Monday, May 22, 2017

Beach, Bubba Gumbo's, and a Sunset

We enjoyed a lazy morning and had Peach bread that Lisa had bought in GA and bacon and English muffin and cream cheese.  We finally made it to the beach.  We got some chairs for the day.   It's $30 for the day, but well worth it if you ask me and necessary.  It's comfortable and shades the sun/heat off of me.  That said, we spent a lot of the time walking down the beach.  But I did enjoy reading some under the umbrella, with ocean breeze on my face.  

I will also say, having left yesterday's entry - that the "day people" looked like a much more well rounded group - cleaner, well mannered, better groomed and less scary to be around as opposed to the "night people" we saw Saturday afternoon that was loud, obnoxious, nasty, half naked, and ungroomed, and drunk.  ;-)  Back to the Tybee as I knew it a few years ago.  I think we like the weekly crowd better.  It's kinda like Opry Mills on a Saturday night - in Nashville - just don't go then.

Beach mode is mighty fine, let me tell ya!  

Here are the rocks and I believe this indicates the area in which there is more risk to swim.  However there is also a sign at the beach saying so.  However, there were still people in the water despite the sign of the current being bad there.  

There are sand bars that go way out into the ocean.  Our group did not go far.  It says to stay off the sandbars b/c the tide starts to come in and the current is rough and then you have to be rescued. 

I stayed where I was  connected to beach.  ;-)  

And then back at the umbrella, the Pringles came out and we made duck faces.  This I learned from Cliff and Donna at Just Me blog.  

Too bad it wasn't a video, we actually kissed each other.  lol 

It looked like some storms were going to roll in so we went back to the house and got into the pool until we heard thunder.  It barely rained but we all got ready for dinner.  

So we went to this place that Don found called Bubba Gumbo's as you are heading away from the main part of Tybee (like you are going home) and oh my the food was delicious!

Bubba Gumbo's, Tybee Island, GA

These views were out of the window from our table.  

It really kind of felt like you were on a boat.  The place was charming on the inside.  Old but with lots of character.

George got a bloody Mary.  lol

I was not going to get dessert really til the lady said that they had Key Lime Creme Brulee.
Oh my I was NOT going to miss that.  Matter of fact our group said let's order one to split all around.  I said "no way I want my own!  (I love key lime and creme brulee.  But just never had them together.  So we ended up with 3 of them.  lol I had my own as did George.

Key Lime Creme Brulee, Bubba Gumbo's, Tybee Island, GA

We walked out in the dock area after dinner.  Enjoyed that.

Finally a good cut in view to what the marsh/dirt/sand/grass area is like.  

On the way back George took us back to the area to let Don and Lisa see the pretty sunsets that occur on the back of the island.  I had not thought that it was a good night for it due to cloud cover.  But I was wrong. 

This was my prize picture, right here!

And a panorama of the area, which is really about a 180 view (half circle) so keep that in mind.  It's not straight but curved is what I'm saying.

Then we went back to the room and had coffee and I had hooked up Alexa.  So we showed Don and Lisa what all she would do.  Lots of laughter with that.  

What is weird is that when I asked Lisa what type of music she wanted to hear (what decade) she said 70's.  She told us what her favorite artists were and Alexa played those three artists songs first (we were not even talking to Alexa - or did we ask her to play those specific artists).  Maybe it was just a fluke, maybe not.  

Not too long after that we all went to bed.  I was a bit earlier than the rest.  I get up before everyone and go to bed before everyone. 

What a great first day!  

Well, I'm going to fix breakfast this morning as Lisa fixed yesterday while I was in the shower.  It was food she had brought.  We had not been to the store yet.  So I was unsure if we were eating out or what.  But Lisa had brought the bacon and peach bread so we ate that and we went to the Island store last night and so now we have stuff for breakfast and I'll fix it this morning.  

We also decided to eat in tonight.  I bought stuff to fix a salad and Lisa brought rice.  And the guys will go get either seafood or steak.  

Today is a knock around day.  I think it's supposed to rain some today.  We might get in some beaching but we may just explore.  I'm not entirely sure.  There is not much sun.  Tomorrow we are heading into Savannah to play.  It is the most rainy day I think. 

We do have the pool here also if we want to get in it.  

I'm so glad to be off and yes I forgot to turn my alarm off and it went off only I didn't hear it at all until it was very loud.  lol  Luckily I went back to sleep for two hours.  Tugie and Roger were waking up about 6 though and I had to get up at that point and let them outside.  

George has gone walking with the dogs.  He loves the early morning walk here.  He asks me to go each morning but I'm always in the midst of blogging which is about my only opportunity to do it.  Just like at home.  Have to get up earlier than the rest to be able to do it. 

Well, you all have a great day.  

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  1. The waterfront looks inviting. As did the restaurant. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Keep enjoying yourselves.


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