Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Big Ole Breakfast, Savannah, and Dodging Tornadoes

What a huge breakfast we had on the porch yesterday.  Shrimp, sausage, bacon, steak.  

Then we went into Savannah to hang for the day b/c we knew it was not going to be the best of beach days.  As storms were getting closer, I snapped this pic.  This is the bridge that heads over into South Carolina.  I want to go across it.  But may not get to.  

Got a pic of a riverboat as it went by on the Savannah River.

Had to take a pic of these old and very steep "Historical" steps back up the street level and Bay Street.  

Container ship moved through.  I'll never forget the first time I saw this massive thing move through.

Just a pic of the trees.  These did not have moss on them, but most of the trees down here do. 

We went to Moon River Brewing for drinks and appetizers.  They were out of two of the four things we ordered.  I don't think many in our group were impressed.  As we sat there the storms grew closer.  But they were slow to arrive.  I asked our group if we didn't want to stay a little longer as they were finally upon us and we would be walking in heavy rain, hail, and storms.  No one wanted to stay.  I really didn't either.  But we agreed to duck inside stores if it got to bad.  

So....we walked out, to thunder and fairly heavy rain, and a bit of wind and there was a restaurant about two doors down and Lisa said "Let's eat here!"  So we got in out of the storm. 

Early dinner at Churchill's Pub Savannah
We had a very nice waiter that took care of us.  He loved to talk.  He was a professor-turned-pastrychef-turned-waiter.  He creates and sells recipes though.  And two of his desserts were on the dessert menu.  I told him I had picked which desserts they were.  He said "ok no one can ever get it right".  I got it right.  He said "you are the only one that has ever gotten the two right".  (Really?  Or is he pulling my leg and gives that line to everyone? lol)  

My view from Churchill's Pub looking out at the storm. 

I had Shephard's Pie!  It was really really good and great comfort food.  

Shepherd's Pie, Churchill's Pub, Savannah

This was George's dish, Paella with mussels.

Paella with Shrimp and Mussels, Churchill's Pub, Savannah

This is a pic of the Marsh area on the 30 minute drive from Savannah back to Tybee.  This is after one of the storms.  It turns out later, that I realized a tornado had just gone through an hour or so before hand.  No damage I don't think.  However there is a lighthouse park that is closed and I'm not sure if it due to this storm or just water/flooding.  I'll have to do research. 

Marsh area, High Tide, near Tybee Island, GA

Well we got home and not long after that, our phones went off and we had a tornado warning.  I looked at the radar on my phone and the cell had a hook shape and it was headed right for us.  I was a little worried.  We were not in a brick house and the middle of the house is an open room.  There was no basement, of course.  There was no closed in middle room.  And there windows everywhere and large ones at that.  I found a spot b/w the fridge and the sofa with the door closed behind me that leads into the bedroom.  Was thinking that would be a safe spot.  Lisa picked out a spot for us though in the back bedroom.  It was the laundry room - in which really only a couple of people could fit.
We put our purses in the center of the room and all the dogs and humans huddled as close to the laundry room as we could.  I think there is a storage room on the outside wall against the laundry room so it wasn't totally exposed.  I was worried b/c there were more trees back there.  Anyway, heavy rain came.  I didn't hear anything that sounded like hail.  And it did get a little windy but it seemed like we were on the outer fringes and the worst part went to our south and out to sea.

It was a scary 45 minutes or so.  Then as it calmed down and moved on we went out on the screened in porch and watched it go out.  The lightning was incredible and very pretty.  I could see what looked like a wedge funnel in the air when the lightning would show the clouds.  It was very hard to see as the lightning was quick to come and go.

Before I went to bed I saw that there had been a tornado in Tybee (well a funnel cloud) while we were in Savannah.

Today, it is supposed to storm some more but the chance for tornadoes is low.  However they could still be severe with dime size hail and lots of lightning and wind.  I think the plan is to hang around Tybee today, do some gift shops, and perhaps eat at a restaurant for lunch that we've been wanting to eat at.

I slept in later than I have all week so far.  I guess it took a tornado to take enough out of me to sleep. lol

Ya'll have a wonderful day.  Lazy day here.


  1. Severe weather like that is no fun for sure, but glad you were able to enjoy a good part of the day. Hopefully today will be a better one !

  2. We are under tornado watch now. I hate it. It makes me feel so helpless. I sent hubby to store to get batteries and bottled water to have just in case. I have a big house all one level no where to hide except hall or closet if it hits. Your breakfast looks wonderful. I hope it misses you too.

  3. Breakfast and dinner looked DELICIOUS. I'm glad the tornado didn't hit your area and that you found a safe spot to ride out the storm.


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