Sunday, May 14, 2017

Exploring in Franklin, TN for my Mother's Day with Katy

Just a little funny for ya!  This is what happens when you have time to goof off in the car.

It's been a busy but fun weekend.  If ever I needed a weekend at home, this one would have been it.  But it happens to be the Mother's day weekend, so we have been gone both days, but totally worth it to tell our Mother's we love them and to be with Katy who wanted to spend time with me and it was just a very fine weekend.

First of all Saturday we took Tugie to the vet and had her x-ray done and got more meds so that we would have enough to get us through the trip.

She did not have as much fluid on her heart so the meds were doing good.  We ran some other errands and picked Katy up and we hung out in the Franklin area.  So many new restaurants that we haven't been to, so we went to Granite City and had appetizers and did a flight.  I liked how you could choose your flight elements.  I like lighter to medium beers, not so hoppy.  George likes them dark.  Katy is like me and likes hers light although she will venture out some if it's not too hoppy and not too stout.  So she and I got the lighter flights.  It was great.

Katy over did it with gifts and she both our lunch too.  So sweet.

An array of gift cards to use for lunch or whatever.  Might use some of those on vacation as we go through drive thrus!  

Everyone should have a "Stressless" Candle.  ;-)

Light Flight at Granite City Restaurant and Brewery, Franklin, TN
Maple Bacon Sundried Tomato Flatbread, Artichoke Dip, Granite City

We went shopping on some nearby stores, after a very filling lunch of appetizers and some wonderful cheer, and finding my favorite beer (hey that rhymes) - favorite beer being "The Northern".  Must go back!  The food was excellent.  I recommend the flat bread but their spinach artichoke dip was probably the best I've ever had.

We went into Whole Foods and I had to take this picture and send to my coworker in the safety department.  She loved it. We agreed it would lend to a whole new realm of thought to the safety team I guess.  lol  I'm left to wonder what the heck a safety meeting smells like?   And now, what a safety meeting COULD smell like?  lol

Safety Meeting Brew found at Whole Foods, Franklin, TN
I kinda wanted to try it but I'm not an IPA fan.  It's too hoppy. They should have called it "The Captain's Yacht", lol.  Why?  It's a bit pricey.  I have to find out how it got it's name though.

We also went into a wine/liquor/beer store called The Bottle Shop.  George and I are always on the look out for some good wines.  We usually stay in a certain range.  We look for good wines on sale.  Yesterday this store had wine tastings and the guy called from across the store and said "hey you guys want a wine tasting?"  I'm thinking, and I think I actually said it out loud, "do we want a wine tasting???"  lol  We love wine tastings.  This was a really special tasting for us too.  He was giving some tastings from France and Italy.  I think for the first time my tastes have actually been broadened a bit.  What we have been drinking tastes nothing like the smoothness from those.  Well, hellooooo we bought 3 bottles.  It helped that we were going on vacation.  We will share these special bottles with our friends on vacation.  I'm so excited.  There is nothing better than being able to gather with good friends and share a bottle of wine pre-dinner.  I'm so excited to get to be with our friends for a whole week!  We just don't get to see each other enough and we are so happy to show them this beautiful spot at Tybee with it's awesome seafood and nature.  Love the marshes, the helicopter birds that are unique to the area, and Savannah to hang out and shop in.  Gonna be fun! I want to drive around and look at some of the other islands.  Hilton Head is not far either.

We also went to Fresh Market in Brentwood b/c it's a cool store!  We bought some coffee in there to take on vacation too.  I'd already bought some but we found some blue mountain coffee we liked.  So we'll save the Starbucks til we come back.

We bought several things yesterday.  This was at Whole Foods.  It has one of nearly every kind of rice.

George bought some Purple Rice.  I said "because it's purple?" (He likes purple).  He said "no because it says it's sticky rice and I want to see if it really is".  lol  I guess we'll see.

So George said he read that this was supposed to be one of the best types of rice in the world.  It was pretty pricey for rice, but to us this is not only food but entertainment, lol.  So we bought it just to see. And it comes in a cute cloth bag which I'll want to keep!

Then for dinner we went to Uncle Julio's.    I have been so excited about this place.  A business associate was so adamant that I would love the place.

My view at Uncle Julio's, Brentwood, TN

My review?  Well, I ordered a Paloma which is 1 part tequila and 3 parts grapefuit soda.  It's a refreshing drink and not too strong.  They had like 3/4 ice and 1/4 paloma drink, lol.  So it didn't last but like two sips and was a $10 drink.  That did NOT make me happy and of course I refused to pay for another drink of ANY kind.  I told George that no one could be a bartender like he could!  ;-) 

We ordered guacamole at the table.  I could have had it or not but ---someone said "never turn down the opportunity to have fresh guac made at the table."  Sounded like a good rule to me.  lol  George spent the weekend going "not my decision, it's your weekend".  lol  So we ordered the Guac and it was like the best I've had.  Well, Katy's guac is always good too.  Always love hers. 

I ordered the fish tacos, as I felt that would be good for me.  Well, it was bland.  Like usually fish tacos have some type of sauce or perhaps the slaw is made with a certain sauce that gives it flavor, but this was dry and no taste.  The fish was good, but it was just bland.  I had to wait to ask our waiter for it who seemed to disappear into NOWhereLand.  Finally I had to wave from across the room for help.  He finally spotted me.  (Took about 12 minutes).  Of course it makes the family feel bad b/c they know you are not happy so it stalls the happiness level at the table til the person gets the waiter and is taken care of.  He had very few suggestions as to what kind of sauce I should put on it.  I made him list a few and picked one.  Ennnnhhhhh - it didn't go with it.  At all.  I smiled and told my family I was fine.  I just ate the fish plain out of the tacos, lol.  I doused it with salsa.  So yes, I was disappointed.  I love enchiladas and I just wish I had ordered that instead.  

We are huge foodies you know, and we eat fish tacos a lot.  I was very disappointed in the flavor.  I am very spoiled to the likes of Bakersfield and Mas Taco in Nashville.  They do it right.  Authentic and right.  

Oh well, you can't win 'em all.  I wanted to like the place, but I think they struck out for me.  It's not that I wouldn't go back, but honestly the competition is pretty stiff.  The fact that they have chocolate pinatas that the kids love to get - and outside patio dining - and that they serve Mexican food and are in a prime location - will keep them in business for a while.  But being a real foodie - I'm afraid it didn't impress me for a return visit - unless of course I'm meeting someone that really wants to go there.  I won't be snob enough not to go but I am snob enough to snub them for the search of better cuisine.  Perhaps if they hadn't been stingy with the Paloma, lol, I might never have noticed how bland the taco was.  Hey ya never know when a foodie type will do their blog review on your restaurant.  I don't have a local following in Nashville for that purpose so aren't they lucky?  

Our waiter was also a bit funky, not focused, or --- something.  Yeah, I wanted to like the place, but I just didn't. 

But I had a great day!  And I enjoyed hopping around with my family shopping and exploring - just like we were on vacation.  I love my daughter so.  She is so fun.  She is such a "little us" in her explorations of good food, good tastes, and life's experiences.  Life is good when we are all together. 
We missed Cody - and he had to work but he got home a little before we dropped Katy off.  Our reservations were a little early or he could have gone.  We took him something back. 

George and I came home and I hit the bed.  So full, and so tired.  Bed felt good.  

We got up today and did it all over again - doing Mother's day with Mom.   We met her at the Kohl's parking lot in Spring Hill and then drove into Franklin and went to Famous Dave's.  We got the food for 3 that comes out on a trash can lid.  lol  I took pictures and will share pics from today later in the week.  

Uncle Julio's Making Guacamole at the table

Ok, I'd go back for the guac!  And below is George's ToGo box!

Oh and George bought some Cajun peanuts at Fresh Market. 

Well, I have been on here way too long today.  I changed the blog around in celebration of going on vacation.  And now I need to change sheets and iron and get a few things done.  And I'm quickly getting sleepy!  

I guess vacuuming is out of the question tonight.  lol  

Ya'll have a great evening and I'll probably not do a blog entry tomorrow.  I will show some more pics on Tuesday.

Back to work for 5 days and then on vacation. 


  1. Looks like you had a great day. HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY!

  2. We tend to go to our same favorite places to eat over and over because I HATE to spend a bundle of money on a meal only to find out it isn't worth the cost. We almost always drink water with meals, too, simply because of the high price of drinks (especially alcoholic drinks).

  3. What a wonderful Mothers Day weekend you had ! Time with your girl and your mom is always good. Hope your Monday is a great one! Knowing vacation is just days away now should make for a great week!


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