'm excited about something the whole world will know it.  The world and life has brought me down in so many ways with it's disappointments and negativity.  And that said, here comes the next one.

11.  I don't want to be negative.  I truly don't want to be seen as negative.  My brain works to point out that which needs to improve.  People don't want to hear it so I try to keep it inside.  And when I am told to be more positive by someone that is negative all the damn time, I really have an ire that runs down me like a lit stick of dynamite.

12. I don't like confrontation.  So MANY people in my life are either defensive, or confrontational, or take offense, that it makes you not want to say ANYthing for fear of explosions.  So walking on egg shells happens a lot around some.

13.  I'm focused. I have a tendency to focus on ONE task or thought process and completely ignore or block out without realizing it, any and all other conversation.  This makes others mad, but I have very little control over it.  It's just the way my brain does.  It hurts my feelings when people rag me over it b/c it's a part of me and I just do not focus on a lot of stimuli at once.

And that is all I can think of right now!  If I think of any more I'll come add to it.

Hope you all have a lovely day!  

Monday, May 29, 2017

Final Day, Amelia Island, and Home Again

Container Ship, heading toward Savannah and passing Tybee Island

We are home.  Our days of Tybee are over.  And while I enjoyed it immensely, I'm ready to explore new beach areas.  But the food and the flair and the love of our unique Tybee will always remain in my heart.  What a wonderful vacation. And a wonderful week with our friends.  

I always worry that I'm too quiet when we are around people.   I've turned out to be a very quiet person, with a very little to say.  But my friends always seem to accept me as I am. Lisa and Don included.  I am horrible at being sociable.  And worry that people will think me as rude. But really it's just me being me, letting everyone else do the talking.   I was thinking that for so many years I had so much to say.  But over the years I've really gone quiet. And there are times when I do talk a whole lot.  I noticed a lot on vacation that when I did try to talk, George said it for me, or talked over me - my voice is little and is easily crowded out.  Now I often think that people really don't want to hear what I have to say anyway.  It takes a special person to draw me out.  So I had some of these thoughts on vacation.  Was I too quiet?  Am I not friendly enough?  Why don't I want to talk more? 

There was a time when George said I talked too much.  lol  I remember him telling me that.  I guess when I was younger I had more life in me, had a lot more dreams, and was animated as everything.  Now, life is almost lived out.  A few more years to go and still a few dreams in which one wonders if they will be lived out at this point.  I'm older, more tired, and basically spent.  But right now I feel as if I'm the most boring person on earth.  But how does one become a more interesting person?  I mainly spend all day at work (boring to most) and then two hours of commute all day (audio books), eat, sleep. aura is missing.  Can someone please help me find my aura?  lol 

Anyway, love my Lisa friend as she just lets me be - and if that is quiet with nothing to say - that seems to be just ok.  The guys kept her in good conversation.  I do talk, but just not a lot.  I'm an after thought.  lol

I know, I worry too much.  

I seem to have no trouble writing though.  lol

Anyway that was on my mind so I spouted that off.  

But yes, our Tybee days are over.  We've looked forward to it for so long!  

I love the cuisine and the flair of the island.  But I don't like the color of the water.  The ocean is not always so pretty.  It was brown (sandy) most of the time we were there as the water and surf were all torn up.  

While we were there three people lost their life in a bad storm at Lazeretto Creek and where the people lived that ran their fishing business.  This is where Katy and Cody left for their fishing trip three years ago.  And the same marsh/creek area where we ate at Bubba Gumbo's.  

So, we packed up Saturday morning - in a rush.  And we were out the door an hour early.  We had really made ourselves at home there at Blue Crab Cottage.  It was sad to leave, but at the same time, I was getting tired and ready to be home.  Odd as that seems. 

I will miss the pool. :-O

Too bad we can't have one at home.  I guess if we did I'd never want to work.  

So anyway, we packed up and went to eat at the Sundae Cafe before we took off.  Mainly we could have the dogs on the porch.  The food was good, but the flies were horrible.  We all tried not to complain but end the end when there are 36 flies at the table and I'm shooing so feverishly that I knock over my juice - yeah - it's just not fun anymore.  Breakfast drive thru style, would have been more fun.  I think at that point we were all ready to be on our way. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Don and Lisa!  We travel well together.  We eat and experience well together.  They are family! 

Don and Lisa headed home.  We went South for two hours to go retrieve Momma and to see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's house.   I love their house.  Lots of room.  

We were using WAZE to get us there from the shortest route and it took us the back way and therefore we thought they were out in the middle of NO Where.  They laughed when we asked "how far do you go to get to civilization and groceries?"  Not far at all they said.  Later when we went to dinner, they showed us how close they were to civilization.  It was just around the corner - well ok maybe 3 miles down and around the corner.  And they are just a few quick minutes to Amelia Island!  Oh my gosh!  I loved that place.  

We went there to eat!  
We ate at the Surf, mainly b/c we could get a parking place.  

There was someone there playing a guitar and singing.  

George asked me if he could order a beer (my Mom doesn't drink and I don't like to offend anyone).  But he wanted one and I said "go head if you want and if you do I will too".  So the lady asked me first what I wanted and I hemmed and hawwwed.  And I think either George or Uncle Ken said "get a beer if you want".  So then we said "ok" and so did Aunt Martha, lol.  We all wanted another and Uncle Ken said "get another".  (Thanks Uncle Ken).  He also bought our dinner and we were very appreciative of that.  So nice.  We loved our afternoon on Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL).  

George and Uncle Ken above looking over the menu. 

Aunt Martha and Mom looking over their menus.  

We laughed at how big Aunt Martha's burger was.  

She actually only ate half of it and George and I split the other half.  I was really torn and wanted to order a burger but decided I could get those at home anytime.  George was thinking the same, so we ordered seafood and had no problem still splitting Aunt Martha's other half of her burger, lol.  

Yeah diet starts this week!  

I asked Uncle Ken if we could go stick our feet in the sand one last time.  
He worked to find a parking spot, but he did it and got a close one too.  For that I am grateful.  You know how much I love the ocean!  

Much to my surprise the ocean looked so much prettier than Daytona, than Tybee, and almost looks like Destin.  It has an emerald green hue to the water.  I could see us going back there and then Uncle Ken drove us to the town area where all the shops were.  Oh my - love it!  I kept thinking that Katy would LOVE this area.  

Then we went back and relaxed and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's.

Tugie found CoCo's (Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's dog) bed and claimed it as her own. 

  Aunt Martha gave me some Audio books on tape.  :-)  That was so nice and I will enjoy them. 
And she gave me some clothes and Mom too.  She has lost weight and gave us some pick over some nice things she no longer needed.  We were unsure where these things would go in the car.  But George got it all in.  

Mom bought some concrete crane birds while there and she had texted me that George had to find room in the car.  We were really going worried that we had to bring those birds home.  lol  Later we get a text "just kidding".  I don't think we'd have had room.  Mom is not usually a jokester like that so I thought she was serious.  My Aunt and Uncle are coming up in June and bringing the concrete birds then.  lol  They are very pretty. 

We got up about 5:30 a.m. on Sunday and got ready and headed back.  
We were on a pine tree covered road for a long ways back to the interstate.  
The day before showed that we were in for a huge day of rain. 
What a blessing that we had ZERO rain! And very little traffic for a Memorial Day weekend. 

There were a few times that the dogs slept together on a pillow in our laps.  So sweet that they can be close.  

I had been worried about whether this trip would be too long for them but they did great!  

Even after that big long trip - of nearly 12 hours on the road with all of our stops, I was craving spaghetti so bad I was willing to cook it.  We had NO spaghetti sauce so I made a meat sauce with canned tomatoes, onion, tomato paste, hamburger, onion, and seasonings.  Turned out great!  Maybe I don't need anything else ever!  I usually use a spaghetti sauce as a "starter" for my sauces but I see now that it's not necessary.

We slurped it up and had 2nd's.  Not soon after we crashed big time.

Very thankful that God allowed us a fun trip.  And a safe trip.

We slept so good last night.  We slept good everywhere we stayed during vacation.  But I will admit it was nice being in our own bed.  I'd changed the sheets a day or so before we left and vacuumed and the kitchen was clean so it was nice coming home to a "somewhat" clean house.  However, I do need to dust and do the kitchen floor.  But I think that will be next weekend.

It was nice to get up and have the whole day to unpack, do laundry, and put things up and go to the store.  George has trimmed the bushes and mowed.

We are starting our diets.  Or should I say our "new lifestyle".  We are doing a low fat diet to curb what all damage we did on vacation, lol.  We ate well, we had a lot of wheat and bread - I mean who can turn down those good hush puppies?  We had bread for every meal and had beer every day.  So our bellies are fat and we need to lose those tire tubes we have going.  lol

You should have seen our store run!

We can have beans and chicken so George wanted to fix "white chili" tonight.  A little off season but I know it'll be good.  He bought a rotisserie chicken to go in it.

I have done SO MUCH laundry today, it's unreal.  I stopped to clean a few things as I put stuff up.  I completely went through my jewelry armoire and pulled out things I no longer wanted.  I had a lot of jewelry I bought on vacation. Well not a lot but a few more pieces.  But I thought I'd get rid of some of the older stuff I was no longer interested in.

Also got rid of a few clothes.

A busy day and I put all that first instead of blogging so I could make sure we were ready for the work week.  I didn't get all the ironing done.  But I can pick "non iron" stuff to wear and we only have a 4 day week anyway.

We have not much on our schedule - that is nice.  I want to take Mom to a cool place for her birthday in July and then Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are coming up.  And we will see them.  And we have Father's day.  We have a baseball game to cash in with the Sounds.  So not a lot planned.  I'm good with trying to get caught up on projects.  But I know my George.  He'll be planning soon.  Plus I'm going to secure dates with his sister and BIL as we want to hear all about their Italy vacation.  And I'm ready to see Richard and Kathy too.

Anyway, I'm also in a mood to simplify some things around here.  Pulling out stuff for a yard sale where I can.

Ya'll have a good evening.  The Predator's are about to come on soon and we'll eat and watch the game.

Take care!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Beach, Pool, and an Awesome 5-Star Fish Camp Dinner

Tybee Island Beach

We had a lazy morning at the house and on the porch with much coffee.  Lisa fixed some egg mcmuffins.  I forgot to tell you all in my blog that the day before I fixed us a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, grits, leftover crab cakes, and toast.   We have eaten well every day!   Mostly have not had 3 meals though but just 2 with snacks for lunch.

Then George and I went for a walk on the beach.  I could have sat all day on the beach and rented the umbrellas again.  But George had mentioned going to the shops I hadn't been to, which got my attention.  Plus he had told me that the beach was not his most favorite thing to do.  But he was willing to do the umbrella/chair thing anyway.  Of course now that I knew he didn't really want to be on the beach it made me feel like we shouldn't be there long, or that I was being selfish.  Don and Lisa went to the private beach with no restrooms and a very difficult sand dune.  After taking BP meds with a water pill in it - I have to be close to the RR for obvious reasons. lol So I had wanted to go to the public beach.  But I really wasn't adamant about a long day on the beach even if it was my last day I could.  And it was a perfect beach day.  I am ok.  We've had lots of beach/water time so I'm good.   So we just walked a ways down the beach and back and came back and got in the pool and fixed a small individual frozen pizza for lunch for each of us.  We enjoyed the pool time immensely but look closely, we had company.  Beyond the fence was a construction crew.

  I was really tired yesterday and didn't really care too much what we did.  I mean REALLY tired.   Don and Lisa was out most of the day at the private beach.  Don also rented a bike.

George and I went shopping at one of the shops - which is a favorite of mine, called Seaside Sisters.
We spent some bucks in there.  I bought a Mary Kay Andrews cookbook and George bought a couple of books as well.  I think he bought 3.  Two cookbooks and a Ukulele book.   I also bought a necklace as well.

Then George found a yard sale.  A Yard Sale!  On Tybee Island!  Oh my!  The lady had lots of jewelry and really cool things.  I bought a long sterling silver chain and a locket for $25, lots of $3 bracelets, and $2 earrings.  A  brand new picture frame for $1.  I left a happy woman.

For dinner we went to Fish Camp.  Very upscale 4 to 5 star dining, but worth every penny!  One of our most unique experiences.  We had to have a reservation.  The restaurant is in a small house.  So seating is limited.  Our reservations were accepted.  We had an amazing time.

Fish Camp, Tybee Island Restaurant 

My view inside the restaurant house.

Fish Camp, Tybee Island

We got some crab cakes for one of our appetizers since I don't do oysters.  They also ordered the smoked octopus with pork belly.  

Wonderful menu at Fish Camp

But the guys ordered lots of oysters too.  They ordered both types.

Oysters, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Crab Cakes, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Octopus, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Drink Menu, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

We ordered specialty cocktails also.  I got the Sadie's Cup.

Collection of specialty cocktails at our table, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

The Santa Ana cocktail, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Lisa's drink was pretty.  I remember my grandmother had a set of dishes like these.

The guys got soft shell crab.  As you see below.  That is squash blossom on top.

Soft Shell Crab, Fish Camp, Tybee Island GA

The girls got the stuffed trout. 

Stuffed Trout, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

The trout was on a bed of risotto that had Dijon mustard flavors and caramelized vidalia onions.

Oh it was all so good.  We were stuffed but had to get dessert.  I don't even know if I can describe them.  One was more like a chocolate mousse with chopped pistachio and the other was some type of lemon drunken bundt cake with rhubarb and berries.

Scrumptious desserts, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

We came back and sat on the porch and Lisa held Roger for a while.  I did not last long.  A big huge meal and it was past my bedtime.  My eyes got heavy.  So I went to bed, vowing to pack up this morning.  It is 7 a.m. here and we have to be out by 10 but have plenty of time.  But I best get started. 

Lisa holding Roger, on our last night on Tybee Island
Well, I need to get going and shower and pack up!  

We will be eating breakfast at a place that has a porch and is dog friendly.  And then we'll be heading South toward Jacksonville.  Actually Yulee FL.  I think I've spelled it Eulee before.  lol 

Anyway off for another day of fun.  Sad to leave our little Blue Crab Shack!  But it's been fun!  
Tomorrow we will have a long day of travel.  I do not think I will be able to blog in the morning.  But will try to pop on, on Monday and let you know we made it home.

So - please pray for our travel blessings for the next two days as we travel South and then back north.  
Ya'll have a wonderful Memorial day weekend. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Beaching, Shopping, Eating, and a Sunset on Tybee Island

Tybee Island Tourist Shops, Headed to the Beach

What a beautiful sunny day it was yesterday on Tybee Island.  However, it was a windy one as well. 
George and I paid for beach chairs and umbrella.  But so windy they had to come get the umbrella :-(  So I really lathered in sunscreen!  

Sand dunes, Tybee Island, GA

The tide really comes up this far to just below where my feet are.  It was low tide obviously.  
Yesterday was so windy that every few minutes you would see boogie boards flying the area, kids floaty wings going down the beach, and a few sand storm type of things.  People walking had to really watch their eyes when facing the wind.  People were getting sand in their eyes.  It's always a little windy at the beach but this was a bit crazy.  

We would watch people come and try to put an umbrella up - and it would be inside out within a 60 seconds.  

These girls in front of us had some really good beach music! 
George and I decided to go walk up to the pier.   Every time we go up there, someone catches a shark.  

Shark caught off Tybee pier 

Fishing, Tybee Island pier

Tybee Island, GA, from the pier. 
The ocean was really brown yesterday.  I think because of the storm had really stirred up the surf in the previous days.  And there were white caps out.

We left around 2 or so and went through some of the shops on the way back to the house.  I bought another cover up.  George bought another bathing suit.  I took a shot of the house.  

Love the tropical trees!  

We hung out at the pool the rest of the afternoon until time to shower and get ready for dinner.  

We ate at AJ's which I had been looking forward to all week. 

AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA
One of the things I've liked here is that during the week, there is not much of a wait to get in anywhere.  However, I"m not sure about the true summer months that start next week.  

Matter of fact, Memorial weekend starts today, so we are expecting crowds to come in and party crowds will be back.   We are still planning to go to the Crab Shack tonight.  We'll see if we can get in.  But all the other week days, we've walked right in and sat down for the most part.   We had to wait long enough to go to the bar and get a drink and then we went to our table.  Hey maybe they planned that, lol. 

Rum Punch at AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island

George's Bloody Mary, AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA

We had a wonderful meal overlooking the back of Tybee Island and the marsh area.  Just beautiful.  We hung out til sunset.  The food was excellent and better than I remembered.  Fried flounder, grilled shrimp and blackened scallops is what I had.  We had a couple of appetizers at the table and one was the crab legs.  Oh my!  Love them!  

Dinner on the Deck, AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA

Marshes, low country, AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA

We also had dessert.  George and I split Key Lime pie.

Deck Area, AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island GA
Lisa and Don, AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA

George and Sonya at AJ's, Tybee Island, GA

George and Sonya, AJ's, Tybee Island, GA

Wasn't sure which one I liked so I put up both.  lol   

Dinner at AJ's Restaurant, Tybee Island, GA

My plate above.  And after dinner, we hung out in the area and watched the sun go down completely.  I cannot stop taking pics of a sunset, b/c you often don't know which is going to be the best one.  I didn't post all of them, just a few. 

Sunset over the Marsh and Pier at AJ's, Tybee Island, GA

AJ's, Tybee Island, GA

Don and Lisa

Sunset, Tybee Island, GA

At Sunset, Tybee Island, GA

Sunset, Tybee Island, GA

George and Sonya, Tybee Island Sunset

Tybee Island Sunset

George, Tybee Island, GA  

George and Sonya, Tybee Island, GA

George attempting to give me bunny ears for the pic.

Getting caught and acting like he wasn't!

What a great day we had.  And came back and I tried to play Tropical Farmville but kept falling asleep.  lol  So why fight it?  The dogs and I went to bed.

Today is our last full day on Tybee.  We will get up tomorrow and head south toward Jacksonville to see my Aunt and Uncle.

Today we'll need to eat up some things in the fridge and we'll need to pack!  We've enjoyed our week here.  I've enjoyed being with Don and Lisa!  I've enjoyed the island.  I will be ok with going home.  Next beach time, I think we may do Destin, or somewhere on the gulf.  I miss my white sand beaches.

Well, better get off of here and start the day.  I hear rumors that Don is renting a bike for a day.
I'm sure the rest of us will have a beach walk in our future.  I'm not where I just have to have a beach sitting day.  I got my fill of that yesterday.

Ya'll have a good day!