Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mid Week Update

Wouldn't it be nice to be served breakfast out on the patio this morning overlooking the harbor?  Yeah me too, let me just ring for service. lol  Then we can plan our day.  How 'bout a little shopping?  Find a late lunch spot for a light bite around 2 as we rest our shopping legs.  Head back for a walk on the beach and watch the red sunburned people pack up their stuff and head out for the day or we could go to the docks and watch the fishing crews come in and take pics dockside with their catch.  Then we'll find a seafood restaurant with an ocean view for dinner and some key lime pie to go.  How 'bout a night stroll on the beach with flashlights, and then go back and eat our key lime pie!  lol  I think then perhaps a little reading and lights out at that point.  I think we'd be tired by that point.  But...we'd have gotten our steps in!

I've done all that on vacation, except have breakfast on a terrace - oh wait - I have done that!  But it was fixed by ME and not room service!  ha. And it was called a balcony instead of a terrace.  To call it a terrace sounds so much more exquisite.  lol

Struggling to get things done this week on the agenda over all.  But it's not been a bad week.  A little frustrating in part.  But what's new? lol

So yesterday I had "dog duty" - the term absolutely cracks me up.  Because of our Southern accent, it comes off as "dog doodie".  lol  But I had dog duty yesterday as George and his sister met with someone that is like an appraiser of antiques and such.  They have made their minds up how to handle the furniture and antiques and the house of their Mom's (Granny Jan), to some extent.  Their timing is pretty quick all things considered.  I'm not sure they can meet that timeline but we'll see.

I called the vet yesterday to get Vetmedin (or something like that) for Tugie and they didn't call me back so I have to call again today.  They said they would call and let me know.  It seems across life you always have to beg for what you need.  Can't anyone just fill the need and do what they say?  I mean I do that all day long and I expect others to do the same.  Apparently they have put Tugie on something that they run out of easily so I'm not sure what the problem is but they need to make sure they have this stuff in inventory.  I understand there is a "just in time" theory.  But I have a feeling that I'm going to be spending my weeks chasing Vetmedin as a part of my weekly routine.  But I guess the old Tugs is worth it.  lol  At least the vet is open til 7 and I have an opportunity to go by and get it after work.

The next two days (today and tomorrow) I have appointments after work.  I get nails done today, and hair cut tomorrow.  The hair is driving me crazy.  And I'm so ready for the cut.  Then I can color it.  I guess I will try to do the color Fri night or somehow over the weekend.  However, we have a pretty busy weekend.

I think I have pretty much come out of the woods on the diverticulitis scare. Things are not totally right but I'd say about 90%.  No more pain.  Hardly any issues.  I'm totally convinced that cutting so much fat out of my diet all at once - played the biggest part of this.  That and eating Triscuits a lot b/c I was so hungry.  No crackers are allowed in the car anymore.  I'll eat them on the way to work and back and the box will be gone!  I've allowed myself a burger the day before yesterday.  And I had taco bell nacho bell grande yesterday.  But now I have to be back and trying to do low fat, and a heart healthy diet.  But I'm thinking I may need to throw in some bacon or sausage every now and then just to keep the tum tum happy!  I'm not sure what the answer is.  But I'm glad I can eat now.  It seems like every time I try to improve my diet, it causes some kind of issue.  So this growing old and trying to eat healthy thing is a lot more difficult than I imagined.  I figured the difficulty is making yourself DO what you are supposed to, but the difficulty for me is the results of eating different.  I try so hard to figure this eating thing out - and then bam - it causes some issue.  

Katy came over last night.  We had a good time talking.  She stayed until dark.  We tried to plan a trip but decided it would be too expensive.  She wants to go see Ree Drummond's store and lodge.  I think the lodge was only open in June.  This is out in Oklahoma.  About an hour from Tulsa.  So we looked up flights to Tulsa and we thought it was going to be $200 round trip but that was only one way.  I told her it was too far to drive for a weekend trip.  So we gave up on the idea.  But we'll plan a girls trip somewhere.  I vote for Charleston.  lol

I've got to figure out where to go for Mother's day and soon.  My family keeps asking.  I've thought of several options but haven't decided what.  I need to decide so we can get reservations if needed.  I kinda want to go to Sperry's, but just not sure.  I need to look things up on the internet.  Might be fun to go hang out in Franklin and then Katy doesn't have to drive far.

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  Ya'll have a great day!


  1. Eating what is good for you isn't always very good, but much better than feeling bad.It's a blessing for me that I have no issues, I totally eat what I want. I pay for that in carrying more weight than I should. Hard to believe Mother's Day is already around the corner. Time is flying. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. A trip to the beach sounds wonderful. Key lime pie is my favorite. I am glad you are feeling better.

  3. I'm entertaining the notion of that walk on the beach after a lobster roll for dinner. YUM. A shame the vet is making it a chore to keep getting Tugie's medicine. Hope that situation improves. it is no easy task to tie up loose ends on a loved ones estate. good luck to your husband and his sister.

  4. I agree with Ma, what's good for us sometimes isn't as nice as we would like. I know Val our neighbour is struggling to enjoy eating things the Dr has told her to eat, but although she admits that she is feeling better than she has felt for a very long time she gets fed up eating bland looking tasting food.....also like Ma I have no problem eating anything but even although I eat very little I seem to keep putting on weight, that does worry me as I don't know what else I can do..exercise would help but my legs,back, and lungs say we all just have to plod along....hope all is well at work yesterday xxx


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