Monday, May 8, 2017

Fun Times and a Busy Fun Weekend

George, Sonya, Don, Lisa

We did have a lovely time with our friends on Saturday.  The time went by so fast.  It always does.  The KY Derby was on and so we wore hats and Don made us Manhattans.  I'd never had one.  

George, Hattin' it Up for the Derby

Our Hats, Derby Day

Don had grilled out and made some meats in marinades and when he grills, amazing things happen.  Oh that was all so good.    George and I had stopped at the Publix in the nice new shopping area there in Franklin.  He stayed with the dogs while I bought hummus, chips, salad fixins, and beer and wine.  We know how to party, I guess.  George chopped the veggies and made a beautiful salad. 

Salad to go along with our Meat and Taters

Lisa and Amber and I put on our swim suits and got in the heated pool and then in the hot tub.  It was so nice.  

Our babies tapped out.  They are lucky that Lisa allows them on the leather sofa.  It must be ok b/c they keep inviting them back.  They love dogs too and have a standard poodle, GiGi.  

Tapped out Doggies around 11 p.m.

We stayed til about 11:15 at Don and Lisa's so it was midnight by the time we got home.  This is why we normally spend the night.  But we had much to do on Saturday and it also takes up Don and Lisa's time too - so even though we were invited to stay over, we decided to go home and wake up in our own home.  They are busy too.  So it worked out.  But I tell ya, I was so sleepy coming home.  George was good and awake though.  He often stays up that late anyway. 

We did go see his Mom on Saturday also before heading to Lisa's. And had also "Yard Sailed" while the doggies were being trimmed.  I also had a nap after picking up our babies from the groomer.  I never nap but good thing I did or I'd have fallen asleep at Don and Lisa's.  

Sunday I worked at cleaning up the house using the connect the dot method.  lol  But most of my day was concentrated at getting laundry, ironing, packing and trying on clothes to see what tops go with what shorts, capris, etc.  

One pair of my new knee length shorts are too big now.  I guess I lost a few with the diverticulitis scare.  So I'm going to wash and dry them and hope they shrink just enough.  A bit scared.  The other clothes fit fine - but that one just a bit big.  I am partially packed for vacation.  I'm just not used to wearing casual clothes much to look nice.  I mean if we are going around town shopping or something I might wear capris and a tee shirt.  But on vacation I want to look a little bit nicer than t-shirt as often we end up in restaurants for dinner by days in.  So my casual wear is up a notch - not dressy by any means, but not a tee shirt.  So I had to try them on with various shorts, capris etc to see what looked right.  I have the outfits packed together so I don't have to "re do" that on vacation.  I packed tops along with the pants they go with.  Yes it's too early to pack!  We leave in less than two weeks but next weekend is busy both days so I needed to get this time consuming part over with.  I still have to iron some things and obviously do more laundry.  But at least the hard part is over. Trying to decide "what" to wear, and being worried that I had enough to wear that looked decent for a whole week of "upgraded casual", lol.  I still am taking t shirts too, lol. 

While ironing yesterday I listened to the Life at Sea Level book - which really should be more of a history book on the Caribbean area, lol.  It is less about cruising and more about the history of those that also cruised the area.  Yesterday he talked of Pirates.   

George and I went to Olive Garden last night to use our gift cards.  We had a wonderful meal.  I ate a meal that was only 550 calories according to the menu, however, I'm pretty sure it was more than that.  But whatever.  

And we split dessert since our meals were not heavy heavy.  Oh this was so good.  It was called Chocolate Lasagna.

Chocolate Lasagna at Olive Garden

We then went to the store at Kroger Providence and bought a few things for the week.

I came home and read a chapter in the Cruising Attitude book.  And fell asleep.

With all our car time and travel this weekend - which was a lot, I played my Tropical Island game (Zynga Farmville).  And a bit at home as well during breaks.  Somehow I managed to win the tournament, lol.  When I saw I was number 2, I began making things that had higher point value and I awoke this morning wondering if I had won.  Sure enough I did.   I'm "Palm Bay Resort".  I don't know why the names had not loaded yet of 2 and 3 when I took this pic.  My ipad mini given to me when I was 50, is getting slower and not working as well.  Matter of fact I get knocked off my game a lot.  I get an extra boar for a week.  Boars give you tapioca.  I won a bunch of money and prizes for the game.  lol

So silly I know.  But it's fun and clears the mind.

Next up is to pick my books for vacation.   However, really what I need to do is get ready for work. lol

Boy these weekends sure go fast.  Now I need to gear up and get things done for when I go on vacay so hopefully there is not as much to do when I come back.  If I can keep ahead of the game.  Hard to do when you are behind b/c of open enrollment but at least that is over with and I can try to catch up and get ahead too.  Wish me luck on that one.  ha.

Ya'll have a great week. 


  1. It would be wonderful to be all caught up and even a little a head! Glad you finally got to the point you can work on that. 2 weeks isn't really so far away at all. The way time flies, it'll be here before you know it. Also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your kind thoughts. Your card was a blessing just when I needed it !

  2. Packing now is a good idea. It's closer than you think. hope you can replace the shorts that are too big. derby day looked like fun. glad you had a good time.


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