Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boring Entry, Big Brother, and Breakfast for Dinner

Omelette, Grits, Waffles for dinner

Well, don't really want to talk about my day due to "the Stalkers" and/or "Big Brother" as some call it -  so I am often left to just tell you about my evenings which are quite uneventful.  So you end up getting pics of Chef George's cooking instead.  lol  

Not really much to tell anymore.  Oh wait - but there IS actually quite a lot to tell.  But Mom or the private blog gets all those details now and the elite of the faithful blog reader purists get to read that. And those that were sticking their noses in are left to be curious now as they ruined it for themselves and everyone else.  But .....breakfast for dinner was really good.   What else can I say?  lol 

I could give you a Tropical Farmville report every day?  
I'm only at $50,000 and working up to $200,000 so I can buy a prize piece of property!  lol 
I'm making all kinds of sunscreen and binoculars at the factory - and looking for seaglass.  

A busy week this week with hair appointment, nails appointment, vet appointment, and tonight I have dog duty as George and his sister meet with an appraiser.  

And on that note I should head out.  I guess everything is "flowing along".  So far so good.  ;-)  

Just not a lot I can tell today.  


  1. Sounds like a hectic week ahead for you. Nothing you ever tell us about is boring including the nightly menu.

  2. I really think you said a lot. Not so bad seeing those pictures of dinner. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and can be had at anytime of day ! Hoping your busy week goes well!

  3. I would like to have access to your private blog where I would hope you can be your unfiltered self. You can reach me at : monicasemails324@gmail.com
    if you choose.
    Take care, Monica

  4. I'm sorry to hear you having to cut back on what you say on your blog. I still enjoy reading about George's cooking everything looks so good. Take care. Jean

  5. I am not a stalker or big brother. Just a housewife living and doing the best I can. The computer games and blogs are my hobby.


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