Thursday, May 4, 2017

Busy Little Day

I'm really starting to get excited about our trip coming up.  I looked at the calendar, now that it has turned to May, and I'm in shock as to how close it finally is.  We leave in just a little over 2 weeks.  Wow!  It seemed so far away until the calendar month turned.

Yesterday, after work, I ran to the vet to get Tugie's meds.  I think they gave us a full order this time but we'll have to get more before we go on vacay.  We'll need to count the days up and I'll have to call and order more toward the end of next week so we can get it picked up by the 19th.  They said to always call a week ahead.

Then I went to get my nails done.  Oh my word, it took forever.  I had to wait an hour.  It's prom week.  :-O.  I wasn't expecting that, but I waited b/c I really needed to be on schedule.  If I have something planned, I'm not of fond of surprise changes.  lol  But I took it as a nice opportunity to read the news on my phone, and to play my game.  lol

After that I went to Publix to pick up my own meds.  And to get bottled water for my office at work.  And of course, I can't just pick up water.  I went through the whole store and got some things George wanted, some more salad, sandwich meat, yogurt, and some specialty designer waters - just b/c I wanted to drink water and have it feel special, so that I will actually drink more of it.  lol

I was in the ice cream aisle and it was if fate, God, or George's ESP capabilities - needed to rescue me, and he texted:
G:  "how close you are to coming home?"
Me:  I'm in the ice cream aisle, soon to check out
G:   Dinner ready
Me: ok

I gave up reading lables and just grabbed some ice cream sandwiches and threw them in the cart.  I haven't had them in forever.  150 calories - maybe on a day I've eaten less already, I'll have one.  It'll be my dairy.  ;-)  I don't like milk. I go to come home, drop the groceries on the front steps and ring the doorbell lol.  Then park the car in the garage and come on in.  I do not like waggin' groceries through the garage, through the basement and up the stairs in numerous trips.  Often I back up to the front steps but George has really worked hard in the yard so I didn't want to put tire tracks on it - a few more steps didn't hurt me.

By then it was 8:15.  Yes!  8:15!  George had fixed ravioli and pork chop.  My lunch was still with me but I ate what I could.  I had a gyro platter, which really hit the spot b/c I've not been able to eat anything heavy like that over the past week.  So it was really good.  I didn't get lunch yesterday but ate during a conf call.  And after dinner it was time for bed.  But I stayed up an extra hour to figure out Mother's day.  So we could get reservations made.  We are going to some new places and I'm excited for that.  So is Katy.  I texted her.   She's giving me the day for Mom's day on Saturday the 13th.  We'll be taking MY Mom out on the 14th.  So that is next - to make reservations for that. So I texted Kate.

Me:  You awake?
Katy:  yeah what's up?
Me:  Made reservations for 4 at Uncle Julio's for our Mother's day excursion and we can go to a new brewery place out that way earlier in the day for a beer and appetizer (late lunch)- and maybe hit some shops and then go to the restaurant.
Katy:  Oh yeah!  I've been wanting to go to both of those places.  Good.

So we got that done.  I do want to find some places to shop.

So bed was calling.  And believe me I had no trouble falling asleep. But I did try to get as much done on Tropical Farmville before hitting the pillow.  ;-)

Today is Thursday and I'm taking my assistant out for her birthday lunch now that I am not having to be picky about eating.  I've eaten well the last 2 to 3 days.  So far so good.

Well, much to do and need to get to work a bit earlier since I'm taking a lunch today.  I have to leave at 4:30 to be home in MJ Town as I get my hair cut today.  Yay.  Then I can color it.  I refuse to color til it's cut.  A lot easier.

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. Sounds like a good day even if it was a busy one. They say we should be thankful for those times we have to's usually for a reason. Rain rain and more rain coming our way here. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. I always like trying the specialty waters too. You will have a good time for Mother's Day, I'm sure. It's fun to go to new places. Ice cream sandwiches are always great too. YUM!


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