Saturday, May 27, 2017

Beach, Pool, and an Awesome 5-Star Fish Camp Dinner

Tybee Island Beach

We had a lazy morning at the house and on the porch with much coffee.  Lisa fixed some egg mcmuffins.  I forgot to tell you all in my blog that the day before I fixed us a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, grits, leftover crab cakes, and toast.   We have eaten well every day!   Mostly have not had 3 meals though but just 2 with snacks for lunch.

Then George and I went for a walk on the beach.  I could have sat all day on the beach and rented the umbrellas again.  But George had mentioned going to the shops I hadn't been to, which got my attention.  Plus he had told me that the beach was not his most favorite thing to do.  But he was willing to do the umbrella/chair thing anyway.  Of course now that I knew he didn't really want to be on the beach it made me feel like we shouldn't be there long, or that I was being selfish.  Don and Lisa went to the private beach with no restrooms and a very difficult sand dune.  After taking BP meds with a water pill in it - I have to be close to the RR for obvious reasons. lol So I had wanted to go to the public beach.  But I really wasn't adamant about a long day on the beach even if it was my last day I could.  And it was a perfect beach day.  I am ok.  We've had lots of beach/water time so I'm good.   So we just walked a ways down the beach and back and came back and got in the pool and fixed a small individual frozen pizza for lunch for each of us.  We enjoyed the pool time immensely but look closely, we had company.  Beyond the fence was a construction crew.

  I was really tired yesterday and didn't really care too much what we did.  I mean REALLY tired.   Don and Lisa was out most of the day at the private beach.  Don also rented a bike.

George and I went shopping at one of the shops - which is a favorite of mine, called Seaside Sisters.
We spent some bucks in there.  I bought a Mary Kay Andrews cookbook and George bought a couple of books as well.  I think he bought 3.  Two cookbooks and a Ukulele book.   I also bought a necklace as well.

Then George found a yard sale.  A Yard Sale!  On Tybee Island!  Oh my!  The lady had lots of jewelry and really cool things.  I bought a long sterling silver chain and a locket for $25, lots of $3 bracelets, and $2 earrings.  A  brand new picture frame for $1.  I left a happy woman.

For dinner we went to Fish Camp.  Very upscale 4 to 5 star dining, but worth every penny!  One of our most unique experiences.  We had to have a reservation.  The restaurant is in a small house.  So seating is limited.  Our reservations were accepted.  We had an amazing time.

Fish Camp, Tybee Island Restaurant 

My view inside the restaurant house.

Fish Camp, Tybee Island

We got some crab cakes for one of our appetizers since I don't do oysters.  They also ordered the smoked octopus with pork belly.  

Wonderful menu at Fish Camp

But the guys ordered lots of oysters too.  They ordered both types.

Oysters, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Crab Cakes, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Octopus, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Drink Menu, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

We ordered specialty cocktails also.  I got the Sadie's Cup.

Collection of specialty cocktails at our table, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

The Santa Ana cocktail, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

Lisa's drink was pretty.  I remember my grandmother had a set of dishes like these.

The guys got soft shell crab.  As you see below.  That is squash blossom on top.

Soft Shell Crab, Fish Camp, Tybee Island GA

The girls got the stuffed trout. 

Stuffed Trout, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

The trout was on a bed of risotto that had Dijon mustard flavors and caramelized vidalia onions.

Oh it was all so good.  We were stuffed but had to get dessert.  I don't even know if I can describe them.  One was more like a chocolate mousse with chopped pistachio and the other was some type of lemon drunken bundt cake with rhubarb and berries.

Scrumptious desserts, Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA

We came back and sat on the porch and Lisa held Roger for a while.  I did not last long.  A big huge meal and it was past my bedtime.  My eyes got heavy.  So I went to bed, vowing to pack up this morning.  It is 7 a.m. here and we have to be out by 10 but have plenty of time.  But I best get started. 

Lisa holding Roger, on our last night on Tybee Island
Well, I need to get going and shower and pack up!  

We will be eating breakfast at a place that has a porch and is dog friendly.  And then we'll be heading South toward Jacksonville.  Actually Yulee FL.  I think I've spelled it Eulee before.  lol 

Anyway off for another day of fun.  Sad to leave our little Blue Crab Shack!  But it's been fun!  
Tomorrow we will have a long day of travel.  I do not think I will be able to blog in the morning.  But will try to pop on, on Monday and let you know we made it home.

So - please pray for our travel blessings for the next two days as we travel South and then back north.  
Ya'll have a wonderful Memorial day weekend. 


  1. Hard to believe that your vacation is ending and in just a couple of days you'll be back home again. But what wonderful memories you have ! I will be keeping you in my prayers for a safe trip home.

  2. everything sounds delicious.that garage sale was fabulous. lucky finds. godspeed.

  3. As I sit here reading al about your last day on the island I am praying that you are having a safe journey home. Here a breeze has just got up and I think I can feel a change in the air that is indicating a storm is brewing, it was forecast from three this afternoon but it is now 7.45 and still dry...I hope the storm goes another way and so misses us !......I am so pleased that your week away has gone to plan and that everything with your friends has gone well, sometimes friends are OK for visiting but not so good when staying together all day that hasn't happened with you all having good times together. All your meals look and sound absolutely delicious.....God keep you safe on your journey home
    Will look out for news of the home going !! Xxxx

  4. Looks wonderful. Seeing all your pictures of such good food made me want some. So I headed out and had flounder with slaw and baked potato and wonderful hushpuppies. Then I headed to Ingals to get groceries for our barbeque. I splurged and bought a key lime pie. It was so good. I hope the rest of your trip is pretty weather.

  5. When I went to Tybee, I ate at Fish Camp, too. It was very good. Your meal looks fabulous! Yum. Welcome home, Alice


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