Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dinner and a Movie

I think we have a full moon tonight?  It's not been too wild on this one.   It is the full flower moon and becomes full before we even see it on the horizon, as I read on the internet, at 5:42.

George and I went to Martin's BBQ and ate dinner last night.  It's a pricey little place for the food you get.  I had always had the bbq tacos which are a bit more reasonable.  At least they were not out of BBQ or broccoli salad.  I've been there before when they ran out of BBQ and then also when they had made the broccoli salad with salt instead of sugar.  They seem to be a little unorganized over there sometimes and I know I've seen their catering first hand - an hour late to serve a wedding party (big no no) and they forgot the sauce to pour on the slaw.  It was just raw slaw - unfinished.  What a mess. They have some opportunities for improvement.  But last night we were able to get what we ordered.

We went to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy last night.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2

 Well, you can look at the picture and tell this is not quite the movie I'd have picked to see.  But George saw the first one and loved it.  The characters make him laugh out loud.  I will say that the characters are well defined and pretty sly and humorous in their banterings to one another.  I enjoyed that.  The parts I did not like was the fighting and loudness of it.  Of course there is always the big blowout at the end of all of these types of movies.  During that part while everyone else is on the edge of their seats into it - I'm like "oh gosh when is this mess gonna be over?" lol  I liked the conversations, the plot, and all that - but remove me from the room when the explosions happen.  lol

Hey you know the special effects people really have a job when it comes to taking care of the noises in a film.  I think it would be incredible to tack along with the special effects team when creating a movie.  I really think that one of the scenes had like the sound of a toilet magnified 100 times in it.

But I what I really liked in this movie was the sound track - the music was awesome.  Old 80's - maybe 70's music.  Loved that part.

And I especially loved this guy.  Little Groot.  He's like a little twig and sits on their shoulders.

Well, anyway, I was able to watch it and enjoyed most of it!

So off to finish getting ready and head in.  I slept in a bit this morning.  Needing some pretty heavy coffee too since I got to bed an hour and a half late.

And my glands are still swollen in my neck.  I'm not sure what is causing that.  But I've been a little stuffy too.  Thank goodness no plans tonight.  I'll come home and do laundry and iron some more shirts to take on vacay.

Our plan now is to spend the night at Mom's the night before.  So we have an hour start.  

Better go!


  1. Dinner and a movie out sounds like a great way just to relax. Hope you feel better and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Dinner sounded good. And the movie soundtrack too. We never go out to the movies anymore. Sounds like fun.

  3. As Ma says movie and dinner sounds like a good idea. Glad the dinner turned out not to bad same with the film...hope the rest of the week goes better xx


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