Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Mixed Day: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, some good things happened yesterday!  Some things went well and worked out.  Love it when that happens.  And Katy called and wanted to go out with us after work so we went to Burger Republic, sat outside as the sun was going down, perfect weather and we watched the "moon rise".  Lovely time.

The bad...well, a few bad things happened.  None personally though.  But let's just say some annoying things happened.

Then there is the Ugly.  I have very little patience with Ugly. But it (Ugly) found itself in my day at one point.  I usually try not to react to Ugly, b/c it's best.  But when I DO finally react to Ugly, it ain't  pretty either!  It's extreme honesty and and a Holy Hell unleashing of all thoughts and feelings and facts that come rushing out at once and I'm usually not ever messed with again afterward, lol.   But overall, I don't allow Ugly.  I try to just be patient, understanding and not react and I did that yesterday. But Ugly is not acceptable behavior.  And sometimes Ugly has to be addressed.  And I'm not sure why Ugly wants to rear it's ah hum, ugly head (sorry) to make things worse instead of better.  But Ugly is as Ugly does I guess.  My point?  Just don't be Ugly to others.  There's no reason for it.  It doesn't do you any favors.  Much favor is won with honey, not bitter, and certain not Ugly!  There may be a time for Ugly, but it wasn't yesterday and it ain't today either.  Just sayin'.  lol

And that was my day of sorts. So well, I guess I'm done here til tomorrow.  Maybe it'll be something I can talk about.  lol


  1. I think that life is too short for the UGLY. There is just no time for that as far as I can see. I know that happens to all of us at one time or another, but it's sp much better to think about the beautiful and so much nicer to look on the bright side. So hope today is a beautiful one for you !

  2. as long as a bad moon wasn't rising and you were having fun. All is good. I agree you shouldn't let UGLY have it's way with you.


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