Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Sodom and Gomorrah Stories, Pedi and Dinner

Well, early afternoon, on a hot day, in a warmer than usual office (my office not getting much of the a/c) I decided I needed something cold and something with caffeine.  <--"i" before "e" accept after "c"..... and "f" in caffeine? lol  Anyway so off I go to get myself and my assistant a little cold treat from South of the border at Taco Bell.  Of course this is over in Sodom and Gommorah land so any adventure out in that area is like the old days out west and going for the hunt and having to worry about the Indians.  You never know what kind of arrows will come your way.   What would take 8 to 10 minutes in ANY other area has to be darn fiasco over in Sodom and Gommorah.  I mean every adventure out has a story to tell.  

About 40 minutes to get this drink up top here.  Let's see.  The line was about 5 cars deep - no biggie - it often is around Nashville.  Usually the lines move quicker than I can decide what to order and dig my money out.  So usually I feel rushed.  But not in this area.  You have time to plan your entire life out while you wait.  

And also there was a stalled car.  And yeah you guess where it was stalled?  Right in front of where you place your order.  So to get around it and come in close enough where you could get your order placed, you had to nose in toward the back of the building with your car butt sticking out and perpendicular to the rest of the line.  lol  Took some maneuvering.  Then you had to weasel your car back into position to get around the building.  I looked inside Taco Bell there and there seemed to be at least 3 people b/w the drive in and the front.  I guess they can't get anyone to work either.  But those three that they had - I think they needed about 3 to 5 more to be able to get anything done.  I mean heaven forbid anyone multi task. 

I've seen a Wendy's before that you go through the drive in and there are so many people hanging out the drive thru window that it looked like Noah and his ark animals all peering out looking for dry land.  One to hand you the straw, one to take your money, one to give you your food, one to say "have a good day".  The line had one to put on the pickles, one to put on the tomato.  It took a crew of 70 to get a hamburger out the window.  So this particular Taco Bell I guess didn't have enough people that could multi task and they moved slower than a slug on sandpaper!

So they guy gave me my two drinks, gave me two straws, and I left my hand out for my receipt and he gave me two more straws.  lol  I had to ask for my receipt which I wanted b/c I was using a Taco Bell gift card and I wanted the balance on the receipt which I wrap around the card. 

I was so keyed up by the time I got back, I had NO need for caffeine.  That area just irritates me so.  

I did however enjoy my drink, it's coldness, for the next hour or so.  It always does the trick.  

So when I left work yesterday and come down the end of our street there was a car parked right here right where I needed to go right.  Of course.  

The person seemed not to be concerned.  They were doing something in their car.  No care in the world they were blocking a street off.  So I pulled over in the middle so I could go around them when it was clear.  A car came behind me and to the right of me and the car in the way finally came to their senses and moved and as I was about to turn right, so was the car behind me so I had to put on my brakes.  Goooooood Grieeeeeeef!  This guy almost caused an accident and it would have been my fault b/c I would have been turning right from the middle lane.  One can only cross their eyes so many times.  Why can't people just be normal and do normal things.  Like pull over into the many parking areas of businesses along the way to do what it is you need to park and do!  

I'm so tired of this area I could just scream.  And often I do in my car.  lol  Why?  Because there are no words that can describe what it is like to just drive down the street in this area.

I mean yesterday there was a motor bike behind me and he wanted to be IN MY BACKSEAT so bad he couldn't stand it.  His tire was only molecules away from my back bumper and he was raring to go right into my car.  I looked in my mirror and said "unh unh".  He kept on so I turned on my windsheild wipers and gave him a good shower.  "Take that".   He backed off and finally passed going about 50 or 60 in a 15 mph school zone.  I prayed for God to have a police man pull him over.  But of course they aren't in the school zones - they are off in the residential sections trying to keep everyone from shooting everyone, and trying to catch them in their prostitution rings and drug deals and pronouncing them as OD's at the hotels down the road.    I just come in every day and hide in my little cubby hole and hope for the best.  On those rare days when a craving overcomes my fear of venturing out, I'll go but I always regret it.  Every freaking day it's an adventure.  I mean you even have to stop at Green Lights b/c they don't even care about the traffic lights.  A red light means nothing.  They just all do what they want to do over in that area and let me tell you, that ain't much. lol

Ok I'm thru venting.  But it's so frustrating just trying to do life in the daytime in that area.

So - on a more pleasant side of town, toward home, Katy and I went to get our pedis done.  The place that we found, really has picked up the business in the last year.  We used to go in and perhaps one other person would be sitting in the 8 to 10 pedi chairs.  But now most of them are full.  Even though we get there at 5:30 we are on the tail end of the work crowd coming in b/c we are coming from Nashville - so all the locals beat us.  We had to wait 30 minutes.  Word is out that they have the best pedis for $35 as it includes more stuff for the money compared to the other places, and you get a glass of wine even though you have to ask for it.  But the wait was worth it.

It took a good 2 hours!  Then we went to The Goat.  We really like that place.  We split a pizza and a salad.  And we ordered donut holes. Oh my it was good.  We waddled out and came home.  I rebooted the laundry.

George unpacked what I had packed last night for the kitchen supplies and repacked it (for vacation) ::sigh::  But he was wanting to put it inside the big cooler which was going to be empty on the way down to save room.  We will have another cooler for drinks that will be smaller.   So tonight is the final packing night.  For me, that means packing the shoes, the jewelry, and after I get ready for bed all my night routine things and then in the morning the final cosmetics.  Tonight we will gather pet food and pet meds, electronic equipment, camera, ipod, pc, ipad (lol), and I've decided to take a quilt for Tugie to sit on in my lap so that it makes a comfy bed for her but...I will need to wash and dry the quilt tonight.  I also have my nail appointment tonight after work as well.

Tomorrow we'll have to pack our morning routine things, the dog bowls and the chargers.  It's gonna be interesting getting everything in the car.  lol  It amazes me what you have to have available and around you - for a week!

Well, going to get some more coffee and get one with the day!  You all have a good one!


  1. I would never go out for fast food in that neighborhood. You are braver than me for sure. Hope you have a great Thursday. Yay tomorrow is Friday!

  2. wow all those traffic situations in an afternoon. good thing you didn't get in an accident.

  3. You are one brave soul to go out into that crazy land. Sounds like something you would see on TV. I hate traffic anyway.


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