Friday, May 12, 2017

"Friday Tired" and "Getting Ready for Vacay"

Good morning!  Well I made it through ok yesterday with only 4 hours sleep.  I was really feeling it last night.  I wonder if the full moon has any effect on sleep?  I've noticed that I am awake about once a month and it's often on or around full moon.  I guess that is the 2nd question I'll ask God one day.  "Did the full moon really impact people like it did the tides or was it just a fluke?"  lol  The first question being "Why is good tasting food bad for you and vice versa?"  lol  I wonder if we will just be "all knowing" once we get to heaven or if we will have questions.  Maybe we won't have a memory.  Will I forget my questions?  Maybe there will be a Q & A Banquet on Thursdays or something?  lol

Took my assistant out to lunch for her birthday finally at Chuy's.  We have tried to go without success the last two weeks.  It was devine.

I'm truly surprised at how less sleep didn't effect me as much as I thought.  I was able to concentrate.  So that is good.  I was afraid I'd be a bear with a bad disposition but I think I laughed quite a bit yesterday.

However, when I got home I truly collapsed on the sofa with one dog on each side.  I petted the dogs and talked to them and they ate it up.  After a few heavy sighs and about a 15 minute "love my dog" session, I finally got up and put my jammies on.  And I finished my book on Cruising Attitudes.

I was so tired that I was not even hungry.  George was mowing.  And I felt like I should cook for him but we hadn't talked and I wasn't sure how hungry he was.  If he'd had a big lunch like I did, he may be good to graze.  Sometimes we do that.  An egg.  Oatmeal.  Grits.  I would have been good with just a slice of cheese.  But he was in the mood for a baked potato.  That was light enough for me too.  It was good.  We watched Below Deck Mediterranean.

Then it was past bedtime, and Tugie and I headed to bed.  I slept pretty good and woke up once.

Going to have to really watch the sugar and starch a little better.  I'm so tired of worrying about what to eat and what not to eat.  You finally get in the rhythm of eating better and then have the reward of something like diverticulitis.   The struggle is real.  When I try to watch what I eat it truly causes reactions and issues.  That is unsettling.  So the past few weeks I've really gone back to eating "whatever".  It's just a cycle.  But I guess I'll keep trying. I really don't have my goals defined now.  I'm just really confused about it all at this point.  The only goal now really is to try to fit in walking every day.  That is quite laughable being that I leave the house at 6:45 and then get home at 6 in the evenings or later.

So, I guess I need some inspiration some how.  My efforts have not been rewarded.  So I'm not sure what to think but to keep trying I guess.

I'm pretty exhausted this morning though having slept well for most of the night.  I guess the lack of sleep thing is delayed.  But I have coffee and will become instant human on the 2nd cup.

As vacation nears, I see just how much there is to do and little time to do it.  Be calm, right?
At least the hard part is done and that was figuring out my outfits.  I'm taking more shirts than I need.  I have warmer shirts for the evenings and nicer tops for our seafood meals out.  I have more casual (but only two tee shirts) for the day time.  But I do need to do more laundry this weekend and do some ironing and pack everything.  Then I'll make a list of what is left.  I will need to go to the store again I think for water and drinks on the road.  We'll have to wear old clothes and the holey underwear next week - lol b/c I won't be doing much laundry as we get into next week.

The week is busy.  Katy and I get pedi's one night and I am doing my mani on another night b/c we want to do a fun pedi on Wed night. We have a favorite place we like to go to that serves wine and does a better pedi, and leg and foot massage.  But I like my regular place for my nails.  My regular place went up on their pedicures and they don't even serve wine, and their massages are not as good.  So they just priced themselves out of my world.  I'll go pay a little more for a lot more in return.  lol  But yeah so now my week is busying up next week.

George wants us to leave and spend the night with Mom.  I thought it was more trouble to do that - but just get up an hour earlier.  So I guess I'll have to pack like an extra bag or something.  But he wants to be already an hour and half ahead of the game so we'll be leaving early next Saturday from Mom's.

We are getting our house sitters lined up and they will also take care of the pets and all else while here.  I can't believe how fast the time is going.  I remember thinking it'll be two months til vacation and then thinking that it will be two weeks til vacation and now it's down to ONE WEEK!  As we leave after work next Friday to go to Mom's!

George has the timing and the route all planned.  We need to call my Aunt and Uncle and make our plans for next Saturday.  Of course we'll have to text as we go along on the exact timing.  I think I may get pringles for the car.  lol  I'm making some brownies, Lord willing Thursday night.

Well I need to go.  I also need to figure out why my computer now says it's 1:02 p.m.  This is nuts.  What would change your system time?  Good grief!

Ya'll have a good day.  I'm going for another cup of Joe!


  1. I know how much you need it to be Friday and the end of your work week. A second cup of coffee always makes a difference for me too. Knowing that vacation is so near now is so exciting. The anticipation will no doubt carry you through next week. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  2. When your butt is dragging you have to find the sleep somehow. sounds like you and your pups did. a light dinner is always nice.vacation time will be nice i know.


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