Friday, May 19, 2017

Last Day of Work for 10 Days and Ready to Go

Well the day has come...ok..almost.  We leave for vacation today - but we'll stop and stay at Mom's and then get up really early tomorrow and head South.

We have packed little by little until I think the whole house is about packed and ready to go.  Still a few stragglers, like Alexa.  I'm taking her with me.  I got to figure out what to put her in so she won't get hurt, wet, or smashed.

I went in a little early yesterday, ate at my desk, and then left at 4 so my day would not be so long and I could still get sleep.  That worked - as I got more than a full day in and then had to get gas, a burger, get the car washed, and go get my nails done.

George fixed the rest of the potatoes for dinner which worked out great b/c I only had a burger earlier with only one side of the bun.  And I finished packing jewelry and shoes and my night routine (face wash, etc.)   Then I crashed.

About midnight George woke me and said "did you turn that light on?"  He said that the (our old bedroom) light came on.  I had been asleep so how did I turn it on?  Freaked me out.  I said "I think I turned it on about 7:30 earlier tonight but it's been on all this time".  George said "no I turned all the lights out and it would have kept me awake".  This freaked me out a bit.  That would be the 2nd light in that room to turn itself on and off.  The other one does it when I walk by and I think it's a faulty lamp and I have made a mental note to just replace that lamp.  We don't need anything shorting out and creating a fire.  So I got up and turned off that other light and of course George was snoring at that point and it was hard to go back to sleep.

Off and on I woke up during the night scanning the hall and old bedroom for shadows, voices, strange lights and noises - just crazy.  I sleep on the side of the room where whatever is there will get me first.  I finally just put my pillow up in front of me so at least it would get my pillow first and think it was me.  Luckily we made it through the night.  lol

Well I better head out.  Need to get in early so I can leave early.  Have to come home do the finally pack and load car and head to Mom's.  We'll go see Granny Jan first and then head out for a bite to eat on the way and then on to Mom's to spend the night and then up really early to worm our way to Pooler where we'll meet my Aunt and Uncle and pass Mom off and then we'll head on into Savannah to meet our friends and check in to the Beach House.  ;-)  I can't wait to see the ocean again.  And palm trees.  The beach not as pretty as Destin area (I miss it).  But it'll do!

Asking for prayer requests for travel blessings over the next 10 days or so and for all to go well with Granny Jan while we are gone.  And just hoping that we get the R & R and fun filled time off that we have planned.  

Ya'll have a good week too.  I'll try to post as I can.


  1. Weird about the light. Must have been a friendly ghost. So excited for you and your vacation on Tybee. Have a good time. ENJOY!

  2. Sounds like fun times ahead. Enjoy and get some much deserved rest.

  3. May the dear Lord bless you all with a safe and happy trip and watch over Granny Jan too. Enjoy, relax and rest!


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