Saturday, May 6, 2017

Heavy Traffic, Hair Cuts, and Computer Glasses

Sometimes it's just good to be home.  I left at 4:30 yesterday.  Although George wanted me to leave at 4 so we could take Tugie to the vet.  Usually I stay til 5 and sometimes 5:30 but this week it seems as though EVERY day there was something going on after work.  I told him I didn't want to leave at 4.  There was too much I needed to do.  And the vet is open for a while so it shouldn't be a problem. And unfortunately I didn't realize that there had been a fatality on Briley Parkway and I got on it.  Traffic is always heavy so I didn't think anything of it - til we stopped moving.

Thank goodness for my audio book which kept me entertained and it was at a good point.  It took nearly two hours to get home.   I called George and asked if he just wanted to meet me at the vet since he was already home.  He said, "naw it's so late now, I think we'll just take her another day".  She is no longer hurting.  I think she needed expressing and perhaps when she went outside it all worked out.  She gets her grooming this morning and that is part of what they do, so hopefully all is well in that respect, but we are supposed to get x-rays of her heart.  But we keep putting it off.

Once I got home, we discussed going out to get BBQ or not.  I was in the rare mood for BBQ.  After being in the car for 3 hours total for the day, and 9 hours of work - that was 12 hours given to the work cause - I was READY to be home!  So George fixed us a big salad.   I played my game and tried to get warm.  Closed off the sun room and turned on the heat.  A cold front had brought cooler temps.  So we've gone from a period of 80's to basically 50's and 60's (near 40 degree temps I think last night).

George watched the Preds and I did too for a little bit until after we ate.  I went to the other sofa in another room where it was quiet and comfortable since George took my comfy spot when I left the room for a few minutes.  ::sigh::  I don't really like our den furniture anymore.  I'm about ready for an upgrade.  But there is so much we need to do.  I don't dare mention it other than hinting.  lol

So it was so comfy in the other room that I fell asleep.  lol  It's just been a long week.

So here we are at the weekend and I'm realizing that tomorrow is our only free day until vacation.  Wow.  You know what that means?  I need to gather some things together and start the packing process.  I will never get it all done if I have to do it in the evenings when I've given my entire day of 12 hours to work and driving to and fro.  By evenings, I'm too pooped to do anything worthwhile as work has usurped any energy and brain thought I could possibly have.

Today we take the dogs for a trim.  So far Sandy has not cancelled.  She cancelled last week.  If she cancels today at the last minute I don't know what we will do.  I'll have to scramble around and find someone else.  It's hard to do at the last minute.  It just needs to happen today.  My dogs are woolly boogers for sure.

Oh I got my hair cut Wed night.  I was disappointed b/c I wanted longer softer layers.  She made my layers really short.  She gave it a good shot to try to match the picture I gave her of one of my favorite hair cuts.  She tried to style it and it looked awful.  When I got home I decided to go ahead and color my hair as it needed styling by me anyway and I'd have to rewet it.  I couldn't go to bed until I would know how to make my hair look better.  So I colored it Thurs night and then blew it dry and styled with a round brush.  It looked much better styling it like I style it.  I decided the cut was not so bad, although very disappointed b/c I have to start all over growing all the layers out to try to have it cut right the next time.

I really like my stylist as she cuts a good cut for my head - if I'm in the mood for a lot of short layers.  The old stylist was pretty good at giving me the longer layers - she was almost afraid to cut it at all.  So perhaps I should go back to her.  But then she would ask where I've been, I guess.  And I don't want to hurt her feelings by saying "someone else".  So there is a newer salon in town and I may try them next time.  I don't know anyone at all but it's a pretty upscale salon so hopefully it will be ok.  I had scheduled an 8 week or 10 appointment with my current person but I think I'll cancel it closer to the time - as I'll probably be letting it grow out again anyway.  And then book with this other place.

I was surprised that at work I had like 3 or 4 compliments on my hair.  Normally I don't get many comments.  But everyone was saying how much they liked it.  So I decided maybe it must be ok.

Really, after two weeks, the hair does what it wants and begins to fall the way it normally does so -- whatever.

Well, today we do the dog trims, Lord Willing, and then we will be going to Don and Lisa's tonight and planning our trip with them.

I need to plan our mother's day with Mom and make some reservations if I can.  I also need to do some Mother's Day shopping.

I told Mom I needed to order some glasses for just working on the computer b/c my new glasses have the bifocals a bit too low and I'm straining my neck to see the computer screen as I'm having to look up constantly for hours on end.  She said "no just go to the dollar store and get reading glasses".  So I guess I'll try that.  She said it works.  She said to buy 3 or 4 pair b/c they are pretty cheap but they do well for a while.  So that will be interesting.  I would like very much to get that done today!  Then my neck won't be sore all next week.

There is no shortage of things to be done.

Tugie got me up at 4 at my normal get up time so I did not get any extra sleep last night.  ::sigh::

Laundry is going.  Coffee is flowing and I'm about ready to fix something for breakfast and get my shower and then we'll see what we can get done in b/w dropping off and dogs and picking up of dogs.
Ya'll have a great day!


  1. Your hair sounds nice with all those compliments. Sometimes reading glasses do the trick and sometimes they don't. Good luck with that. Hope the pups get their trim in today. I know you're counting on it.

  2. Sorry you had such a hassle getting home with all that traffic, but glad you made home safe. I saw a photo on Facebook so I know that you got both dogs trimmed, they do look smart, I had Masy done on Friday, we are lucky the lady comes to the house and does her so it's less stressful.....hope the plans for your holiday are coming along nicely you will be away before we know it. I am praying you get nice weather and enjoy your friends company for a week...take care I will pop in tomorrow xxx


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